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*Got this warm feeling about that MAME dramaskydoune  8new05/24/09 10:13 PM
*Another person quits da scene...Paratech  10new05/24/09 08:40 PM
*it appears the twilight hack is now uselessTerry Bogard  1new05/22/09 09:26 PM
*Hail to the King, BabyitchyNADZ  2new05/22/09 11:19 AM
*You can thank me lateritchyNADZ  0   05/21/09 10:16 PM
*XBox360 hardware failuresEon_Blue  9new05/20/09 11:42 PM
*astrawebskydoune  3new05/20/09 03:27 PM
*Haze Quits / Is booted from MAME...Paratech  6new05/20/09 12:17 PM
*Bit the bullet and gone for Vistajonnyvegas  2new05/19/09 03:05 PM
*No EA sports games for PC in 2010?Paratech  2new05/18/09 10:37 PM
*Interesting "Bug" in Microsoft Word 2000Paratech  1new05/18/09 09:18 PM
*Souvenir from CA's Pastsphincter  10new05/18/09 04:41 PM
*Going on a cruise for cheap!n2locarz  2new05/16/09 08:26 PM
*Contra RebirthMegaHurtz  1new05/15/09 04:15 PM
*Star Trek: Loved It!itchyNADZ  3new05/11/09 08:21 PM
*I wish I had time to do shitSnowball 2  4new05/11/09 06:19 PM
*In addition to my other good newsdean  4new05/11/09 07:57 AM
*I kind of dig the new CamaroCereal Killer  3new05/08/09 02:04 PM
*Got an XBOX360 for 110dean  1new05/08/09 08:39 AM
*Who wants to trouble shoot my Sega Saturn.Plane Wrecker  2new05/08/09 08:34 AM
*Just watched someon roll their truck in a ditch.SatsuNoHiTo  3new05/08/09 08:29 AM
*I guess they're 2 busy celebrating fapday. ntDr_Nova!  1new05/07/09 04:35 PM
*happy masturbationday. I'm fapping 4 worldpiss...ntDr_Nova!  1new05/07/09 03:51 PM
*Insecure WindowsitchyNADZ  1new05/06/09 05:17 PM
*Street Fighter 2 - Pussy Versus Printer SFWItsTheFluSoSTFU  3new05/06/09 09:12 AM
*Built a new computerMegaHurtz  9new05/05/09 09:41 PM
*I can't wait until the media shuts the fuck up about swine flu -nt- IT'S "THE FLU' STFUSatsuNoHiTo  9new05/05/09 07:50 PM
*So supposedly, there are these programs called emulators...Alyas  2new05/03/09 10:56 PM
*The Adventures Of Duane and Brando-Final FantasyItsTheFluSoSTFU  0   05/03/09 01:38 PM
*Did Nintendo Region Lockout the GBA?Paratech  1new04/30/09 05:20 PM
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