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*Why the fuck don't bitches wear drawersHalcyon  3new06/23/08 06:12 AM
*Why Satsu wants to be a copCereal Killer  2new02/15/06 05:31 PM
*Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360Blodia_Vulcan  2new03/30/07 04:01 AM
*why people play lineage2newsdee  0   03/19/06 02:37 PM
*Why is Vic Ireland still around?RoushiMSX  4new07/28/06 07:51 AM
*Why is the old bitch eating a happy meal? Trix are for kidsCereal Killer  2new02/16/06 03:40 AM
*Why is Spiderman Web of Fire supposed to be such hot shit?Cereal Killer  3new01/11/08 11:35 PM
*Why is Ryu spanish now? -n-t cavemanSnowball 2  2new12/20/08 00:51 AM
*Why is it that so many animes have such shitty endings?Death Knight  11new12/19/04 02:47 PM
*Why is itjonnyvegas  7new07/28/05 03:00 AM
*Why in the hell does Firefox forget my passwords?itchyNADZ  0   12/05/08 04:52 PM
*Why I hate large sigsRoushiMSX  4new06/05/05 05:07 PM
*Why goes Best Buy have 12 checkout lanes?postamessage  4new05/01/05 06:29 PM
*why don't you eat minced meat?han man  0   08/17/06 10:18 AM
*Why don't more emus support 7z?MegaHurtz  2new06/03/11 01:12 AM
*Why does Windows keep nagging me to restart...Marv  0   04/28/06 07:29 AM
*Why does the easter bunny hide her eggs?Eon_Blue  2new04/07/07 03:52 AM
*Why does that chick look like Elaine from Seinfeld?Evildrak  0   11/27/05 05:09 AM
*Why does pleasuredome suck?Evildrak  5new09/18/06 03:13 PM
*Why does my sig sometimes work?postamessage  1new02/16/05 02:10 AM
*Why does my damn modem keep crashing?jonnyvegas  9new04/24/06 03:52 PM
*Why does Hollywood continue to kill my memories?ChachiSqrPants  4new10/09/04 04:34 PM
*Why does everyone hate those Clamato chips so much?Evildrak  1new03/04/07 03:03 AM
*Why does everyone hate Russell Crowe? -nt-SatsuNoHiTo  4new02/14/07 01:29 AM
*Why do women do this? itchyNADZ  4new03/05/05 11:08 PM
*Why do people use Norton's crap?RoushiMSX  5new02/12/05 06:02 AM
*Why do people use bin/cue insteed of .iso?jajig  6new12/16/05 04:08 AM
*why do jap girls scream in pain when they're getting some?n2locarz  6new07/23/06 04:24 AM
*Why didn't you parents tell me how bad babies stinkCereal Killer  2new08/04/05 00:54 AM
*Why did you click on this post?postamessage  2new10/19/08 05:51 PM
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