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*You know what I want to do?postamessage  6new04/21/09 00:47 AM
*You know tht trees can talk like cats dogs so onpostamessage  3new10/18/06 06:28 PM
*You just need to press PS+Start to screen cap on Vita?RoushiMSX  2new09/16/14 02:24 AM
*You just ate...itchyNADZ  1new01/11/06 03:24 PM
*You have to ask yourself one question -ChachiSqrPants  1new02/24/05 10:59 AM
*You have seen the front of the Britney Spears statuepostamessage  3new04/12/06 08:27 PM
*You have my thanks GrikingRyu_Saotome  5new12/17/04 03:23 PM
*you have been digitaly penetratedSilentAce  1new01/02/05 03:25 AM
*You have been challenged by Rizwanpostamessage  0   04/12/06 12:19 PM
*You have an opportunity to volunteer in your communityEvildrak  3new02/25/06 09:55 PM
*You have a 10 dollar reward cert from Best buy..Evildrak  1new02/24/06 10:48 PM
*You guys will like this flash a lotRyu_Saotome  1new01/07/05 02:17 AM
*You guys will be so proud of men2locarz  5new10/02/07 11:31 PM
*You guys that like Chicago Style PizzaCereal Killer  10new10/21/04 02:30 AM
*You guys seen "Mini-XP" ?n2locarz  2new02/16/06 05:51 PM
*You guys see the news on Gamikaze?RoushiMSX  3new02/06/05 08:37 PM
*You guys played Cave Story yet?JudgeInjury  6new08/26/05 03:17 PM
*You guys play "Last Scenario" yet?RoushiMSX  6new05/21/07 06:58 PM
*you guys mind helping a fellow CA'er win a psp?The_Asp  1new08/31/05 01:13 AM
*You guys know about emulators on PS3?SatsuNoHiTo  4new09/25/08 07:17 PM
*You guys just have to check out the latest version of Realplayer.postamessage  0   10/23/05 05:02 PM
*you guys have got to read thisAzzmon  2new07/01/06 10:03 AM
*You guys ever hear of Tron 1.5: Rise of the Virals?itchyNADZ  2new06/30/10 08:17 AM
*You guys ever have ex-girlfriends try to get you back?Cereal Killer  9new05/04/06 01:27 PM
*You guys eatin shitCereal Killer  1new10/27/05 11:42 PM
*You Guys ALSO have to see thisTrizae  1new04/19/07 11:23 AM
*You gotta love MicrosoftitchyNADZ  8new11/04/05 07:21 AM
*You ever miss your girlfirend?Cereal Killer  14new09/21/05 12:48 PM
*You don't wanna go outside kids, you might get raped by a clown.SatsuNoHiTo  4new11/05/04 06:38 PM
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