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*Just caught someone wacking offCereal Killer  1new03/18/05 01:39 PM
*Proof the next Star Wars will suck donkey assCereal Killer  6new03/19/05 11:49 AM
*Fuck all of you who gave me shit about my temperCereal Killer  5new03/25/05 06:16 PM
*OK Guess which one I preferCereal Killer  3new03/31/05 09:46 AM
*She lost the "pretty girl" case because she wasn't prettyCereal Killer  12new04/05/05 10:04 PM
*She's got nice tits tooCereal Killer  1new04/08/05 03:08 PM
*Today's Ask John question from AnimenationCereal Killer  1new04/11/05 03:55 PM
*Think he'd drink the bong water?Cereal Killer  0   04/13/05 05:10 PM
*Monterey Aquarium Web CamCereal Killer  3new04/23/05 11:22 AM
*Stupid Wendy's chili lady got us all free frostysCereal Killer  2new04/23/05 02:34 AM
*Am I going to hell for laughing at this?Cereal Killer  6new04/25/05 04:06 PM
*I'd love the video set to the Benny Hill themeCereal Killer  0   05/03/05 04:19 PM
*A mother's loveCereal Killer  0   05/05/05 02:51 PM
*FDA says fags can keep the jizz to themselvesCereal Killer  6new05/06/05 04:09 AM
*Used to be you just need a pimp to bitch slap themCereal Killer  3new05/06/05 03:47 PM
*How the church separates from the stateCereal Killer  3new05/06/05 11:55 PM
*I've heard of Valley GirlsCereal Killer  2new05/17/05 05:25 PM
*Did anyone see Team America in the theater? *Spoiler*Cereal Killer  15new05/18/05 10:09 PM
*Anybody have the White Noise DVDCereal Killer  0   05/20/05 00:28 AM
*I wonder if he'll make it to 10Cereal Killer  0   05/23/05 04:48 PM
*Anyone up for ChineseCereal Killer  1new05/23/05 09:42 PM
*Grandma G gonna bust a cap in your assCereal Killer  0   05/24/05 05:53 PM
*Darth Vader = Chode Smoker Supreme with extra (smegma) cheeseCereal Killer  5new05/26/05 11:25 AM
*Where's that racist Ash? You fags run another nigga off the board?Cereal Killer  0   05/26/05 04:54 PM
*Fuckin with whiteyCereal Killer  9new05/27/05 01:27 PM
*Like you crackers need to be more whiteCereal Killer  3new06/08/05 12:34 PM
*I hate stale potato chipsCereal Killer  0   06/10/05 11:01 AM
*Alright I admit it, I went too far. Public Apologies inside.Cereal Killer  30new06/15/05 03:25 PM
*Charles Schumer just sold a million copiesCereal Killer  1new06/20/05 04:29 PM
*Found a bigger assholeCereal Killer  3new06/25/05 11:09 AM
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