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*Finally got my goddamn Nintendo DSCereal Killer  12new02/01/05 06:42 AM
*I'd teach this old battle axe the true meaning of TerrorCereal Killer  3new02/04/05 03:38 PM
*Hey Snyder, we could kill a cop, and people would be cool with itCereal Killer  4new02/05/05 03:30 AM
*Funny Story, a friend just saw a jumper off the Golden Gate BridgeCereal Killer  1new02/07/05 09:02 PM
*Hope it was a Marie Calander'sCereal Killer  0   02/10/05 11:09 AM
*I got 86ed from "my friend's" night clubCereal Killer  3new02/10/05 04:31 PM
*Cookie Chicks Part 2Cereal Killer  9new02/11/05 03:44 PM
*Hey Satsu, a buddy got a radar detector off eBayCereal Killer  1new02/11/05 03:00 PM
*Holy Shit, Asshole holds rabbit hostage and gets $13,000Cereal Killer  3new02/13/05 03:35 AM
*MSN says give her a romantic facial for Valentine's dayCereal Killer  3new02/14/05 03:30 PM
*HAHAHA! Nephew sent home from school, and got me bustedCereal Killer  5new02/15/05 03:03 AM
*This will make you cryCereal Killer  6new02/19/05 02:45 AM
*I love this videoCereal Killer  3new02/18/05 10:53 PM
*I swear this kind of shit never happens to anyone elseCereal Killer  16new02/23/05 02:07 AM
*Cereal™ Killer -nt- got the drunken spinsCereal Killer  0   02/24/05 04:40 PM
*Farting in PublicCereal Killer  1new02/24/05 06:53 PM
*How old is the youngest chick you fucked?Cereal Killer  3new02/27/05 04:46 PM
*Court rules sperm is a giftCereal Killer  4new02/26/05 06:27 PM
*I've had it up to fucking here, with those goddamn girl scout cookiesCereal Killer  3new03/01/05 08:14 PM
*Shaved my pussyCereal Killer  8new03/02/05 03:40 AM
*When salad goes bad.Cereal Killer  3new03/03/05 01:19 AM
*What a fucking cuntCereal Killer  1new03/02/05 07:17 PM
*Rent tits for $250? I think not!Cereal Killer  2new03/04/05 02:34 PM
*The most absurd quote I ever heardCereal Killer  0   03/04/05 02:47 PM
*I bet this woman taught to the blindCereal Killer  2new03/04/05 10:08 PM
*Wow, golf is so gay™Cereal Killer  0   03/07/05 06:21 PM
*What a bunch of pussiesCereal Killer  3new03/08/05 05:41 PM
*I'm so sick of hearing about child molestersCereal Killer  3new03/11/05 04:31 PM
*Let's kick off the week with a shiltload of child on child violenceCereal Killer  2new03/14/05 10:19 PM
*For all you married folkCereal Killer  0   03/14/05 05:25 PM
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