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Console Emulation - Ask for a rom, get kicked in the head
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*WTF are iso's?STILLETTO  08/30/04 01:56 PM
  *Re: WTF are iso's?fuuma3008/30/04 02:24 PM
    *Re: WTF are iso's?lux_9288608/30/04 05:34 PM
      *Re: WTF are iso's?STILLETTO09/03/04 12:24 PM
        *Re: WTF are iso's?capslock09/03/04 01:53 PM
*Question...Pharron  08/23/04 10:39 PM
*Trivia for NES freaksLeifo  08/11/04 11:16 PM
  *Re: Trivia for NES freaksskydoune09/30/04 10:52 PM
  *AFAIK, Koji Kondo wrote all of the SMB1 soundtrackPr3tty F1y08/12/04 07:36 PM
*Could somebody please help me find out the name for this games?rainmaker  08/05/04 10:31 PM
  *Re: Could somebody please help me find out the name for this games?fuuma3008/06/04 09:29 PM
    *i'd just like to say there was a megadrive mouse.Joffeman08/08/04 01:05 PM
      *Re: i'd just like to say there was a megadrive mouse.rainmaker08/08/04 09:50 PM
*chess challengergotet  08/01/04 07:47 PM
*Controller problems w/ emulatorsmobius  07/31/04 11:19 AM
  *Re: Controller problems w/ emulatorszeusXXV09/14/04 10:04 PM
*Nintendo 64DDShogetsuHS  07/28/04 05:32 PM
  *I have a related question...Death Knight07/28/04 07:24 PM
    *The only thing I've seenRoushiMSX07/29/04 11:30 PM
      *Re: The only thing I've seenShogetsuHS07/30/04 01:55 PM
*A ePSXe 1.60 question ... Skisms  07/26/04 04:10 PM
  *Re: A ePSXe 1.60 question ... hagbard08/17/04 01:00 PM
  *Re: A ePSXe 1.60 question ... moosehead07/28/04 01:39 AM
*You must love Tekken Tag...Bugfinder  07/23/04 10:02 PM
  *Invalid item -nt-Wild Guardian08/19/04 09:54 AM
*ultraHLE roms are where ?7tsly  07/20/04 06:55 PM
  *Instructions: here...SatsuNoHiTo07/21/04 06:13 PM
  *Inside your N64 cartridges. JAW07/20/04 07:28 PM
    **Hi-fives JAW* -nt- ;-)Evildrak07/20/04 11:35 PM
      *Permission to use my quote: GRANTED. )nt( hiInspectorGadget07/25/04 10:36 PM
      *dont have cartides7tsly07/22/04 07:54 PM
        *No ROM requests, plain and simple! (nt)JAW07/22/04 08:11 PM
          *what type of roms for any emu can u download for free?7tsly07/24/04 04:23 PM
            *Re: OK, you are not a native english speaker!...Evildrak07/25/04 01:08 AM
            *someone explain it to this troll (nt)JAW07/24/04 07:38 PM
*Help me, graphical glitches in ZSnesdungeonmaster  07/14/04 00:43 AM
  *Re: Help me, graphical glitches in ZSneshagbard08/17/04 01:07 PM
*Gameboy EmulatorNostalgic  06/02/04 04:49 PM
  *Re: Gameboy Emulator(Ashley)12/29/04 10:33 AM
  *Re: Gameboy EmulatorPr3tty F1y06/02/04 10:54 PM
    *i'm a kigb fanRoushiMSX06/05/04 12:48 PM
    *it's not discontinuedTerry Bogard06/05/04 06:37 AM
      *I recomend BGB, TGB and Hebowinhagbard08/17/04 12:57 PM
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