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*New NeoGeo protos... Xacrow has them...Prophet (RG)  01/12/05 03:33 PM
  *Re: 4 or 5 years ago...Noumander01/18/05 02:43 PM
  *more, more...Dalthon01/16/05 08:15 AM
    *Re: more, more...Prophet (RG)01/16/05 02:29 PM
      *Re: more, more...R. Belmont01/17/05 09:38 AM
        *Re: more, more...Prophet (RG)01/17/05 07:52 PM
          *Well Said -nt-mhahnjr01/17/05 09:32 PM
        *I think it's good.SatsuNoHiTo01/17/05 03:46 PM
        *Re: more, more...ShogetsuHS01/17/05 01:51 PM
      *ironclad nt blast from the past...Ibbo01/16/05 02:41 PM
        *OMG xacrow is RSmhahnjr01/16/05 03:19 PM
          *GeoShock. (nt) NeoGeo Country. Yep.Prophet (RG)01/17/05 01:03 AM
          * nt edge connectorIbbo01/16/05 05:52 PM
            *Well I am impressedmhahnjr01/16/05 09:46 PM
              *Re: Well I am impressed"RS"01/17/05 07:36 PM
                *Garou r0xx0rz. *nt* protoBBQmyNUTZ01/18/05 00:28 AM
                *HAHA Nicemhahnjr01/17/05 09:35 PM
                  *Re: HAHA Nice"RS"01/18/05 01:09 AM
                    *Coolmhahnjr01/18/05 05:53 PM
  *Small Xacrow update...Prophet (RG)01/14/05 01:38 AM
    *My god...BBQmyNUTZ01/14/05 03:07 AM
      *Re: My god...Smitdogg01/14/05 03:20 PM
        *Re: My god...BBQmyNUTZ01/14/05 10:01 PM
          *Re: My god...Smitdogg01/15/05 00:29 AM
  *Hurray more political ROMsTechrat 200401/13/05 10:58 PM
    *Re: Hurray more political ROMsProphet (RG)01/14/05 01:19 AM
      *Can we either get these released, or shut up about them? -nt-Jimmy Bobjam01/17/05 07:30 AM
        *"We" can't release anything...Prophet (RG)01/17/05 07:35 AM
          *Re: "We" can't release anything...Jimmy Bobjam01/17/05 08:36 AM
  *Wow, sweet!MooglyGuy01/13/05 01:04 PM
  *Oh, those old things. I've had 'em dumped for a while -nt- sitting on a disc somewhereSatsuNoHiTo01/12/05 03:40 PM
    *Heh, would you mind ul'ing them to ABEM then? ;) (nt)Prophet (RG)01/12/05 03:42 PM
      *Yeah hold on, lemme sell the boards first. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo01/12/05 04:04 PM
        *Re: Yeah hold on, lemme sell the boards first. -nt-ihatemyself01/12/05 10:17 PM
          *Re: Yeah hold on, lemme sell the boards first. -nt-clem01/13/05 06:24 AM
            *Ooh more hoarding :)[amptor]02/20/05 10:23 PM
*MAME command lineKay  01/12/05 03:25 PM
  *Re: MAME command line[seh]01/12/05 05:57 PM
*PROGEAR POST -nt- OMG NEED!!!lux_92886  01/07/05 07:36 PM
  *Progear is NOT NeoGeo, CPS board is over there --> (nt)Prophet (RG)01/08/05 02:24 PM
    *CPS2 board is dead, and so is your sense of humour apparently. :-) NTDeath Knight01/08/05 04:02 PM
      *Humor is NOT NeoGeo, Cunt Arse board is over there --> (nt)Prophet (RG)01/09/05 00:56 AM
        *LOLz -nt-lux_9288601/09/05 10:23 AM
          *Haw, owned by Prophet. NT Who would've thought. :-)Death Knight01/09/05 11:16 AM
*OMG I need teh new NEOGEO dumps.SatsuNoHiTo  01/03/05 07:09 PM
  *Re: OMG I need teh new NEOGEO dumps.Prophet (RG)01/03/05 07:58 PM
    *Haw, that's it. I can't read.SatsuNoHiTo01/03/05 08:40 PM
      *Re: Haw, that's it. I can't read.smf01/16/05 03:29 AM
*Can someone please post the PKS2000 CD covers ?ANIAN  12/31/04 04:50 PM
  *Re: Can someone please post the PKS2000 CD covers ?Mr. Do01/04/05 05:36 PM
    *thanks for the info!ANIAN01/08/05 05:56 PM
*New sound redumps available at neocharity. -nt- SatsuNoHiTo  11/14/04 09:38 PM
  *Have you ever had deja vu? NT NeoRage has sound support.Death Knight11/14/04 09:55 PM
    *Holy shit I renamed Fatal Fury and got it running in Gekko -nt-RoushiMSX11/19/04 01:59 PM
      *Re: don´t be greedy, share the love with the needy -nt-Noumander11/19/04 09:29 PM
*Went to the arcades today and saw the latest KOF........Shawn  10/20/04 04:53 AM
  *Re: Went to the arcades today and saw the latest KOF........Lilwolf10/20/04 02:24 PM
    *Re: Went to the arcades today and saw the latest KOF........Shawn10/21/04 04:15 AM
      *Re: Went to the arcades today and saw the latest KOF........Lilwolf10/22/04 07:46 AM
        *Re: Went to the arcades today and saw the latest KOF........Raiden1610/22/04 11:29 AM
          *I like KOF2003Techrat 200411/29/04 10:49 PM
*Online arcade sellers, please? Bugfinder  10/09/04 08:53 PM
  *Re: Online arcade sellers, please? Raiden1610/22/04 11:31 AM
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