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*Fat little fucker is gonna have health problemsCereal Killer  2new05/28/10 00:20 AM
*SunscreensitchyNADZ  2new05/27/10 10:46 PM
*Paratech -nt- sent it out todaySilentAce  2new05/27/10 09:33 PM
*Selling some GBA/DS Wario games and a PS2 EyetoySilentAce  9new05/25/10 00:47 AM
*GTFO, you can't have a hate on honkysCereal Killer  1new05/24/10 07:12 PM
*Just finished watching the documentary 'Indoctrinate U'itchyNADZ  5new05/24/10 03:05 PM
*So, who watched some Empire Strikes Back.Ti-BOne  10new05/24/10 00:06 AM
*I keep wanted to play Starfox Adventures.SatsuNoHiTo  1new05/22/10 04:43 PM
*30 years of Pac-ManTi-BOne  1new05/21/10 07:58 PM
*Messing around with softwareSnowball 2  5new05/20/10 10:51 PM
*Video game musicitchyNADZ  1new05/20/10 03:45 PM
*Old movie nightitchyNADZ  1new05/20/10 03:41 PM
*The end of 32 bit pc's is near...n2locarz  4new05/19/10 00:57 AM
*Rainbow in the Dark. RIP Dio!Ti-BOne  4new05/17/10 04:57 PM
*Did anyone ever figure out who the emu writer Sardu was? Nt randomInspectorGadget  2new05/17/10 02:03 AM
*Atila, congrats on getting hitched *nt*Pr3tty F1y  4new05/16/10 00:36 AM
*Anyone preordering the Mega Man Zero Collection?Paratech  3new05/15/10 06:08 PM
*Rocket Knight (Sparkster)skydoune  8new05/15/10 05:10 PM
*DosBox 0.74 outnewsdee  0   05/15/10 07:23 AM
*Has anyone here tried Maelstrom?Paratech  0   05/13/10 05:36 PM
*MAME the movienewsdee  3new05/13/10 02:17 AM
*Which one of you guys is this?n2locarz  0   05/13/10 02:14 AM
*Press pedal three times to exit this screen. [nt]sphincter  0   05/12/10 11:38 PM
*Horse-seguerilla  8new05/12/10 01:41 PM
*So I noticed that there is a Professional Pilot conference at the Palms in Las Vegas in OctoberPlane Wrecker  2new05/12/10 03:57 AM
*friend of mine started a boardVmprHntrD  10new05/11/10 11:09 PM
*I just got kicked out of the chinese buffetCereal Killer  2new05/11/10 09:42 PM
*So the doctors slapped a dick on that fat fuck Chastity BonoCereal Killer  3new05/09/10 02:18 AM
*Nobody remembered? NT Happy belated birthday to our beloved board.Death Knight  6new05/09/10 00:43 AM
*Hope Satsu can swimCereal Killer  3new05/09/10 00:40 AM
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