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*Satsu, does this shit work?Cereal Killer  4new04/18/06 08:40 PM
*You guys ever have ex-girlfriends try to get you back?Cereal Killer  9new05/04/06 01:27 PM
*Hey Satsu, you'll starveCereal Killer  0   05/02/06 10:57 PM
*Something really fucked up is gonna happen to me todayCereal Killer  2new05/05/06 03:57 PM
*The only time I'll side with the white manCereal Killer  1new05/06/06 04:41 AM
*My friend was killed 10 years ago todayCereal Killer  3new05/12/06 08:40 PM
*What the Hell?Cereal Killer  1new05/12/06 09:04 PM
*The Holy Grail is right hereCereal Killer  2new05/26/06 01:47 PM
*Discount Chinese Hand JobsCereal Killer  1new05/30/06 05:20 PM
*Blew it with her Mom in 1 sentence -mt- new recordCereal Killer  1new06/03/06 06:36 PM
*Can any of you guys get 1/4 sticks of dynamite for July 4th?Cereal Killer  5new06/07/06 11:22 AM
*Ever notice on those e-harmony commercialsCereal Killer  1new06/06/06 02:06 AM
*The Omen wasn't that greatCereal Killer  0   06/07/06 10:39 AM
*Fucking ClevelandCereal Killer  3new06/08/06 01:28 PM
*How the fuck does anyone afford X-Box 360?Cereal Killer  5new06/09/06 08:44 PM
*My Cat died this morningCereal Killer  1new06/14/06 03:58 PM
*The DaVinci Code - Guess I gotta read the bookCereal Killer  5new06/16/06 11:46 PM
*Video games do make kids violentCereal Killer  1new06/16/06 01:30 AM
*HAW Satsu, I can't belive you borrowed that VolvoCereal Killer  2new06/17/06 10:45 AM
*Best/Funniest/Stupidest thing I got 86'd forCereal Killer  1new06/21/06 01:08 PM
*Fuck Yeah I amCereal Killer  3new06/23/06 02:51 PM
*Stupid BitchesCereal Killer  7new06/27/06 08:06 PM
*I'm proud of himCereal Killer  3new06/26/06 11:08 PM
*Do any of you mess with bums?Cereal Killer  11new07/01/06 04:50 PM
*What would happen if whitey were finally colorblindCereal Killer  4new07/01/06 11:01 AM
*I bet he's partying with JoffeCereal Killer  11new07/06/06 03:24 AM
*How to get free pornCereal Killer  2new07/13/06 05:46 PM
*Damn my sound system rulesCereal Killer  1new07/15/06 05:50 AM
*Let's play a new drinking gameCereal Killer  2new07/20/06 10:31 PM
*I say the sign can go either wayCereal Killer  4new07/25/06 01:58 AM
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