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*not so much a suggestion for youxman_badger  1new02/19/01 10:50 PM
*Close the cps2 board.K.K.  6new02/13/01 00:56 AM
*It sucks! Gimme my old boards!shoryureppa  1new02/12/01 03:25 AM
*NewsBeat  3new02/11/01 08:03 PM
*Marvelous suggestion....Lord Zork  0   02/11/01 00:02 AM
*Main PageCaffeine  3new02/05/01 04:55 AM
*Seriously, you should make a rom-begging board!JMU JTD1979  3new02/03/01 04:34 AM
*Given the lack of useful comments on this board I'd like to say that Journey r0x my s4cshoryureppa  1new02/03/01 03:18 AM
*I need help logging into boardsAnonymous  0   02/01/01 00:38 AM
*I have this ideaPlane Wrecker  0   01/22/01 07:31 PM
*trueAnonymous  0   01/13/01 07:05 PM
*Now I'm proud of myself and my children are too!shoryureppa  0   01/04/01 03:29 AM
*Hey I demand that Bluejay get some more booze for the fridge. Plane Wrecker  1new01/03/01 01:07 AM
*It sucks! Gimme my old boards!shoryureppa  3new01/02/01 11:41 AM
*Great Site You Have Heredas  9new12/24/00 02:39 AM
*Somebody had to post here!!!Death Knight  3new12/23/00 10:53 AM
*I think there should be a MIDI background for the CA boards. Plane Wrecker  6new12/23/00 08:13 AM
*Linux Kernel postAnonymous  11new12/15/00 07:03 PM
*I think we should rebel against this Prophet guy:)Plane Wrecker  2new12/14/00 11:25 PM
*Suggestion: Don't make CA read-onlybluejaywpg  4new12/14/00 06:17 PM
**sings* They call me Flipper... -nt-shoryureppa  1new12/07/00 11:45 AM
*Test (nt)Big-Pete  2new12/03/00 03:20 PM
*this fourm is not realy active (NT)das  1new12/02/00 01:40 AM
*Constructive comments about the new boardsshoryureppa  2new11/22/00 05:21 PM
*one complain, one suggestion..Fly V  3new11/20/00 07:23 PM
*It's time to take over this board, too.Seppuku  5new11/15/00 07:59 PM
*Current Affairs makes too much sense.assyrix  5new11/15/00 07:13 PM
*How about...AlexandreSP  9new11/15/00 12:30 PM
*new board requestChism  1new11/13/00 07:19 PM
*Anyone still keep tracking Atila's Web Cam?cd-master  1new11/04/00 05:07 PM
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