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*SETI/BOINC updatebluejaywpg  02/27/07 10:36 PM
  *Re: SETI/BOINC updateUncleVom02/28/07 09:41 AM
*We will go to new heights never seen before by this teambluejaywpg  12/02/07 11:59 AM
  *Re: We will go to new heights never seen before by this teamUncleVom12/07/07 07:25 PM
    *Re: We will go to new heights never seen before by this teambluejaywpg12/08/07 00:47 AM
      *Re: We will go to new heights never seen before by this teamUncleVom12/08/07 02:01 AM
        *MISSION ACCCOMPLISHEDbluejaywpg12/29/07 10:59 AM
          *Re: MISSION ACCCOMPLISHEDUncleVom12/29/07 01:02 PM
          *... BUT the crunching continues!!!bluejaywpg12/29/07 11:17 AM
            *Re: ... BUT the crunching continues!!!UncleVom12/29/07 12:54 PM
              *Re: ... BUT the crunching continues!!!bluejaywpg12/31/07 01:47 AM
                *Re: ... BUT the crunching continues!!!UncleVom12/31/07 02:37 PM
              *You don't deserve such a high quality processorwildcat12/29/07 07:59 PM
                *I'm a bad, bad man!UncleVom12/30/07 00:00 AM
        *Re: We will go to new heights never seen before by this teambluejaywpg12/09/07 12:25 PM
          *Re: We will go to new heights never seen before by this teamUncleVom12/10/07 02:20 PM
*Happy New Yearbluejaywpg  01/02/08 10:14 PM
  *Re: Happy New YearUncleVom01/04/08 11:06 PM
    *Re: Happy New Yearbluejaywpg01/07/08 01:33 AM
*A Core 2 Cruncho I Seebluejaywpg  01/14/08 07:42 PM
  *Re: A Core 2 Cruncho I SeeUncleVom01/15/08 08:09 PM
    *In Tucson? Hardly *ed*wildcat01/15/08 10:54 PM
      *Re: In Tucson? Hardly *ed*bluejaywpg01/19/08 08:12 AM
        *Re: In Tucson? Hardly *ed*wildcat01/19/08 02:46 PM
      *I'm back *nt* Bitcheswildcat01/16/08 09:07 PM
        *The Cat's Gone Wild UncleVom01/16/08 09:17 PM
*Who wants to be a Millionaire?bluejaywpg  02/08/08 00:39 AM
  *New Millionaires!!UncleVom02/22/08 00:31 AM
    *On consecutive days toobluejaywpg02/23/08 10:08 AM
  *Re: Who wants to be a Millionaire?UncleVom02/11/08 06:31 PM
    *2 Millionaires on the same day?bluejaywpg02/16/08 06:54 PM
      *160 unitswildcat02/17/08 09:27 PM
        *We is missin' them MACs. UncleVom02/18/08 07:31 PM
          *OK Leopard fucking suckswildcat02/18/08 10:39 PM
            *Mac's are a mystery to meUncleVom02/19/08 04:04 PM
              *I want a Mac...bluejaywpg02/23/08 10:09 AM
                *Woodcrest ho *nt*wildcat03/14/08 06:24 PM
                  *LOL at the MacBook Airwildcat03/19/08 06:31 PM
                    *Re: LOL at the MacBook AirUncleVom03/23/08 08:22 PM
      *I hain't done nothin' *nt* My books are behavin'wildcat02/16/08 07:45 PM
*Welcome Guille!bluejaywpg  02/25/08 02:38 AM
  *Re: Welcome Guille!UncleVom02/25/08 09:38 PM
*I'm checking in!bluejaywpg  12/11/11 08:22 PM
  *Re: I'm checking in!UncleVom12/22/11 06:20 PM
    *Re: I'm checking in!bluejaywpg12/31/11 11:12 AM
*No one posted in 2013?bluejaywpg  01/25/14 01:23 AM
  *Re: No one posted in 2013?UncleVom04/10/14 08:30 PM
    *Re: No one posted in 2013?bluejaywpg04/19/14 00:12 AM
*Windows DriversBen Doon  04/22/05 10:13 AM
  *Re: Windows DriversHalcyon04/24/05 11:18 AM
    *Re: Windows DriversBen Doon04/25/05 09:51 AM
*Logitech PS2/USB Headset help.B. Yuukai  12/22/05 06:44 AM
  *Re: Logitech PS2/USB Headset help.MattCatt01/17/06 02:27 AM
*More on cdalb55  10/24/05 09:36 AM
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