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*I read this messageboardpostamessage  2new08/02/02 04:14 AM
*i only do this when i am really boredThe_Asp  9new02/15/03 04:20 PM
*I never knew this was hereRoushiMSX  5new07/17/02 03:54 PM
*I need help logging into boardsAnonymous  0   02/01/01 00:38 AM
*i know, im a tard, BUT IM BORED DAMMITThe_Asp  3new01/13/03 05:05 AM
*I know this guy that can kick your assBuveed  0   11/13/05 08:09 PM
*I kept having this dreamIbbo  2new03/26/03 09:48 PM
*I hungry so I have to go and buy foodjajig  5new07/25/02 08:18 PM
*I have this ideaPlane Wrecker  0   01/22/01 07:31 PM
*I HAVE A...sphincter  0   08/10/04 08:03 PM
*I have a suggestion: This board sucks -nt-Snyderman  6new08/15/02 08:27 PM
*I have a suggestionGundam_W  5new11/11/01 12:03 PM
*I have a suggestionSnyderman  2new08/29/02 07:24 AM
*I have a good suggestionSnyderman  0   09/29/02 06:06 AM
*I had taco bell for dinner. -nt- tasted like shitarsefuckface -nt-ol0pBuveed  0   07/01/05 10:31 PM
*i had no idea you were down with hip hop since you were ten. [nt]Joffeman  2new06/08/03 04:38 AM
*i got onejonnyvegas  1new03/20/03 05:09 AM
*I got a suggestion for ya...craterface  0   12/03/05 06:52 PM
*I forcefed your mom popcorn NTPlane Wrecker  3new08/25/02 10:00 AM
*I declare this board...NINBOYDEAN  2new07/19/02 06:30 PM
*I couldn't stand the torture I couldn't stand the painjajig  2new10/02/02 04:10 PM
*I can't belive people still post on this boardjajig  9new07/10/05 05:06 AM
*I am bored and depressed so i feeel like writing a whole bunch of worthless shit in here just to take up space and kinda i don't know you know, shit i'd like a beer, but i don't drink when i'm depressed 'cause it alwasy makes me more depressed than before so i'm still here rambling on and on for no good reason other than my complete and utter boredom and sadness. Tell me when to stop and i'll consider it since i really have nothing better to do, i've got all night and all afternoon tomorrow to keep rambling on but i'm beggining to get bored outta this too since it's really no fun at all, i'gonna be looking at a few hundred thousand typos after i'm done with this, but it's not all my fault, my keyboard is shot to hell after over 3 and a half years of abuse, wich reminds me: DONATE DAMNIT!!! NT NT I SAY!Death Knight  1new11/12/02 01:21 PM
*I AM BOREDThe_Asp  0   01/06/03 02:49 AM
*I am a blatant moron *nt* kthx dkPr3tty F1y  0   12/09/02 10:38 PM
*I am a BaNaNA!Wild Guardian  0   05/21/03 05:49 PM
*I also mod the come back board tooPlane Wrecker  0   11/13/01 02:34 AM
*i agreeSlasher15X  0   08/04/00 09:26 PM
*I where can get netzero crack?....lvlavelvl  1new09/28/02 00:48 AM
*I Plane Wrecker  56new09/30/02 00:26 AM
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