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*I thought they cancelled the live action Dragonball ZCereal Killer  2new06/27/05 10:09 PM
*Hey Limeys! Holler if you're okCereal Killer  14new07/10/05 05:30 AM
*BathtimeCereal Killer  0   07/11/05 11:32 AM
*I bet he bought stock in the companyCereal Killer  5new07/19/05 02:09 PM
*Sometimes you can't calm a bitch with chocolateCereal Killer  2new07/18/05 02:54 PM
*CSICereal Killer  3new07/15/05 07:24 PM
*You can now sue your boss for not fucking youCereal Killer  0   07/19/05 02:55 PM
*Senator Henry Clinton wins oneCereal Killer  3new07/20/05 06:38 PM
*Think this photo is a little inappropriate for CNN?Cereal Killer  5new07/28/05 10:58 AM
*GTA San Andreas off the shelves?Cereal Killer  7new07/29/05 07:59 AM
*Devil's Rejects was pretty good. *No Spoilers*Cereal Killer  2new07/29/05 01:49 AM
*Why didn't you parents tell me how bad babies stinkCereal Killer  2new08/03/05 08:54 PM
*Buying new tires in Kali = butt rapeCereal Killer  0   08/02/05 01:30 PM
*I think this is a photoshopCereal Killer  0   08/02/05 02:47 PM
*Do you cuddle your woman after sex?Cereal Killer  4new08/05/05 02:14 PM
*Good ParentingCereal Killer  0   08/05/05 12:08 PM
*Do you guys have any humorous Birthday Pics?Cereal Killer  1new08/06/05 01:33 PM
*It says it was his friendCereal Killer  1new08/06/05 01:30 PM
*Hey posty, now I know why you love hamsters and duct tapeCereal Killer  1new08/15/05 11:48 PM
*The whole metal scene is becoming a total jokeCereal Killer  11new08/30/05 02:18 PM
*Modern day makeup will have you sleeping with the total fugliesCereal Killer  1new08/29/05 02:11 PM
*What a dumbshitCereal Killer  1new08/30/05 12:19 PM
*Mega M&Ms aren't so bigCereal Killer  0   08/30/05 03:06 PM
*Arnold doesn't like the gaysCereal Killer  2new09/07/05 11:00 PM
*The Real Exorcists on A&ECereal Killer  0   09/09/05 02:02 AM
*Whitey's trip to NOCereal Killer  2new09/09/05 01:40 PM
*$2000 Free Credit from your pal CKCereal Killer  3new09/09/05 09:11 PM
*Pissing the bitch off 101Cereal Killer  3new09/14/05 06:16 PM
*This cracked me upCereal Killer  5new09/20/05 00:08 AM
*You ever miss your girlfirend?Cereal Killer  14new09/21/05 12:48 PM
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