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*Well, MW2 blew my fucking mindEon_Blue  10new11/16/09 05:29 PM
*Well, I'm going to be off the internet for a few weekslux_92886  0   04/01/05 09:12 PM
*Well, i'm fucked gaming wise...Death Knight  7new12/21/04 10:05 AM
*Well, I guess I didn't get the jobJudgeInjury  4new06/17/06 10:40 PM
*Well, Google brought forth riches againitchyNADZ  3new01/12/08 10:02 PM
*Well, Final Fantasy XII got perfect 10s from FamitsuRyu_Saotome  5new03/09/06 01:23 AM
*Well, deleted a shit load of roms tonightPr3tty F1y  2new12/22/04 08:37 AM
*Well, at least Atila is aliveitchyNADZ  7new05/23/07 00:21 AM
*well, American Dad was weakskydoune  6new05/02/05 06:35 PM
*Well you get a new joblux_92886  3new07/06/05 07:59 PM
*well this is god damn amazingSilentAce  0   08/20/09 01:35 AM
*Well this is a reliefChachiSqrPants  1new02/15/05 04:48 PM
*Well somebody told melux_92886  4new01/21/05 08:39 PM
*Well my old PS2 diedJudgeInjury  2new04/18/07 08:33 PM
*Well kidsChachiSqrPants  15new08/28/05 10:46 AM
*Well it was bound to happen!Halcyon  20new01/28/05 04:31 PM
*Well if you're not convinced about using FirefoxHalcyon  1new02/15/05 02:32 PM
*Well I was pretty excitedlux_92886  3new06/01/05 11:35 PM
*Well I took back my Radeon 9550lux_92886  0   11/27/04 10:52 AM
*Well I got a small taste of Street Fighter IV today...Paratech  10new07/08/09 07:47 PM
*Well have a Happy New yearjonnyvegas  13new01/02/08 11:40 AM
*well dudes off i gojonnyvegas  1new10/01/04 01:24 PM
*welcome to the Devil's Arsenewsdee  0   12/19/04 10:43 PM
*Welcome to hell, enjoy your staypostamessage  0   05/08/05 07:22 PM
*Welcome to Concord CaliforniaCereal Killer  4new09/30/06 04:39 AM
*Welcome to a real life Umbrella Corporation...Evildrak  1new04/25/05 04:26 PM
*Welcome me into the present.SatsuNoHiTo  1new12/28/07 08:54 PM
*Welcome me back to the world of PC gaming.SatsuNoHiTo  3new09/11/05 11:47 AM
*Welcome me back to newsgroups.SatsuNoHiTo  0   06/22/06 04:54 PM
*weird... Chinese Democracy isn't all that bad...Eon_Blue  3new12/13/08 11:08 AM
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