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*Random ranting...Death Knight  4new11/05/04 00:46 AM
*Who wants to do the honors of goatse-salluting me?Death Knight  9new10/13/04 02:26 PM
*Can anyone explain what is so goddamn awesome about Halo?Death Knight  15new11/11/04 04:27 PM
*Shit, my comp is crashing when i watch videos now...Death Knight  5new10/29/04 06:24 PM
*Wow, The Village must really suck...Death Knight  4new10/12/04 11:45 AM
*I'm rideless...Death Knight  14new10/27/04 04:34 PM
*What's the deal with suprnova and torrent youcef? NT Did the Man get them down?Death Knight  4new11/21/04 01:24 PM
*Let i never say hot wheater is completly worthless again...Death Knight  4new11/09/04 09:06 PM
*Already back. NT Congrats to Roushi on the marriage, all the best nigga.Death Knight  1new12/26/04 08:07 PM
*Holy shit what happened in Asia?Death Knight  13new12/28/04 11:03 PM
*Is the new Crystal emu supposed to be highly demanding or is something wrong here?Death Knight  11new12/29/04 02:38 PM
*Christmas photos...Death Knight  15new12/31/04 10:09 AM
*I ate half a bar of toblerone today. NTDeath Knight  5new12/30/04 07:46 PM
*Happy new year one and all...Death Knight  0   12/31/04 09:06 PM
*1st PUIA post of the new year for me...Death Knight  2new12/31/04 10:28 PM
*Great way to start the new year...Death Knight  0   01/01/05 10:06 AM
*Are there no subtitles for Shrek 2 ANYWHERE?Death Knight  6new01/01/05 05:56 PM
*I've reached over 400 movies in my collection...Death Knight  1new01/03/05 11:11 PM
*Poll: Should i go to sleep now?Death Knight  2new01/04/05 10:35 PM
*I knew Catwoman was gonna be bad, but daaamn...Death Knight  6new01/06/05 09:35 AM
*Everytime i watch an alien/et movie i get pretty fucking paranoid...Death Knight  2new01/05/05 08:40 PM
*Cube Zero was fun. NT The first one is still the best though.Death Knight  5new01/06/05 08:12 PM
*Motherfucking piece of shit cheapassed lump of a PSU.Death Knight  4new01/06/05 10:21 PM
*Nadz, my nigga. NT You're the man now dawg.Death Knight  1new01/06/05 11:01 PM
*Hey Pretty Fly, i've got your ugly porn beat...Death Knight  1new01/06/05 11:14 PM
*My computer hates me.Death Knight  15new01/08/05 08:05 PM
*Damn, it's a bitch getting up in this weather...Death Knight  1new01/10/05 10:05 PM
*Very gay request...Death Knight  6new01/13/05 03:08 PM
*Hey Halcyon, thanks for tracking down that rebirth demo. NT Pretty nice stuff.Death Knight  2new01/13/05 04:57 PM
*Did anybody else around here watched "Dead like me"?Death Knight  7new01/16/05 11:59 PM
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