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*GTFO, you can't have a hate on honkysCereal Killer  1new05/24/10 07:12 PM
*Fat little fucker is gonna have health problemsCereal Killer  2new05/28/10 00:20 AM
*WTF is a bieber? -nt- or should I even care?Cereal Killer  1new05/28/10 11:56 PM
*I'm kind of bummed Gary Coleman just passed awayCereal Killer  2new05/29/10 04:44 PM
*I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to work for the devilCereal Killer  1new06/01/10 01:47 PM
*So when someone dies, and there's no obituaryCereal Killer  1new06/05/10 08:55 AM
*From porn to snuff filmsCereal Killer  0   06/06/10 03:13 PM
*Every person I know spooged over the iPhone announcementCereal Killer  13new06/10/10 12:01 PM
*Have you guys seen the new blue laser from Wicked Lasers?Cereal Killer  2new06/12/10 06:06 PM
*Itchy, do you still use a slingbox?Cereal Killer  5new07/06/10 09:11 PM
*I almost got myself killedCereal Killer  13new07/03/10 06:54 AM
*On a high note for this weekCereal Killer  6new07/06/10 02:16 PM
*Everyone is scrambling to get the hell away from OaklandCereal Killer  3new07/09/10 05:47 PM
*I am no longer the worst child abuserCereal Killer  2new07/17/10 00:15 AM
*Is it bad form to unfriend someone on Facebook that died?Cereal Killer  7new08/27/10 04:18 PM
*How's Earl treating you all on the East Coast.Cereal Killer  6new09/08/10 12:38 PM
*What a dumbassCereal Killer  1new09/16/10 08:01 PM
*Satsu. have you ever had the ribs at Rendevous?Cereal Killer  1new10/03/10 00:57 AM
*CRAP! I'm stuck at work, and I want to go fight zombiesCereal Killer  5new10/28/10 12:41 PM
*I'm not going to jack off over the GiantsCereal Killer  0   10/27/10 06:05 PM
*Woman brings knife to a gunfightCereal Killer  2new11/12/10 11:10 AM
*Wonderful, 5 cities near me made the listCereal Killer  2new11/25/10 02:02 PM
*For those of you that think wrestling is fakeCereal Killer  1new12/09/10 11:42 AM
*Notable Deaths of 2010Cereal Killer  0   12/22/10 04:05 PM
*How old were you on your first blow job?Cereal Killer  0   01/20/11 10:55 PM
*I'll just leave this hereCereal Killer  0   02/15/11 06:04 PM
*What a fucking dickCereal Killer  2new02/23/11 04:28 PM
*Hey Itchy, Satsu, or anyone near the South EastCereal Killer  4new02/25/11 01:21 PM
*They watch you take a crap at TargetCereal Killer  2new03/08/11 10:12 PM
*I'm pretty fucking sick of hearing about Charlie SheenCereal Killer  3new03/11/11 11:49 AM
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