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*FF7 fanboi 4 lifeSnowball 2  4new11/02/09 10:08 PM
*Warwick Estevam Kerr is an assholen2locarz  1new10/24/09 00:23 AM
*where are good places to look for buying records (vinyl) question.jopezu  1new10/23/09 10:38 PM
*Where are good places to look for records?Paratech  4new10/21/09 02:06 PM
*Buying records (vinyl) question.SatsuNoHiTo  2new10/20/09 08:03 PM
*Have you guys ever known a chick so largeCereal Killer  1new10/20/09 06:29 PM
*sno... don't do it. stay diet. ;-)jopezu  2new10/20/09 11:27 PM
*Boss MusicDr_Nova!  6new10/24/09 11:32 PM
*CK, was this you?SatsuNoHiTo  2new10/19/09 07:05 PM
*Help meeeeeejonnyvegas  6new10/19/09 05:02 PM
*Ok I liked Paranormal Activity (no spoilers)Cereal Killer  0   10/19/09 00:40 AM
*Funny storyitchyNADZ  0   10/18/09 07:55 PM
*Went to a College Football game todayn2locarz  0   10/18/09 02:28 AM
*This is for my pal ItchyCereal Killer  5new10/17/09 00:18 AM
*I'M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!Death Knight  10new10/19/09 07:14 PM
*ZombielanditchyNADZ  3new10/16/09 03:19 PM
*Trolling in real life, this woman rocks.SatsuNoHiTo  4new10/15/09 09:41 PM
*Show us pics of your bod, Atila. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo  1new10/14/09 11:22 PM
*Question about Degrees and College/UniversitySilentAce  9new10/18/09 03:59 AM
*Steel Battalionskydoune  4new10/17/09 09:29 PM
*NFL resultsitchyNADZ  2new10/13/09 10:37 PM
*I just fixed a sink valve without my ass crack showingCereal Killer  4new10/13/09 04:59 PM
*Will digital distribution kill 2nd hand gaming?Paratech  1new10/09/09 00:13 AM
*Okay I finally decidedZeroKnightRaiden  3new10/08/09 01:34 PM
*South Park Aspen episode is on -nt- awesomeSnowball 2  2new10/06/09 09:34 PM
*Can Sega Genesis power supplies be used on Sega Game Gear systems?Paratech  2new10/06/09 01:10 PM
*LOL - I like this sig picitchyNADZ  1new10/06/09 09:04 PM
*THE FIRST RULE OF AIR FIGHT CLUBPlane Wrecker  1new10/06/09 12:28 PM
*I've just realized that Final Fight (arcade) is an MF'erSatsuNoHiTo  7new10/06/09 06:55 AM
*This was some crazy shitCereal Killer  1new10/05/09 09:27 PM
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