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*Rapidshare searchingitchyNADZ  12/23/08 00:23 AM
*What order should I play these Zelda Games?Paratech  12/22/08 11:52 PM
  *Release order I'd say...Death Knight12/23/08 07:24 AM
    *I second that!n2locarz12/23/08 08:37 PM
    *Or you could play them in 'chronological' order. nt try figuring that one out...Eon_Blue12/23/08 07:38 PM
*Recovery CDsitchyNADZ  12/22/08 11:14 PM
*Panda Internet Security 2009 - free for 1 yearitchyNADZ  12/22/08 11:01 PM
*Superjail = Shenmue!?SatsuNoHiTo  12/22/08 08:03 PM
*Speaking of Dany's horrid midisPlane Wrecker  12/22/08 07:21 PM
*About to have my first Arrogant Basterd Alepostamessage  12/22/08 06:02 PM
  *You're not worthy.wildcat12/22/08 08:51 PM
  *Re: About to have my first Arrogant Basterd AlePlane Wrecker12/22/08 07:20 PM
*Jesus Christ, check out some of the names posting lately...Eon_Blue  12/22/08 04:37 PM
  *WE BUILT THIS CITY...ON ROCK AND ROLL -nt-InspectorGadget12/25/08 08:41 PM
  *ROLL CALLBlodia_Vulcan12/25/08 02:48 AM
  *indeed, who's next to come out of lurkland ? Solvalou ? -nt-Ti-BOne12/22/08 06:29 PM
    *While we're at it lets not forget to call...Plane Wrecker12/22/08 07:19 PM
      *How about...Death Knight12/23/08 07:23 AM
        *Re: How about...Plane Wrecker12/24/08 07:44 AM
          *There is no p in Hamster. -nt- postamessage12/24/08 09:40 AM
            *Re: There is no p in Hamster. -nt- Plane Wrecker12/24/08 03:15 PM
            *You've never had one -nt- They p anywhere they pleaseCereal Killer12/24/08 12:51 PM
*Fuck you, NintendoSnowball 2  12/21/08 11:24 PM
  *They need to stop fucking slacking on the VC games. -nt- assholesSatsuNoHiTo12/22/08 08:04 PM
  *Re: Fuck you, NintendoParatech12/22/08 00:09 AM
    *on the other hand Sierra is niceTerry Bogard12/22/08 08:03 AM
      *Re: on the other hand Sierra is niceVmprHntrD12/22/08 05:12 PM
      *Re: on the other hand Sierra is niceParatech12/22/08 10:47 AM
*Where the hell did dany go?InspectorGadget  12/21/08 03:34 PM
  *Re: Where the hell did dany go?Plane Wrecker12/22/08 04:17 PM
    *Re: Where the hell did dany go?ZeroKnightRaiden12/26/08 08:33 AM
*Bruce Campbell was in Berkeley last nightCereal Killer  12/19/08 06:41 PM
*When Your Credit Card Signature Fun BackfiresBryzian  12/18/08 11:36 AM
  *Re: When Your Credit Card Signature Fun BackfiresPlane Wrecker12/22/08 04:20 PM
*Please try this flash gamen2locarz  12/17/08 11:55 PM
  *Re: Please try this flash gameVmprHntrD12/20/08 11:13 PM
  *paid for robokill a while back... they got talent -nt-SilentAce12/19/08 08:47 PM
*Why is Ryu spanish now? -n-t cavemanSnowball 2  12/17/08 11:03 PM
  *what ever happened to ryusaotome -nt-SilentAce12/18/08 03:16 AM
    *He ran off to have dany's baby. -bnt-SatsuNoHiTo12/19/08 07:51 PM
*It's a work Christmas PartyMarv  12/16/08 08:07 PM
  *Be a proper brit. NT Don't brush your teeth.Death Knight12/17/08 03:20 AM
*Jenny GrantJudgeInjury  12/16/08 05:26 PM
*Ever since my brother got his pot cardCereal Killer  12/16/08 05:25 PM
  *silly question - what the fuck is a 'pot card'? nt is it like a credit card?Eon_Blue12/17/08 06:18 PM
    *Medical marijuana card?Paratech12/17/08 08:02 PM
      *Re: Medical marijuana card?Cereal Killer12/17/08 08:36 PM
*Just need some cereal and footie pajamasJudgeInjury  12/15/08 12:34 PM
*My band recordings.Ti-BOne  12/15/08 06:42 AM
  *Re: My band recordings.Bryzian12/16/08 10:07 AM
    *Re: My band recordings.Ti-BOne12/17/08 07:27 AM
*damnn2locarz  12/15/08 01:26 AM
  *Re: damnCereal Killer12/15/08 11:51 AM
    *That sucksJudgeInjury12/15/08 12:47 PM
*Street Fighter II HD demo - wtf were they thinking?Snowball 2  12/14/08 11:44 PM
  *Re: Street Fighter II HD demo - wtf were they thinking?Blodia_Vulcan12/21/08 05:53 PM
  *you're supposed to BUY the game. nt fuck demos - it's JAWSOMEEon_Blue12/17/08 06:18 PM
*Classic videoitchyNADZ  12/14/08 12:03 PM
*You're having a DilemmaSatsuNoHiTo  12/14/08 00:50 AM
  *Piss in your sleep -n-t Problem solved.Snowball 212/14/08 01:46 AM
*Is there room in here for me and 6800 of my closest friends? italie  12/12/08 08:03 PM
  *skills to pay the bills. n(o)t.jopezu12/13/08 06:14 AM
    *Re: skills to pay the bills. n(o)t.italie12/13/08 07:11 AM
  *Re: Is there room in here for me and 6800 of my closest friends? Mr. Do12/13/08 00:59 AM
*Anyone have a Vizio?JudgeInjury  12/12/08 02:45 PM
  *A friend bought a few for his barCereal Killer12/12/08 03:59 PM
  *A friend has one, they look fine.SatsuNoHiTo12/12/08 03:29 PM
*11 Herbs and SpicesCereal Killer  12/11/08 05:34 PM
  *Extra crispy, original, or summer's eveJudgeInjury12/12/08 10:54 AM
  *Heh, some dumbass got fired from Burger King (I think) for doing that recently. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo12/11/08 08:06 PM
*Playing Zelda II - On the island Castle -mt-n2locarz  12/10/08 11:47 PM
*Can you call black people racist against themselfs -mt-SilentAce  12/10/08 04:18 PM
  *They already have their own google, why not?JudgeInjury12/11/08 11:08 AM
  *If yellows want a browser -nt- they have to code it themselvesCereal Killer12/10/08 09:05 PM
  *Re: Can you call black people racist against themselfs -mt-VmprHntrD12/10/08 05:43 PM
  *That broswer looks familiar, maybe a re-skinned browser?SatsuNoHiTo12/10/08 04:58 PM
*How did I miss out on Dead Rising?JudgeInjury  12/09/08 03:00 PM
  *Re: How did I miss out on Dead Rising?Plane Wrecker12/22/08 04:24 PM
  *I want to try the Wii versionMegaHurtz12/13/08 09:18 AM
*Yep.dean  12/09/08 01:06 AM
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