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*REMOVE this feature please!bluejaywpg  04/15/01 05:05 AM
  *You should thank God for this feature!assyrix04/17/01 01:49 PM
  *Agreed. I didn't even knew about this, erased a lot of mine posts -nt-Syous04/16/01 01:24 AM
  *MAN I hate that!!! listen to his suggestion ;( nttheartofbone04/16/01 01:20 AM
*Now that we have flood control, enable IP viewing.SatsuNoHiTo  04/09/01 11:41 PM
  *Re: Now that we have flood control, enable IP viewing.acmlm04/13/01 07:26 AM
*URL tag is buggyPalom  04/08/01 03:27 AM
  *This is happening to me too -nt-Syous04/08/01 05:03 AM
  *Re: URL tag is buggybluejaywpg04/08/01 04:57 AM
    *Re: URL tag is buggyacmlm04/13/01 07:30 AM
*Too much emulation news...RobertJRagno  04/01/01 04:14 PM
  *People named Chris...bluejaywpg04/02/01 06:24 AM
  *Re: Too much emulation news...wildcat04/01/01 09:12 PM
    *Re: Too much emulation news...postamessage04/01/01 09:49 PM
*Suggestionm0f0x  03/29/01 12:38 PM
*This sucks what were the old bards :)Plane Wrecker  03/21/01 06:17 PM
  *It was a dark and stormy night, I had just taken a creative writing class -nt-postamessage04/01/01 09:51 PM
*capcom stop making arcade machineAnonymous  03/18/01 08:40 PM
  *Re: capcom stop making arcade machineStephenH03/21/01 07:35 AM
*SKATE OR DIE ARCADE VERSIONAnonymous  03/15/01 02:02 AM
  *Re: SKATE OR DIE ARCADE VERSIONStephenH03/15/01 07:10 AM
  *I don't think there is such a thing.wildcat03/15/01 02:11 AM
    *720 is what you were thinking ofShinSephiroth03/16/01 07:53 AM
    *doh'Anonymous03/16/01 05:39 AM
*Email updatesn2locarz  03/13/01 04:41 PM
*Heh, anti-eFront board?bluejaywpg  03/11/01 02:04 AM
  *Re: I am Pro-Efront!StephenH03/18/01 07:43 AM
    *Re: I am Pro-Efront!Solvalou04/12/01 00:50 AM
  *We already have them.wildcat03/11/01 05:25 AM
    *Actually...bluejaywpg03/12/01 04:35 AM
      *Re: Actually...wildcat03/12/01 05:17 AM
*Way off topic, cuz it's a REAL SUGGESTION!wildcat  03/11/01 00:00 AM
  *Don't Be SillyCaffeine03/13/01 03:25 PM
*It sucks...Gimme by old boards JasmineSt.Claire  03/05/01 02:48 PM
  *No that medal belongs to shroyPlane Wrecker03/21/01 06:16 PM
*Request for a new boardChism  03/03/01 12:12 PM
  *probably not, but...Ibbo03/04/01 10:12 PM
*Yes its true i am a emupansy!rookieboy2005  03/01/01 08:10 AM
  *Wrong board. Post on the NeoGeo board please. -nt-assyrix03/02/01 08:58 AM
*ftpAnonymous  02/24/01 07:14 PM
  *WTF???bluejaywpg02/26/01 00:03 AM
*Has anyone tried posting with Mozilla 0.8 ??M1kerochip  02/22/01 12:36 PM
*not so much a suggestion for youxman_badger  02/19/01 09:48 AM
  *Another way...bluejaywpg02/20/01 03:50 AM
*Close the cps2 board.K.K.  02/12/01 02:35 AM
  *Heh, they did...bluejaywpg02/13/01 05:56 AM
  *Re: Close the cps2 board.bluejaywpg02/12/01 05:36 AM
    *Perhaps some of them will wonder into the Cunt Arseshoryureppa02/12/01 08:08 AM
      *They will get torn apart by chainy meathooksassyrix02/12/01 08:23 AM
        *;-> they take my suggestion.(nt)K.K.02/13/01 03:27 AM
  *Re: Close the cps2 board.Caffeine02/12/01 05:03 AM
*NewsBeat  02/11/01 07:11 PM
  *Re: NewsCaffeine02/11/01 08:06 PM
    *Re: NewsBeat02/11/01 08:29 PM
      *Re: NewsCaffeine02/12/01 01:03 AM
*Marvelous suggestion....Lord Zork  02/11/01 05:02 AM
*It sucks! Gimme my old boards!shoryureppa  02/10/01 08:46 AM
  *I've AWARDED it already to you slutsucking schizo.assyrix02/12/01 08:25 AM
*Given the lack of useful comments on this board I'd like to say that Journey r0x my s4cshoryureppa  02/03/01 08:16 AM
  *Hold on to that feelin... Streetlights, people... uhhh yeah! -nt-shoryureppa02/03/01 08:18 AM
*Main PageCaffeine  02/01/01 12:23 PM
  *what's a baord?shoryureppa02/03/01 08:17 AM
    *An incredibly perverted sex toy used by the Bazlooids in Proxima Centauri. -nt-assyrix02/05/01 09:55 AM
  *Depends on your resolution......JMU JTD197902/01/01 09:12 PM
*I need help logging into boardsAnonymous  02/01/01 05:38 AM
*Seriously, you should make a rom-begging board!JMU JTD1979  01/30/01 10:07 PM
  *Seriously, you should make a cock blowing boardAnonymous02/03/01 09:34 AM
  *Won't work.assyrix01/31/01 01:57 PM
    *Re: Won't work.JMU JTD197902/01/01 05:13 AM
*Does anybody here knows what's the limit for the signature?Solvalou  01/26/01 06:39 AM
  *It's too damn short, but I'm glad we have the <img> tag supported unlike a lot of others. -nt-SatsuNoHiTo04/09/01 11:36 PM
  *Not enough if you ask me...bluejaywpg01/27/01 01:46 AM
  *255.wildcat01/26/01 05:45 PM
    *Re: 255.acmlm04/13/01 07:28 AM
*I have this ideaPlane Wrecker  01/23/01 00:31 AM
*trueAnonymous  01/14/01 00:05 AM
*Now I'm proud of myself and my children are too!shoryureppa  01/04/01 08:29 AM
*Hey I demand that Bluejay get some more booze for the fridge. Plane Wrecker  01/03/01 04:40 AM
  *Re: Hey I demand that Bluejay get some more booze for the fridge. bluejaywpg01/03/01 06:07 AM
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