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*Awesome Freak ShowCereal Killer  0   12/10/04 04:48 PM
*Bullshit! Language Barrier. I'm considering becoming a racistCereal Killer  9new10/01/04 11:09 PM
*Hey Satsu, you Tenn folk have some huge nutsacksCereal Killer  1new10/13/04 05:43 PM
*More political humorCereal Killer  9new11/07/04 01:44 PM
*Got kicked out of the movie theaterCereal Killer  4new11/11/04 11:24 AM
*Christopher Reeves dies at 52Cereal Killer  18new10/12/04 11:02 AM
*I wonder if the M&M chick can eat her own pussyCereal Killer  0   10/14/04 02:19 AM
*Worst, most fucked hunting dogCereal Killer  0   10/27/04 01:07 PM
*They couldn't just bring guns to school Cereal Killer  1new11/18/04 07:24 PM
*I sent my absentee ballot. I voted for the fag for President!Cereal Killer  0   10/28/04 05:50 PM
*Testify mah niggaCereal Killer  5new10/06/04 09:17 PM
*Look Up TonightCereal Killer  8new10/28/04 05:16 PM
*You guys that like Chicago Style PizzaCereal Killer  10new10/21/04 02:30 AM
*Big Momma Beat downCereal Killer  2new10/18/04 02:25 PM
*Fucking vegitariansCereal Killer  2new01/04/05 04:18 PM
*Skydoune - About your Disney AvitarCereal Killer  8new01/06/05 09:52 PM
*This will never workCereal Killer  3new01/11/05 10:07 PM
*Next time you think you're badCereal Killer  3new01/13/05 03:59 PM
*I would have gone with a different themeCereal Killer  0   01/13/05 06:45 PM
*Woohoo nigga got paid today -nt- what kind of whores you all want?Cereal Killer  3new01/14/05 08:41 PM
*Ever been hung over so bad your farts make people puke? -nt-Cereal Killer  4new01/16/05 04:38 PM
*Damn this HOT asian chick was working at the 76 stationCereal Killer  8new01/17/05 04:09 PM
*MLK didn't get shit done -nt- White people still suck ballsCereal Killer  11new01/18/05 07:12 PM
*I'm in a really mean mood todayCereal Killer  9new01/18/05 02:03 AM
*Kali is crazy enough to pick me for Jury DutyCereal Killer  5new01/19/05 02:23 AM
*Anybody got a photo of a midget doin a chick doggy style?Cereal Killer  2new01/26/05 11:20 PM
*Zero ToleranceCereal Killer  6new01/26/05 05:16 PM
*Lil Bad AssCereal Killer  1new01/27/05 08:13 PM
*Straight folk have nothing to be proud of says the gaysCereal Killer  11new01/28/05 10:58 PM
*Funniest home videosCereal Killer  1new01/31/05 01:25 PM
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