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*I'll give Rob Zombie's Halloween a B- (no plot spoilers)Cereal Killer  1new09/04/07 11:23 AM
*Since they may pull the plug on the site any minute I just want to sayCereal Killer  1new09/06/07 11:26 AM
*I work in a dirty neighborhoodCereal Killer  1new09/07/07 10:28 PM
*I'm so drunk I'd hump the Sonic Commercial bitchCereal Killer  1new09/09/07 06:32 AM
*I'd still do Britney -nt- and toss her a taco afterCereal Killer  1new09/10/07 11:56 AM
*Superman : Doomsday was a disappointmentCereal Killer  1new09/20/07 01:41 AM
*What the hell did she do to her head?Cereal Killer  1new09/21/07 08:21 PM
*Only MeCereal Killer  2new09/27/07 09:17 PM
*I got 86ed from another SubwayCereal Killer  9new10/09/07 08:44 AM
*Hey ItchyCereal Killer  5new10/11/07 11:35 PM
*This takes some ballsCereal Killer  5new10/17/07 07:42 AM
*I'm now putting you white assholes on notice!Cereal Killer  5new10/19/07 01:00 AM
*Bad Move Sony. PS3 won't play PS2 games anymoreCereal Killer  12new10/19/07 03:36 AM
*BodyworldCereal Killer  1new10/29/07 09:03 AM
*Any of you guys fuck over trick or treatersCereal Killer  3new10/31/07 08:41 PM
*Big dumb white guy calls blacks n|&&3rs. Big surpriseCereal Killer  2new11/03/07 02:39 PM
*Spider-GirlCereal Killer  0   11/06/07 12:47 PM
*It's not so much she didn't know she was pregnant that gets meCereal Killer  1new11/27/07 09:06 PM
*Transformers movie questionCereal Killer  1new11/23/07 03:03 PM
*I just named my left nut MohhamedCereal Killer  3new11/28/07 10:12 PM
*R.I.P. Evil Kenivel. You crazy bastard!Cereal Killer  1new11/30/07 05:34 PM
*What's a good way to fuck with someone of YahooCereal Killer  2new12/03/07 11:32 PM
*R.I.P. Ike Turner. No one could hit a bitch like you!Cereal Killer  0   12/12/07 05:55 PM
*God Bless the Spears family -nt- The just keep pumping out slutsCereal Killer  3new12/19/07 06:45 PM
*I got a friend that wants to move to BrightonCereal Killer  6new01/05/08 11:52 PM
*Warner going Blu-Ray onlyCereal Killer  1new01/04/08 07:14 PM
*I still piss people offCereal Killer  9new01/08/08 10:59 PM
*Paranormal State on A&E sucks ballsCereal Killer  3new01/09/08 04:35 PM
*Why is Spiderman Web of Fire supposed to be such hot shit?Cereal Killer  3new01/11/08 06:35 PM
*Goddammit I just had to put my cat downCereal Killer  6new01/19/08 09:11 AM
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