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*It Sucks!LordHunter  0   08/14/02 09:56 PM
*I have a suggestion: This board sucks -nt-Snyderman  6new08/15/02 08:27 PM
*you''re not a man till you root a whore! -nt-jajig  4new08/13/02 01:08 PM
*BOW DOWN TO YOUR SUPREME OVERLORD!Death Knight  5new08/11/02 11:59 PM
*I'm going to run you all over!!!!!jajig  8new08/10/02 03:35 PM
*Fuck you cuntsjajig  2new08/10/02 04:09 PM
*Plz remove those crappy gif from CA [nt] kthnxIron Man  3new08/10/02 06:25 AM
*turn pocketpc emulation into console homebrew plz tnxIbbo  0   08/06/02 00:54 AM
*Make me mod of the Gaming today board. NT It's dying.Death Knight  0   08/05/02 11:55 PM
*OMG AN ACTUAL SUGGESTION INSIDE!Death Knight  1new08/05/02 06:15 PM
*You all rolemodels for abortions Plane Wrecker  3new08/13/02 08:54 AM
*Snowball likes to suck ballzDamianMoran  3new08/05/02 06:18 PM
*gouk loves youpostamessage  2new08/04/02 03:32 PM
*Buy me a Nakamichi soundspace 21 NT only $19,000 Plane Wrecker  2new08/04/02 04:15 PM
*asdf fuck you allNINBOYDEAN  1new08/04/02 00:46 AM
*IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTPlane Wrecker  5new08/04/02 03:32 PM
*I read this messageboardpostamessage  2new08/02/02 04:14 AM
*what you must understandIbbo  2new08/02/02 03:12 AM
*your all fags NTPlane Wrecker  5new08/01/02 06:27 PM
*Ive got a lovely bunch of coconutsJohnick  3new07/30/02 03:11 PM
*GAYIbbo  2new07/28/02 01:05 PM
*uummmm...jajig  5new07/27/02 11:27 PM
*I'm getting sacked in 4 weeksjajig  1new07/26/02 08:29 PM
*I hungry so I have to go and buy foodjajig  5new07/25/02 08:18 PM
*I want to fuck both Olsen twins -ntjajig  2new07/23/02 08:19 PM
*what the boy does it?Ibbo  16new07/23/02 06:38 PM
*I will ban you allpostamessage  2new07/19/02 04:06 PM
*The king of New CA has returned Plane Wrecker  2new07/19/02 10:41 AM
*I declare this board...NINBOYDEAN  2new07/19/02 06:30 PM
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