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Console Emulation - Ask for a rom, get kicked in the head
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*Owned by PsygnosisMitaine  10/05/04 03:59 PM
  *Re: Owned by PsygnosisIceMan10/22/04 03:19 PM
    *Re: See for yourself (read)Mitaine11/03/04 08:38 AM
      *Re: See for yourself (read)Iron Man11/03/04 09:55 AM
        *Re: See for yourself (read)Mitaine11/03/04 11:48 AM
          *Re: See for yourself (read)Terry Bogard11/03/04 12:32 PM
            *Re: See for yourself (read)Videoman11/25/04 08:08 AM
              *Re: See for yourself (read)Marv11/25/04 01:48 PM
            *Re: See for yourself (read)Marv11/03/04 04:39 PM
              *Re: Very interesting [nt]Iron Man11/03/04 04:43 PM
                *YesMitaine11/03/04 06:05 PM
*Controller problems w/ emulatorsmobius  07/31/04 11:19 AM
  *Re: Controller problems w/ emulatorszeusXXV09/14/04 10:04 PM
*Purple Place rocks... nuff said -nt-n2locarz  03/23/09 11:45 PM
*Emulation on the NintendoDS?Neo-Link  12/14/04 07:17 PM
  *Re: Emulation on the NintendoDS?skydoune12/15/04 00:31 AM
*Actraiser 1 & 2 questions [mt]neon_  05/06/05 03:57 PM
  *Try SNES9x -nt- works for melux_9288605/08/05 09:17 AM
    *Thanks.I just tried an older version of zsnes and it works! [nt]neon_05/08/05 11:39 AM
*First 2015 postnewsdee  09/15/15 10:03 AM
*So... what old console HASN'T been emulated?newsdee  09/16/15 09:53 AM
  *Everything sucks.SatsuNoHiTo12/12/15 00:03 AM
*First 2016 post -nt-newsdee  07/29/16 09:03 AM
*NES emulators always SLOW down with sound ONNoLegs  10/30/05 12:40 PM
  *Rename your NES ROMs to fatfury.bin and run in NeoRAGEx. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo11/14/05 08:44 PM
*fwnes302 and WinXPNoLegs  09/01/05 02:38 AM
  *This is a DOS era NES emulatorPr3tty F1y09/01/05 04:25 PM
*Gameboy EmulatorNostalgic  06/02/04 04:49 PM
  *Re: Gameboy Emulator(Ashley)12/29/04 10:33 AM
  *Re: Gameboy EmulatorPr3tty F1y06/02/04 10:54 PM
    *i'm a kigb fanRoushiMSX06/05/04 12:48 PM
    *it's not discontinuedTerry Bogard06/05/04 06:37 AM
      *I recomend BGB, TGB and Hebowinhagbard08/17/04 12:57 PM
*Whats the best N64 emulator?Ooga  10/09/04 00:36 AM
  *Re: Whats the best N64 emulator?guru121104/30/05 03:39 AM
  *Re: Whats the best N64 emulator?guru121104/30/05 03:37 AM
  *Re: Whats the best N64 emulator?guru121104/30/05 03:36 AM
  *Re: Whats the best N64 emulator?(Ashley)12/29/04 10:29 AM
    *Re: Whats the best N64 emulator?hyuvbekrybgeasyr09/13/05 07:50 PM
  *Project64 -nt-lux_9288610/21/04 08:29 AM
*Is there an emu that plays Dr Mario 64?Ooga  01/11/05 00:49 AM
*Atari 7800 Now Has Pac-Man, Hangly-Man, Ms. Pac-Attack, and Pac-Man PlusPac-Man-Plus  06/17/05 05:31 PM
  *Thanks to Pac-Man Plus - Ultra Pac-Man has been added too! [nt]Trebor06/21/05 10:52 AM
*how to create iso?password  04/24/05 01:00 AM
  *Re: how to create iso?Lilwolf04/28/05 09:17 AM
  *Complicated, pain in the ass procedure.SatsuNoHiTo04/26/05 00:48 AM
*saturn emulator?password  04/24/05 01:01 AM
  *Re: saturn emulator?Iron Man04/24/05 11:04 AM
*Question...Pharron  08/23/04 10:39 PM
*Fusion 3.0 (Maple) releasedPhrostByte  02/20/05 04:11 PM
*Hey Pr3tty F1yPlane Wrecker  10/19/08 04:17 PM
*2017 *nt* Pr3tty F1y  02/03/17 06:40 PM
  *Re: 2017 *nt* craterface02/04/17 03:49 AM
*XDA / Pocket PC / Windows CE emusPudd  03/12/05 05:25 PM
*Kega Fusion 0.1e ReleasedRadwar99  11/15/04 08:24 PM
*Could somebody please help me find out the name for this games?rainmaker  08/05/04 10:31 PM
  *Re: Could somebody please help me find out the name for this games?fuuma3008/06/04 09:29 PM
    *i'd just like to say there was a megadrive mouse.Joffeman08/08/04 01:05 PM
      *Re: i'd just like to say there was a megadrive mouse.rainmaker08/08/04 09:50 PM
*UltraHLE riddlesrandem  02/02/05 12:28 PM
  *Re: UltraHLE riddlesVmprHntrD06/01/05 11:57 AM
    *Re: UltraHLE riddlesIUnknownObj11/17/05 08:54 PM
  *i can answer only one of these questionsJoffeman06/01/05 06:29 AM
  *My memoirs...Lord Method Man05/12/05 03:07 AM
*May I have a ROM?RdW  12/07/10 05:53 PM
  *Go buy an SD card & lock it *NT* there you go a ROMbluejaywpg12/31/11 09:51 PM
  *Can i have head without the kick? nt.Dr_Nova210/16/11 08:02 PM
    *No *nt* All kicks are headedPr3tty F1y10/20/11 09:43 PM
  *Sure -NTRipShitOrBust12/16/10 09:56 AM
*Super Gameboy/ SNES/ GBARetroFanMicro  12/30/05 07:09 PM
  *While i'm not in the GBA scenePr3tty F1y12/30/05 11:30 PM
    *YeahMarv01/27/06 05:34 PM
*Can someone point me to the Dreamcast emulator?rimmerchant  08/28/06 06:55 PM
  *Re: Can someone point me to the Dreamcast emulator?capslock08/30/06 07:39 PM
    *Re: Can someone point me to the Dreamcast emulator?IceMan09/04/06 07:16 PM
*Project64 v1.7 anyone know what's new?rimmerchant  12/06/06 06:51 PM
  *Re: Project64 v1.7 anyone know what's new?rimmerchant12/18/06 09:56 AM
*SMC ROM CompressorSauloB  03/07/06 10:46 AM
*Jaguar Emulationsdplayer  10/25/05 12:45 PM
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