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*Who was it that was afraid of spiders?Cereal Killer  1new01/24/08 10:56 PM
*I just bought 3 bags of those Sweet and Spicy Teriyaki Potato ChipsCereal Killer  2new01/25/08 04:32 PM
*Will I ever see my X-Box 360 racing wheel again?Cereal Killer  3new01/30/08 11:13 AM
*Can I just not give a shit about the Super Bowl?Cereal Killer  8new02/04/08 02:58 AM
*Headline of the dayCereal Killer  0   02/05/08 12:18 PM
*I just thought of an ad that would have been great for the Super BowlCereal Killer  1new02/08/08 07:49 PM
*Satsu, you need to get in on this shitCereal Killer  1new02/12/08 07:55 PM
*20 Ugliest celebsCereal Killer  3new02/14/08 08:16 PM
*Important Safety TipCereal Killer  1new02/13/08 11:41 PM
*This is a childs toyCereal Killer  0   02/15/08 03:53 PM
*Fuck it sorry I brought it upCereal Killer  12new02/17/08 12:35 PM
*Want to see something funny?Cereal Killer  1new02/26/08 09:08 AM
*Forum Desc PicCereal Killer  3new03/25/08 08:58 AM
*Normally I find cooking white babies hystericalCereal Killer  0   03/26/08 05:30 PM
*Does Ohio have any redeeming qualitiesCereal Killer  4new03/29/08 03:09 PM
*Who here has ever gotten a white woman to shut up?Cereal Killer  5new04/11/08 08:08 PM
*Has anyone tried the hand in warm water trickCereal Killer  2new04/12/08 07:53 AM
*Checked into the Smackdown HotelCereal Killer  1new04/16/08 00:51 AM
*Bitch better wash her handsCereal Killer  4new01/09/19 08:11 PM
*Ninja BearCereal Killer  2new04/22/08 12:10 PM
*Livin PhatCereal Killer  6new05/01/08 07:20 PM
*I fucking hate GarfieldCereal Killer  3new05/03/08 12:54 PM
*You should not put aging rock bands in HDCereal Killer  3new05/11/08 11:40 AM
*Titties! Is there nothing they can't do?Cereal Killer  3new05/14/08 02:14 PM
*Cool my Wii Fat came todayCereal Killer  4new05/22/08 07:11 PM
*Myley Cyrus may be tight -nt- but that hairlip is creepyCereal Killer  3new05/23/08 05:10 PM
*This never would have flied if it were my parentsCereal Killer  13new05/28/08 05:02 PM
*King of Kong on G4Cereal Killer  3new06/01/08 11:32 PM
*They wanted to eject me and my brother from Great AmericaCereal Killer  2new06/09/08 05:14 PM
*My neighborhood is on fireCereal Killer  1new06/11/08 05:43 PM
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