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*Why is the old bitch eating a happy meal? Trix are for kidsCereal Killer  2new02/15/06 10:40 PM
*Little bitch likes it roughCereal Killer  0   02/22/06 12:09 PM
*Another reason rednecks love AmericaCereal Killer  1new02/24/06 05:38 PM
*This is too funnyCereal Killer  0   02/24/06 02:36 PM
*CK gets a bitch slap!Cereal Killer  1new02/28/06 06:51 PM
*Hey Satsu, for laughs take this testCereal Killer  11new03/03/06 10:14 AM
*Who here is fuckable?Cereal Killer  11new03/03/06 11:06 PM
*Kids get expelled over a Myspace groupCereal Killer  0   03/03/06 05:00 PM
*Rachel Corrie Pancake BreakfastCereal Killer  3new03/06/06 05:15 PM
*How would you like your picture in the paperCereal Killer  1new03/08/06 04:53 PM
*My friend just ditched his ex in VegasCereal Killer  8new03/08/06 08:59 PM
*The lil'est junkieCereal Killer  0   03/08/06 03:29 PM
*Figures the Danish would apologize to the muslimsCereal Killer  0   03/09/06 04:09 PM
*Lightning strikes twiceCereal Killer  4new03/16/06 00:18 AM
*One last piss, then I'm out for goodCereal Killer  9new03/16/06 08:06 AM
*Hey Satsu, too bad Tannerite won't be legal for longCereal Killer  2new03/18/06 08:46 AM
*He's got a gunCereal Killer  6new03/17/06 07:47 PM
*Hey Satsu, I'm gonna cure your yellow feverCereal Killer  3new03/19/06 03:01 AM
*I'm not sure I'm cool with tonight's South ParkCereal Killer  12new03/23/06 10:29 PM
*Today's parenting tipCereal Killer  0   03/23/06 11:18 AM
*I got kicked out for fightingCereal Killer  5new03/24/06 06:00 PM
*Hey Joffe you're from Vargina right?Cereal Killer  7new03/27/06 11:13 AM
*The Shell Refinery by my house just blew upCereal Killer  2new03/26/06 11:15 PM
*This mother fucker is dead onCereal Killer  2new03/29/06 08:09 PM
*What are somm good April Fool's Pranks?Cereal Killer  7new03/31/06 07:51 PM
*What's up with Adult Swim?Cereal Killer  1new04/02/06 12:36 PM
*If the stoner really ate 30 Jack in Box tacos -nt- he'd dieCereal Killer  0   04/04/06 06:11 PM
*How do you top "Pull my Finger"?Cereal Killer  0   04/06/06 05:54 PM
*Union Jobs must ruleCereal Killer  3new04/07/06 11:36 PM
*Hey Satsu, having fun?Cereal Killer  10new04/08/06 08:43 PM
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