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*Posting from a DSiCereal Killer  5new04/09/09 09:45 PM
*Happy Belated EasterCereal Killer  0   04/13/09 01:16 PM
*Phil Spector guilty of 2nd degree murderCereal Killer  0   04/13/09 06:43 PM
*It's a felony to look at pron in schoolCereal Killer  7new04/15/09 10:40 AM
*Another case investigated by the FBICereal Killer  4new04/17/09 11:39 AM
*This has been known for yearsCereal Killer  0   04/21/09 04:35 PM
*I kind of dig the new CamaroCereal Killer  3new05/08/09 02:04 PM
*Prop 8 upheld. Fags are supposed to riot all over SFCereal Killer  2new05/27/09 12:32 PM
*Suggestion for forum photoCereal Killer  0   05/29/09 01:12 PM
*All he had to do was sign up for a CA loginCereal Killer  1new06/05/09 10:03 PM
*How to fuck a fattyCereal Killer  0   06/28/09 04:10 PM
*This was some crazy shitCereal Killer  1new10/05/09 09:27 PM
*I just fixed a sink valve without my ass crack showingCereal Killer  4new10/13/09 04:59 PM
*This is for my pal ItchyCereal Killer  5new10/17/09 00:18 AM
*Ok I liked Paranormal Activity (no spoilers)Cereal Killer  0   10/19/09 00:40 AM
*Have you guys ever known a chick so largeCereal Killer  1new10/20/09 06:29 PM
*DK, now that your married you should see thisCereal Killer  0   11/06/09 06:51 PM
*I knew a mortician with a similar storyCereal Killer  4new11/21/09 06:26 PM
*Satsun's kid got bustedCereal Killer  2new12/18/09 03:22 PM
*Call the Nestle Crunch Hotline at 1-800-295-0051Cereal Killer  1new12/30/09 10:26 PM
*Questions for you guys that play Dragon Age OriginsCereal Killer  0   12/28/09 10:13 PM
*Can you use the same thermal compund on a CPU and a GPUCereal Killer  9new01/22/10 06:56 PM
*Voodoo donuts ruleCereal Killer  0   04/17/10 02:05 AM
*Satsu, we still on for burning tires and roasting marshmallow?Cereal Killer  5new04/24/10 10:00 AM
*If I was a DJ at this clubCereal Killer  4new04/28/10 10:47 AM
*Was one of you guys from Arizona?Cereal Killer  1new04/28/10 08:45 PM
*Itchy, Tivo the Boondocks Season Premire.Cereal Killer  2new05/04/10 07:07 PM
*Hope Satsu can swimCereal Killer  3new05/09/10 00:40 AM
*So the doctors slapped a dick on that fat fuck Chastity BonoCereal Killer  3new05/09/10 02:18 AM
*I just got kicked out of the chinese buffetCereal Killer  2new05/11/10 09:42 PM
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