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*Damn check these little niggasCereal Killer  1new12/10/06 09:36 AM
*Roushi, ever get Zelda for gamecube?Cereal Killer  1new12/19/06 06:04 PM
*A 60GB PS3 just dropped in my lapCereal Killer  0   12/22/06 02:19 PM
*Prince put on the best halftime show I've ever seenCereal Killer  6new02/06/07 07:17 AM
*Why we haven't heard from SnyderCereal Killer  0   02/06/07 01:14 PM
*What's a good program to edit animated gifs?Cereal Killer  1new02/06/07 11:13 PM
*I'll miss those big ol titties -nt- RIP Anna Nicole SmithCereal Killer  3new02/10/07 03:25 AM
*Not playing X-Box in the undies yet, but I got no prideCereal Killer  2new02/22/07 09:07 PM
*I'm Anna Nicole's baby's daddyCereal Killer  0   02/24/07 04:10 PM
*When you teach toddlers to smoke potCereal Killer  1new03/05/07 10:32 PM
*HAHAHAHA My cat doesn't like white peopleCereal Killer  7new03/20/07 04:47 PM
*My friend says he likes to bump chubbiesCereal Killer  0   03/20/07 04:39 PM
*The X-Box 360 Elite pisses me offCereal Killer  2new03/28/07 09:45 PM
*um said Billy PilgrimCereal Killer  7new04/17/07 06:52 AM
*Any of you all in New Orleans?Cereal Killer  0   04/20/07 07:09 PM
*Fuck I have to go to a wedding todayCereal Killer  3new05/13/07 02:39 AM
*The latest PS3 system update gave me a bonerCereal Killer  3new05/25/07 05:35 PM
*I need a shotgunCereal Killer  12new05/29/07 10:00 AM
*Hey Satsu, what's there to do in Memphis?Cereal Killer  5new05/31/07 03:58 PM
*Ok I fucked her -mt- she sucked my cockCereal Killer  2new06/03/07 02:18 AM
*Agile Software Development?Cereal Killer  6new06/09/07 08:50 PM
*There are lines for the iPhoneCereal Killer  10new06/29/07 07:43 PM
*Run for the border bitchesCereal Killer  3new07/04/07 00:09 AM
*Triaze, found you a job as a testerCereal Killer  1new07/09/07 07:06 AM
*OMG why didn't I see it? SATSU was behind 9-11Cereal Killer  2new07/12/07 12:21 PM
*These folk LOVE video gamesCereal Killer  0   07/15/07 10:46 PM
*Smart white peopleCereal Killer  1new07/23/07 09:52 PM
*Too funnyCereal Killer  0   08/08/07 09:08 PM
*Chocolate Rain ArticleCereal Killer  1new08/10/07 12:30 PM
*HAHAHA! Someone torched the Burning Man EarlyCereal Killer  1new08/29/07 05:35 PM
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