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*I'm rideless...Death Knight  14new10/27/04 04:34 PM
*Weird stances on politicsHalcyon  9new10/27/04 06:49 PM
*Someone help me please RE: Evil Dead DVD..Evildrak  8new10/27/04 10:24 PM
*It is of course interesting...ChachiSqrPants  6new10/27/04 11:42 PM
*Im looking for the PS2 castlevania soundtrackWild Guardian  3new10/28/04 12:52 PM
*Holy shit MT awesome broadbandRyu_Saotome  12new10/28/04 12:57 PM
*Look Up TonightCereal Killer  8new10/28/04 05:16 PM
*Red Sox winChachiSqrPants  8new10/28/04 05:23 PM
*I sent my absentee ballot. I voted for the fag for President!Cereal Killer  0   10/28/04 05:50 PM
*My daddy killed meskydoune  1new10/28/04 11:00 PM
*BitchitchyNADZ  6new10/28/04 11:30 PM
*Another football (soccer) player dropped dead of a heart attack yesterday. NT WeirdDeath Knight  5new10/28/04 11:40 PM
*Wtf bitch?Halcyon  1new10/29/04 00:33 AM
*listen i ain't gonna play no moreJoffeman  0   10/29/04 06:02 AM
*nfsu2 demo to downloadIkariWarrior  2new10/29/04 07:32 AM
*So GTA:SA is pretty goodEon_Blue  10new10/29/04 06:14 PM
*Shit, my comp is crashing when i watch videos now...Death Knight  5new10/29/04 06:24 PM
*New Firefox...Halcyon  6new10/29/04 08:25 PM
*Century of WarfareRoushiMSX  1new10/29/04 08:52 PM
*Car SexCreepingDeath  3new10/29/04 11:27 PM
*How do i open a bottle without a corkscrew?Death Knight  5new10/30/04 01:58 AM
*Anyone know how to acquire a Counter Strike CD key?Snyderman  5new10/30/04 05:01 AM
*Don't pop a wheelie with your girlfriend on the backTrizae  5new10/30/04 09:45 AM
*Bad day at workitchyNADZ  4new10/30/04 10:13 AM
*batman, ugly shitIkariWarrior  8new10/30/04 12:08 PM
*GTA : Regressed for 8 bitsTi-BOne  1new10/30/04 12:39 PM
*The MPAA is giving me flak -mt- need helpTheFett  25new10/30/04 02:16 PM
*makeovers rockskydoune  11new10/30/04 03:51 PM
*Think I'm fucking tired of Metroid Prime.SatsuNoHiTo  24new10/30/04 03:53 PM
*anyone need svideo xbox cable? or know where i can sell?SilentAce  0   10/30/04 06:31 PM
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