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*Whoever had that pictureCereal Killer  1new09/20/05 12:09 PM
*I blame the ugly bitch tooCereal Killer  6new09/21/05 06:56 PM
*Amber Frey is a fucking slutCereal Killer  2new09/22/05 06:03 AM
*Crap I'm losing my sarcastic edgeCereal Killer  3new09/23/05 06:15 PM
*I'm gonna get you guys a puppyCereal Killer  2new09/23/05 06:12 PM
*I have renewed faith in kids todayCereal Killer  1new09/25/05 05:41 PM
*Hey Joffe, I saw you at the anti-war rallyCereal Killer  21new09/28/05 05:33 PM
*I used to think Nicolas Cage was coolCereal Killer  1new10/05/05 02:26 AM
*Joffe keep your dog off the furnitureCereal Killer  1new10/06/05 02:30 PM
*Ok, I never had sex with a minor after I was 18Cereal Killer  6new10/08/05 10:22 PM
*Serious Question about people taking medsCereal Killer  8new10/12/05 09:35 AM
*Didn't even try the shock collar firstCereal Killer  6new10/18/05 04:32 PM
*Check out this foolCereal Killer  2new10/21/05 01:47 PM
*Trauma Center for DS is actually funCereal Killer  2new10/24/05 06:17 PM
*I love those green laser pointersCereal Killer  1new10/26/05 05:50 PM
*You guys eatin shitCereal Killer  1new10/27/05 11:42 PM
*The episode of Star Trek with that cocksucker in itCereal Killer  14new10/30/05 05:14 PM
*That'll teach him not to use an ass gasketCereal Killer  0   11/03/05 10:48 AM
*Damn Satsu, now I feel sorry for youCereal Killer  2new11/04/05 05:35 PM
*What a community I live inCereal Killer  1new11/11/05 06:28 PM
*30 years breaking rocksCereal Killer  2new11/17/05 09:14 PM
*The littlest muleCereal Killer  1new11/16/05 04:38 PM
*What a fucking pussy!Cereal Killer  1new11/16/05 03:05 PM
*Did anyone see South Park this week?Cereal Killer  11new11/20/05 11:43 AM
*Cops tazer guy's dickCereal Killer  1new11/23/05 11:18 PM
*HAHAHA Eminem's float crashed in the paradeCereal Killer  4new11/25/05 00:26 AM
*Ewww Gross!Cereal Killer  7new11/29/05 09:55 AM
*Do any of you guys use those color calibration DVDsCereal Killer  4new11/29/05 10:31 PM
*What's different about European Jaegermeister?Cereal Killer  1new12/01/05 02:08 PM
*Fucking Black FridayCereal Killer  4new12/02/05 10:57 AM
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