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*Hows Tales Of Symphonia?Trizae  4new10/22/04 06:33 PM
*heh looks like bush will winTrizae  24new11/03/04 10:40 PM
*when does this downloading end! -nt-Trizae  2new11/01/04 03:51 PM
*Who here uses 'Steam?'Trizae  0   10/22/04 03:59 AM
*ViperGC Modchip Review Trizae  1new12/28/04 07:15 PM
*Who wants some big ass titties?Trizae  1new12/30/04 12:24 PM
*Suprnova.org to make a big announcementTrizae  2new12/30/04 05:55 PM
*Happy New Year MotherfuckersTrizae  2new12/31/04 12:13 PM
*I'm boredTrizae  2new01/11/05 01:12 AM
*How fast are your eyes cunts?Trizae  6new01/11/05 02:12 PM
*Butterfly EffectTrizae  2new01/11/05 11:50 PM
*Resident Evil 4Trizae  3new01/12/05 07:05 AM
*MwuahahahaTrizae  4new01/14/05 08:52 AM
*Need to clean your monitor?Trizae  1new01/19/05 08:04 PM
*Check this shit out! (Transformers More Then Meets The Eye)Trizae  1new01/21/05 07:42 PM
*eXeem has been releasedTrizae  0   01/21/05 07:26 PM
*Random Funnae ;-)Trizae  0   01/29/05 04:23 AM
*Nadz 0wnz me -nt-Trizae  2new02/02/05 11:26 PM
*Anyone know any good streaming media recorders?Trizae  2new02/12/05 11:54 AM
*So who's getting a PSP?Trizae  8new02/22/05 00:50 AM
*lol what's up with all the 'so who's getting' threads? -nt-Trizae  1new02/22/05 05:18 PM
*just played a demo of the Nintendo DS....shietTrizae  2new02/24/05 10:38 PM
*Man I had an awesome night just nowTrizae  3new02/27/05 05:22 PM
*I'm telling you right now that Zelda Trailer....Trizae  3new03/17/05 09:42 AM
*Does anyone have a link to that bukkake song?Trizae  2new04/12/05 10:44 AM
*just got a DS what are some good games nigz? -nt-Trizae  3new05/09/05 10:50 PM
*Viewing Windows Media MRU list?Trizae  5new05/18/05 05:11 AM
*I'm back ma'fuckaz! It's a celebration bitches! -nt-Trizae  3new07/01/05 11:46 PM
*Check out this lil niggaTrizae  5new07/18/05 05:29 PM
*I am now officially over NintendoTrizae  4new07/22/05 01:15 PM
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