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*construction and updating tables.Donnie  1new04/28/01 02:24 PM
*VPMAME and HotRodKiLLerCloWn  7new05/02/01 01:54 PM
*i need vpinmame latest beta Agent Tenchi  2new04/27/01 10:31 AM
*helpJoe Bob  2new04/27/01 09:24 AM
*T2 RELEASED!!!VeggieH8R  6new04/26/01 07:36 PM
*Looking for help on a High School VPinball course.dogmusher  1new04/27/01 03:01 AM
*Anybody know if another Pro Pinball title is coming out?mightar  0   04/26/01 03:54 PM
*How to edit a VPT file?schwitzkopf  4new04/26/01 02:32 PM
*PinMAME/Visual Pinball Gameplay....KiLLerCloWn  2new04/26/01 11:22 AM
*PinMAME/Visual Pinball Gameplay....KiLLerCloWn  0   04/26/01 10:27 AM
*Adventure PinballSamor  1new04/26/01 05:08 PM
*How do I press Extra BallSatinAngel  1new04/26/01 07:15 AM
*Pinball vs. Videogames JMU JTD1979  11new04/30/01 02:34 AM
*The 1 BIG advantage about VPinMAME...bluejaywpg  2new04/26/01 08:42 AM
*Why do Indy 500 and Attack from Mars have weak sound?JMU JTD1979  1new04/26/01 05:07 AM
*I feel stupid asking this, but...bluejaywpg  3new04/26/01 05:09 AM
*Black Knight 2000g-ro  1new04/26/01 01:08 AM
*What older tables would you like to see simulated?Mad Max  12new04/27/01 03:29 PM
*Very impressed so far...computerblue  8new04/27/01 10:59 PM
*back to the futureveg the dev  2new05/04/04 08:50 PM
*have any of these tables been made?jonwil  2new04/25/01 11:21 PM
*Problems with Getaway...Gaidal  3new04/25/01 09:34 PM
*Tales of the Arabian NightsFreylis  5new04/26/01 08:32 AM
*Can't get Indy 500 to work (mt)jino_gr  5new04/26/01 01:02 AM
*PinMame in a nutshellmetallik  5new05/04/01 11:55 AM
*South Park Pinballstarcraftbeta  1new04/25/01 04:49 PM
*Oh!! Pinball emulation...(mt)jino_gr  0   04/25/01 03:50 PM
*They should make a CPS2 ForumCPSTechHelp  1new04/25/01 02:54 PM
*What's the BEST pinball simulations on computer?mightar  9new04/26/01 03:40 AM
*PinMame HelpTiMan  3new04/25/01 03:29 PM
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