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*INSTMSIW.EXETrebor  05/11/01 09:33 AM
  *Re: INSTMSIW.EXEthe_Agent05/11/01 09:42 AM
    *Thanks, however...Trebor05/11/01 09:50 AM
      *...GOT IT...Trebor05/11/01 09:59 AM
*Are the tables digital photos?mpholic  05/08/01 09:35 PM
  *It's called mapping a scan or digital photo to the object...ntdP_dropout05/09/01 05:57 AM
    *Re: It's called mapping a scan or digital photo to the object...ntRenegadeX05/10/01 12:25 PM
      *PartyTime, where is that table? ntdP_dropout05/11/01 02:54 AM
*Just wanted to thanks for the help I got...=)dP_dropout  05/11/01 02:46 AM
*Amusing Indy 500 bugcomputerblue  05/10/01 09:47 PM
*Problem with romsize, please readthe_Agent  05/10/01 08:01 PM
*Syntax Errorburn  05/10/01 07:45 PM
*Scorpion PinballMAMu_  05/10/01 02:41 PM
*Was Fantastic Journey a real table? -nt-SatinAngel  05/09/01 08:56 PM
  *Re: Was Fantastic Journey a real table? -nt-shiva05/10/01 00:38 AM
    *Re: Was Fantastic Journey a real table? -nt-Samor05/10/01 12:57 PM
*Visual Pinbal RendererMuzzakus  05/08/01 10:18 PM
  *Re: Visual Pinbal RendererLilwolf05/09/01 03:03 PM
    *Re: Visual Pinbal RendererRenegadeX05/10/01 12:22 PM
*AFM, Indy 500, and STTNG all don't work now......JMU JTD1979  05/09/01 10:05 PM
  *Updated tables mirrored.shiva05/10/01 05:49 AM
  *games dont work cause of new WPC .vps file't work now......FinalBird05/09/01 11:30 PM
    *dumb question, but how do I insert credits?dP_dropout05/10/01 00:19 AM
      *Is Attackfrom mars laggy to people?dP_dropout05/10/01 00:35 AM
        *Re: Is Attackfrom mars laggy to people?Gargos05/10/01 10:56 AM
  *NOOOOOO!!! Not Attack From Mars!!! : )Gargos05/09/01 11:15 PM
  *Yep.. they be brokemetallik05/09/01 10:22 PM
    *Re: Yep.. they be brokeDorsola05/10/01 01:34 AM
    *Where does the Williams.ttf file go? ntdP_dropout05/09/01 11:15 PM
      *C:\windows\fontsGargos05/09/01 11:16 PM
        *thanks...ntdP_dropout05/09/01 11:24 PM
*Will the keys ever be changable in PinMame?dP_dropout  05/09/01 03:21 AM
  *Re: Will the keys ever be changable in PinMame?sellenoff05/09/01 10:44 AM
  *They are changablebtribble05/09/01 09:30 AM
    *Will they stay or do I need to do that everytime I play? ntdP_dropout05/09/01 05:19 PM
      *Doesn't work at all!dP_dropout05/10/01 03:03 AM
        *Re: Doesn't work at all!Gemini7805/10/01 10:46 AM
*Fish Tales is out, too! ntMegaace  05/08/01 11:57 AM
  *This one *so* rulesThe Dog05/10/01 09:47 AM
*Question on pinmame... Win vs. Dos...dP_dropout  05/10/01 02:26 AM
  *Re: Question on pinmame... Win vs. Dos...mpholic05/10/01 08:38 AM
*Alien Poker bad checksums?Megaace  05/10/01 04:31 AM
  *Re: Alien Poker bad checksums?shiva05/10/01 05:44 AM
    *OK. Thanks, Shiva (nt)Megaace05/10/01 05:58 AM
*can someone please fix attack from mars?jonwil  05/10/01 00:17 AM
  *Re: can someone please fix attack from mars?Dorsola05/10/01 01:36 AM
    *AFM v1.6 now up!Dorsola05/10/01 02:45 AM
      *Re: AFM v1.6 now up!AJR05/10/01 03:14 AM
        *Re: AFM v1.6 now up!Dorsola05/10/01 03:45 AM
*Can someone help?dP_dropout  05/09/01 07:06 PM
  *Re: Can someone help?bluejaywpg05/09/01 07:40 PM
    *please read...dP_dropout05/09/01 07:49 PM
      *Looks like I had the wrong pinmame...All fixed...=) ntdP_dropout05/10/01 01:07 AM
*could someone please fix star trek to work with the 1.0 vbs ntSatinAngel  05/09/01 09:42 PM
*bug in newest wpc.vbsmpholic  05/09/01 07:58 PM
  *F14 v1.4 seems to work OKmpholic05/09/01 08:00 PM
*newbie help requestedDragul[a]  05/09/01 06:07 PM
  *Re: newbie help requestedMegaace05/09/01 06:26 PM
*Addams Family Gold 1.2Anakaris  05/09/01 03:00 AM
  *Yeah,I have this problem..(mt)jino_gr05/09/01 04:19 AM
    *Re: Yeah,I have this problem..(mt)Anakaris05/09/01 09:09 AM
      *Here's a solutionbtribble05/09/01 09:27 AM
*Vpinmame Mirror table and archive redoneshiva  05/09/01 05:20 AM
  *Yeah, good job. Thanks! Awesome site... (nt)Megaace05/09/01 05:52 AM
*BIG Technical Archive Updateshiva  05/09/01 05:51 AM
*Star Trek TNG pinball rocks!Megaace  05/07/01 04:26 AM
  *Re: Star Trek TNG pinball rocks!Corrupted Rom05/09/01 03:25 AM
  *Louder Music & Speech?FireGeek05/07/01 09:21 AM
    *Is it me or do the flippers sound odd?Haro05/07/01 02:53 PM
    *Re: Louder Music & Speech?VeggieH8R05/07/01 09:54 AM
      *Ahhh... Much BetterFireGeek05/07/01 10:35 AM
*Junkyard, The Champions Pub (n/t)PsychoAMDFan  05/09/01 00:22 AM
*New Update at the World Record Page for Visual Pinballthe_Agent  05/08/01 01:37 PM
  *Re: New Update at the World Record Page for Visual PinballJMU JTD197905/08/01 07:44 PM
*Where is Skateball table At?FinalBird  05/08/01 01:04 AM
  *Re: Where is Skateball table At?shiva05/08/01 02:58 PM
*Phantom of the Opera (nt)*Warpath*  05/08/01 12:44 PM
*Alien Poker is out! (VpinMAME)Megaace  05/08/01 10:01 AM
*Top 5 pinball tablejino_gr  05/08/01 04:28 AM
*Feel the power of the WIND!!! Whirlwind that isbluejaywpg  05/08/01 01:11 AM
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