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*This sucksPlane Wrecker  10/15/00 05:18 AM
  *Gimme my old boardsbluejaywpg10/17/00 11:24 PM
    *No you suck :) (nt)Plane Wrecker10/19/00 05:04 AM
      *I'mm gonna hit you with an old board!!! :) (NT)bluejaywpg11/01/00 00:56 AM
        **Hands BlueJay the Emu Programming Board*wildcat11/01/00 01:52 AM
          *This is old & falling apart!bluejaywpg11/01/00 04:55 AM
*I think we should rebel against this Prophet guy:)Plane Wrecker  12/14/00 11:16 PM
  *Re: I think we should rebel against this Prophet guy:)Solvalou12/15/00 04:25 AM
  *You got that right! :) (NT)bluejaywpg12/15/00 00:34 AM
*I think there should be a MIDI background for the CA boards. Plane Wrecker  12/15/00 01:20 AM
  *Would you like to join the AA...Death Knight12/15/00 02:28 AM
    *No I would not like to join American Airlines Plane Wrecker12/15/00 03:02 AM
      *He meant the Automobile Association -nt-assyrix12/15/00 07:55 AM
        *No, i actually meant the Airwaves Anchorman's Association, i forgot an A!! ;-P NTDeath Knight12/16/00 02:15 AM
          *They suckPlane Wrecker12/18/00 00:05 AM
            *Gimme back the old AA! -nt-assyrix12/23/00 01:13 PM
*Hey I demand that Bluejay get some more booze for the fridge. Plane Wrecker  01/03/01 04:40 AM
  *Re: Hey I demand that Bluejay get some more booze for the fridge. bluejaywpg01/03/01 06:07 AM
*I have this ideaPlane Wrecker  01/23/01 00:31 AM
*This sucks what were the old bards :)Plane Wrecker  03/21/01 06:17 PM
  *It was a dark and stormy night, I had just taken a creative writing class -nt-postamessage04/01/01 09:51 PM
*IMPLEMENT THIS PLEASE Plane Wrecker  05/13/01 00:07 AM
  *This guy is actually going to be allowed to fly someday??? :) NTbluejaywpg05/13/01 01:37 AM
    *What do you mean they already let my fly. Plane Wrecker05/13/01 04:07 AM
      *Who is "THEY"???bluejaywpg05/13/01 04:15 PM
        *YepPlane Wrecker05/13/01 09:16 PM
          *Re: Yepbluejaywpg05/14/01 02:45 AM
*Its that time every three months when someone says.......Plane Wrecker  05/18/01 06:43 AM
  *Your what?Syous05/21/01 04:25 AM
  *YOU SUCK!!!bluejaywpg05/20/01 04:05 PM
    *Miracle Mile and Fairview, TUS *nt*wildcat05/21/01 11:42 PM
    *Yeah I want my whores damnitPlane Wrecker05/21/01 04:16 AM
      *Old whores? So howzit shagging coffin dodgers? -nt-assyrix05/21/01 08:37 AM
  *We need a medal for that. -nt-assyrix05/18/01 07:48 AM
*POOP )nt(Plane Wrecker  06/01/01 05:50 AM
*Gimme my young whores and booze )nt( bitchPlane Wrecker  06/11/01 06:12 PM
*)nt( you puss spewing vaginal warts :)Plane Wrecker  06/11/01 06:17 PM
*Other prison bitch board namesPlane Wrecker  06/14/01 06:58 PM
  *does someone have an Ass Explorer fedish? ntn2locarz06/15/01 04:42 AM
    *Nope pulled it from the prison bitch name gen. site. Plane Wrecker06/15/01 05:23 AM
*awfyuhaiemvayuc,tdutykgaoiulgaysdmv,ya.dostayw5mcvdnmvabhhfsadPlane Wrecker  06/28/01 08:37 AM
*Ok I will. NTPlane Wrecker  06/29/01 03:47 AM
*Sig test (nt)Plane Wrecker  06/29/01 05:51 PM
  *It didn't workbluejaywpg06/30/01 03:09 PM
*I would like to thank me Plane Wrecker  06/30/01 06:25 PM
  *HeHateMe2?bluejaywpg06/30/01 11:32 PM
    *thats anothing thing in of its self. Plane Wrecker07/01/01 07:19 AM
  *this just shows no1 monitors this forum, could turn into a CA boardLCloud07/11/01 08:09 PM
    *no! all our suggestions! save themm....BoSelecta07/13/01 09:28 PM
*I want a delta pilot's uniform and some boozePlane Wrecker  07/12/01 00:13 AM
*Bluejay is on vacation, Plane Wrecker  07/14/01 11:43 PM
  *Not anymore...bluejaywpg07/26/01 04:25 AM
    *DAMN YOU BEFOULED SOURSE OF MY PROBLEMS :) ntPlane Wrecker07/26/01 08:29 PM
      *I@VE GOT A PROJECT CHICKIbbo12/18/01 00:53 AM
*poop smear cool ntPlane Wrecker  07/30/01 10:02 PM
  *Yeah, stool is cool ;0) [nt]StatMat07/31/01 00:06 AM
    *momma's gonna knock you dooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnIbbo12/18/01 00:54 AM
*Holy shit a sugestionPlane Wrecker  08/03/01 08:27 AM
  *It sucks.TheFett08/07/01 04:08 PM
  *Re: Holy shit a sugestionbluejaywpg08/04/01 07:29 AM
    *Also Plane Wrecker08/04/01 08:08 AM
*Retrogames should sponser Goatse.cxPlane Wrecker  08/10/01 11:42 PM
  **puts dog chain back on Plane Wrecka"Snowball 208/11/01 03:02 AM
    *Blow me )nt( trebeck :)Plane Wrecker08/11/01 03:11 AM
*AND ANOTHER THINGPlane Wrecker  08/10/01 11:44 PM
  *I'll see what I can do about it kkk 911Ibbo12/18/01 00:56 AM
*A legitmate suggestion please readPlane Wrecker  08/23/01 09:03 PM
*I'm now the mod of this boardPlane Wrecker  08/23/01 09:05 PM
  *you are a credit to the great satanIbbo08/23/01 11:13 PM
    *BANNED from board (not club):)Plane Wrecker08/24/01 03:19 AM
*It sucksPlane Wrecker  08/25/01 03:28 PM
  *your suggestion has been received and shall be implemented shortlyIbbo08/25/01 05:16 PM
    *IMPLEMENTED :) ntPlane Wrecker08/26/01 05:50 AM
*CA needs more chairs ntPlane Wrecker  08/29/01 06:59 AM
*Make these rap fans stop looking at me. Plane Wrecker  08/29/01 07:02 AM
  *Re: Make these rap fans stop looking at me. bluejaywpg08/31/01 05:29 AM
*Sig testPlane Wrecker  09/05/01 03:35 AM
*try again Plane Wrecker  09/05/01 03:40 AM
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