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*Someone hit the fire plug outside. Pics forthcomingCereal Killer  6new06/12/08 01:52 PM
*Joke for Satsu -nt- possible forum pic candidateCereal Killer  0   06/12/08 02:35 PM
*Candy I won't eatCereal Killer  2new06/13/08 04:40 PM
*Redneck kicks the shit out of a babyCereal Killer  1new06/16/08 05:18 PM
*To hell with waiting in line for a 2.0 iPhoneCereal Killer  1new07/11/08 11:24 PM
*Fuck George Lucas and Fuck Clown WarsCereal Killer  3new07/27/08 04:51 PM
*Cmon Satsu, hook your boys up with a little 000 BuckshotCereal Killer  3new07/30/08 00:31 AM
*I've had an iPhone 3G a week, and I'm not impressedCereal Killer  0   08/04/08 01:30 PM
*I'm known to leave things lying around the houseCereal Killer  1new08/04/08 04:39 PM
*Damn Satsu, you said you and your boys were just gonna run him out of townCereal Killer  3new08/05/08 08:23 PM
*Happy 8-8-08Cereal Killer  3new08/08/08 07:43 PM
*This is my new friendCereal Killer  13new08/13/08 07:50 PM
*Mirrors suckedCereal Killer  0   08/25/08 01:55 PM
*How young do you like themCereal Killer  2new09/06/08 03:35 AM
*White people freak out when I play DS on the trainCereal Killer  1new09/10/08 06:06 PM
*Anyone modchip their Wii?Cereal Killer  8new09/23/08 01:01 PM
*Farting on CopsCereal Killer  2new09/25/08 08:32 AM
*None of your lives look that badCereal Killer  3new09/25/08 10:53 PM
*Satsu, you Tennesee folk keep me in stitchesCereal Killer  0   10/08/08 04:30 PM
*How fast could you guys do this?Cereal Killer  1new10/21/08 06:51 AM
*New Little Rascals DVD Box setCereal Killer  6new10/31/08 04:59 PM
*The problem with half priced Halloween candyCereal Killer  6new11/05/08 04:50 PM
*Think Simpson will survive 15 ?Cereal Killer  1new12/05/08 07:12 PM
*11 Herbs and SpicesCereal Killer  2new12/12/08 10:54 AM
*Ever since my brother got his pot cardCereal Killer  3new12/17/08 08:36 PM
*Bruce Campbell was in Berkeley last nightCereal Killer  0   12/19/08 06:41 PM
*Forum Pic NominationCereal Killer  3new12/30/08 08:17 AM
*Every fucking idiot is protesting todayCereal Killer  4new01/20/09 10:05 PM
*This might make Satsu cryCereal Killer  0   01/22/09 03:23 PM
*Birth Control that keeps on workingCereal Killer  3new02/02/09 11:05 PM
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