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*Very fucked up prankCereal Killer  3new07/26/06 02:03 AM
*This will make your birds and the bees talk seem like nothingCereal Killer  1new07/31/06 06:58 PM
*posty likes Family CircusCereal Killer  0   08/01/06 02:42 PM
*For SatsuCereal Killer  2new08/02/06 04:44 PM
*Joffe has been out rapedCereal Killer  1new08/03/06 12:42 PM
*Get off your buttsCereal Killer  3new08/10/06 04:11 PM
*BRAVO you fucking limeys!Cereal Killer  7new08/10/06 10:39 PM
*New computer money pitCereal Killer  8new08/16/06 01:58 AM
*Judge gets 4 years for cock pumpCereal Killer  1new08/21/06 08:10 PM
*Snakes in a TheaterCereal Killer  1new08/23/06 00:27 AM
*I swear we should just all turn evilCereal Killer  5new09/10/06 09:39 PM
*I gave my friend one of those automatic cat boxesCereal Killer  3new09/12/06 11:21 PM
*I was talking to this hot chick tonightCereal Killer  1new09/17/06 10:06 PM
*Fuck the Stay Alive Easter Egg (Solution so you don't waste 10 min)Cereal Killer  0   09/20/06 00:44 AM
*Last time I do a white guy a favorCereal Killer  2new09/21/06 10:51 PM
*Welcome to Concord CaliforniaCereal Killer  4new09/30/06 04:39 AM
*Possible future CAersCereal Killer  0   09/27/06 04:54 PM
*Whenever Trinity Blood is on -nt- I want nun pornCereal Killer  0   10/08/06 03:25 AM
*Shot through the cunt. We're to blame. We give the forum a bad nameCereal Killer  1new10/10/06 04:19 PM
*Fart LightingCereal Killer  1new10/10/06 05:11 PM
*Hey Satsu, is this worth a pennyCereal Killer  1new10/13/06 03:56 PM
*HAW! The shit people jack off toCereal Killer  3new10/23/06 06:53 PM
*UK kids must grow up fasterCereal Killer  2new10/25/06 06:33 PM
*Satsu, you gonna flush any 1/4 sticks for Halloween?Cereal Killer  2new10/30/06 04:00 PM
*If you don't want to look like an assholeCereal Killer  1new11/10/06 06:57 PM
*CA Soup RecipeCereal Killer  0   11/10/06 04:31 PM
*Hey Satsu, Tennessee Prison Women on Court TVCereal Killer  0   11/13/06 11:33 PM
*There's already like 12 camped outside Best Buy in Pleasant HillCereal Killer  9new11/17/06 05:57 PM
*Who got a Playstation 3?Cereal Killer  8new11/17/06 10:11 PM
*Killing people for funCereal Killer  3new11/30/06 09:18 PM
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