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*Who wants candy?Cereal Killer  1new02/13/06 12:26 PM
*Who wants cake?wildcat  3new12/15/09 11:08 PM
*Who wants an anal massage?wildcat  1new11/20/04 07:56 PM
*Who wants an Alex Kidd album ?Ti-BOne  2new11/01/11 07:55 PM
*Who used to post as ZombieDog?Terry Bogard  6new06/12/05 08:45 AM
*Who the hell is the midget in RE4?SatsuNoHiTo  0   02/23/05 08:14 PM
*Who still believes the munchkin suicide in OZ, the JFK conspiracy & Micky death by POP rocks & Coke?postamessage  0   03/13/05 10:50 AM
*Who should you vote for (in the UK)?Marv  12new04/18/05 03:25 PM
*Who remembers this oneSnowball 2  0   05/05/06 08:56 PM
*Who puts various CRAP in their eggs?SatsuNoHiTo  4new02/04/06 09:23 AM
*Who owns Retrogames?TheDarkAbyss  6new06/29/05 01:50 AM
*Who likes lil (LITTLE) Japanese girls?SatsuNoHiTo  15new06/05/05 10:23 PM
*Who likes Hanson?jajig  7new07/09/05 05:40 AM
*Who knows of any GOOD midi players for XP?Evildrak  9new12/06/04 02:23 PM
*Who know plays GayLo?RoushiMSX  2new03/20/07 02:38 AM
*Who is that dandy chap?dean  2new07/08/08 09:57 AM
*Who is playing FEAR Extraction Point?Evildrak  8new11/19/06 03:59 PM
*who is playing cod black ops?SilentAce  1new11/13/10 10:23 AM
*Who is on Xbox live?jonnyvegas  1new05/08/07 02:00 PM
*Who here was a fan of Doom/ Heretic/ Hexen's soundtracks?Evildrak  1new10/24/04 06:39 PM
*Who here uses 'Steam?'Trizae  0   10/22/04 03:59 AM
*Who here used to look like this in the 80s?postamessage  17new11/15/05 05:57 PM
*Who here plays MMORPGjajig  1new04/29/07 12:21 PM
*Who here is not gay?postamessage  6new03/29/05 05:58 PM
*Who here is going to waste their money on a Wii?postamessage  17new11/09/06 08:00 AM
*Who here is fuckable?Cereal Killer  11new03/03/06 11:06 PM
*Who here has played F.E.A.R. for PC yet?Evildrak  8new01/21/06 01:14 PM
*Who here has ever gotten a white woman to shut up?Cereal Killer  5new04/11/08 08:08 PM
*who here has a waffles account?Joffeman  1new04/28/08 11:50 PM
*Who here digs hair weaves? -nt-SatsuNoHiTo  1new08/01/05 01:38 PM
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