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*What's a good and free CD to MP3 converter?Death Knight  5new12/21/04 01:03 AM
*Why is it that so many animes have such shitty endings?Death Knight  11new12/19/04 09:47 AM
*My date cancelled on me, should i...Death Knight  44new12/05/04 05:22 PM
*I think smebody up there likes me...Death Knight  0   11/29/04 09:19 PM
*Thanks for the xmas gifts Nadz, wish i could give you a reach around. :-) NTDeath Knight  1new12/21/04 11:45 AM
*I fucking hate the holiday season...Death Knight  2new12/01/04 12:26 PM
*What program an i use to delete stuff from within an ISO?Death Knight  2new12/22/04 08:30 AM
*Is Nero good enough to burn DVDRs or should i use something else?Death Knight  18new11/30/04 00:50 AM
*I bought a Radeon 9500 last week, guess what i'm playing...Death Knight  6new12/07/04 10:14 PM
*What Vampire clan would you fit into?Death Knight  5new12/09/04 08:55 PM
*Fuck, the bitch i voted for mayor lost by 0.7% Fucking hell.Death Knight  0   11/01/04 07:57 AM
*I'm outta here for a few days...Death Knight  3new12/23/04 07:48 PM
*Does the TV out in Radeons suck ass or is it me?Death Knight  14new11/28/04 11:50 PM
*Damn, i've gone stupid all of a sudden...Death Knight  4new11/29/04 10:41 AM
*Another football (soccer) player dropped dead of a heart attack yesterday. NT WeirdDeath Knight  5new10/28/04 11:40 PM
*SON OF A BIIIIIIIIITCCHHHH!!!!Death Knight  8new09/27/04 08:20 PM
*How can i shild the magnetism from my speakers?Death Knight  2new10/10/04 10:51 PM
*Program to zip files individually? Is there such a thing?Death Knight  4new11/04/04 04:29 PM
*How do i open a bottle without a corkscrew?Death Knight  5new10/30/04 01:58 AM
*How come this week's comedy goldmine was so short?Death Knight  0   09/28/04 11:05 AM
*Hmm, wine makes you sleepy...Death Knight  0   10/30/04 07:30 PM
*Nadz, check your respective name. NT :-)Death Knight  0   11/21/04 03:12 PM
*Somebody slap me silly...Death Knight  0   10/25/04 12:28 PM
*We've been using eletronic balots here in Brasil for what? 6-8 years now?Death Knight  8new10/22/04 01:18 PM
*This is really not my week...Death Knight  0   11/01/04 07:45 PM
*Hey jopezu, did you post on the Gamefags Zelda board?Death Knight  2new11/11/04 04:29 PM
*Note to self, never buy Osaka CDRs again. NT 7 coasters outta 52 so far.Death Knight  10new11/01/04 05:25 PM
*This was asked before, but i need some help now...Death Knight  4new10/18/04 07:35 PM
*Quick note, Snoop Dogg is a festering sore on music.Death Knight  3new11/14/04 01:14 AM
*I really gotta stop reading things at gamefaqs...Death Knight  1new11/12/04 09:16 AM
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