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*I'm out for the weekend...Death Knight  2new06/30/05 11:48 AM
*I'm back and i brought pics... ( Not 56k friendly )Death Knight  11new07/05/05 04:20 PM
*FINALLY, i have a decent PC...Death Knight  7new07/10/05 09:37 PM
*Car question...Death Knight  11new07/14/05 10:36 PM
*So i'm alone again...Death Knight  10new07/17/05 04:06 AM
*A few pics...Death Knight  7new07/20/05 06:34 PM
*Family guy movie = friggin' awesome! NTDeath Knight  4new07/26/05 04:47 AM
*Hey Joffe, what's your oppinion on Land of the Dead?Death Knight  9new07/26/05 09:36 PM
*Hey Ikari, you sodding cunt, why didn't you tel us it was your birthday?Death Knight  7new07/27/05 02:48 PM
*DL DVD shrinking...Death Knight  2new07/27/05 05:59 AM
*I don't know in the US, but here it's father's day...Death Knight  5new08/14/05 09:05 PM
*How the hell can i translate this?!Death Knight  4new08/25/05 03:12 PM
*I'll probably die of a hearth attack some 10-15 years from now...Death Knight  3new08/26/05 07:54 PM
*Found The Game of Life for PC. NT I love Hasbro. And i LOVE torrents.Death Knight  0   09/06/05 01:02 PM
*Who's gonna give me some streched assholes to stare at?Death Knight  6new10/15/05 06:53 AM
*Any of you guys ever trained Kung Fu?Death Knight  13new10/20/05 07:38 PM
*How do i avoid a bsd from reseting?Death Knight  3new11/03/05 08:07 AM
*Ok, big problem with my DVD drive...Death Knight  4new11/11/05 11:46 PM
*Happy new year you twats!Death Knight  4new01/04/06 02:23 PM
*Need some serious help from folks in the US...Death Knight  3new01/03/06 12:05 PM
*Damnit, now i want a PSP...Death Knight  0   02/11/06 11:43 AM
*I've been a little mia, but i'm still here bitches. (not 56K safe)Death Knight  13new02/22/06 11:59 PM
*Shit, whenever i propose, i'll be sure to set the date to a high income month...Death Knight  8new03/17/06 00:04 AM
*Opera being stupid...Death Knight  1new03/27/06 08:39 PM
*Ok, so i'm trying out firefox again...Death Knight  1new04/12/06 04:32 PM
*RIP Opera. NT After some 10 extensions, Firefox is my new bitch.Death Knight  4new04/13/06 08:53 PM
*Civil War...Death Knight  8new05/19/06 04:15 PM
*Sons of a bitch...Death Knight  8new05/30/06 06:03 PM
*I just took the most gut wrenching shit of my life...Death Knight  6new06/24/06 10:00 PM
*The power of the sword...Death Knight  1new06/26/06 06:09 PM
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