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*Why can't I stop visiting this board?SFK  3new06/15/07 11:04 PM
*Why Bush doesn't like black peoplepostamessage  2new09/09/05 04:49 PM
*Why be such ungrateful fucks?! (Indonesia)Evildrak  24new01/17/05 01:59 AM
*Why are there still websites with white text on a black background?postamessage  1new06/15/07 10:26 AM
*Why are there blue lights in the back of some buses?Evildrak  2new09/30/06 06:40 PM
*why are LCD's weird aspect ratios?jajig  3new10/05/07 12:40 PM
*Why are HD-DVDs so cheap?jajig  1new11/07/07 01:09 PM
*Whose comedy gold was this (ASS HAIR)?Evildrak  2new10/31/05 09:56 PM
*Whoever says they can get along without PS2 is madHalcyon  36new04/11/05 07:38 PM
*Whoever had that pictureCereal Killer  1new09/20/05 12:09 PM
*Who´s playing Vagrant Story 2.0, er, Final Fantasy XII?Wild Guardian  2new11/08/06 02:18 PM
*whoa, cutting your toenails once in a while really makes you feet feel good in your shoes. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo  2new01/21/05 07:28 PM
*WhoaTheDarkAbyss  2new11/15/12 11:39 PM
*Who's your daddy?wildcat  1new12/15/04 06:25 PM
*Who's this Trapt band? -nt-SatsuNoHiTo  16new10/21/05 00:42 AM
*Who's the boss?itchyNADZ  1new03/15/06 10:33 AM
*Who's ready for me to kick their ass in GT4?ChachiSqrPants  0   03/08/05 00:35 AM
*Who's on goddam xbox live?Snowball 2  7new11/27/08 06:59 PM
*Who's gonna give me some streched assholes to stare at?Death Knight  6new10/15/05 06:53 AM
*Who's going to die first, Falwell, Terri or the Pope?postamessage  6new03/30/05 10:20 AM
*Who's getting one?Halcyon  2new04/16/08 11:10 PM
*Who watches the Watchmen?wildcat  5new11/23/04 06:46 AM
*Who was it that was afraid of spiders?Cereal Killer  1new01/24/08 10:56 PM
*Who wants to trouble shoot my Sega Saturn.Plane Wrecker  2new05/08/09 08:34 AM
*who wants to suck the stale semen off my wang? -nt- smelly.Trizae  0   12/10/04 00:02 AM
*Who wants to play Vib Ribbon?RoushiMSX  4new08/14/06 08:52 AM
*who wants to play doom online?Joffeman  5new06/24/06 01:14 PM
*Who wants to do the honors of goatse-salluting me?Death Knight  9new10/13/04 02:26 PM
*Who wants some big ass titties?Trizae  1new12/30/04 12:24 PM
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