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*Is it worth upgrading [mt][FAR-Q]  07/30/04 05:45 AM
  *Thanks - I was re-thinking 2 hold out! ;-) [nt][FAR-Q]08/02/04 05:24 AM
  *Not yt...Halcyon07/31/04 02:47 PM
*I have come to the conclusion that my computer is an idiot...Death Knight  07/28/04 04:27 PM
  *Re: I have come to the conclusion that my computer is an idiot...Halcyon07/28/04 11:17 PM
    *Mobo is an Asus A7V8X-X. NT I'll look into those patches later today.Death Knight07/29/04 08:01 AM
*IE and OE in another language than english in xp enskydoune  07/26/04 03:17 PM
  *YeahHalcyon07/27/04 03:42 PM
    *Re: Yeahskydoune07/27/04 07:54 PM
      *HmmmHalcyon07/27/04 09:34 PM
        *Re: Hmmmskydoune07/27/04 10:04 PM
          *Re: HmmmHalcyon07/28/04 02:31 AM
            *Re: Hmmmskydoune07/28/04 03:37 AM
              *Oh -nt- heheHalcyon07/28/04 03:02 PM
                *got it, works like a charmskydoune07/29/04 06:11 PM
*Can't play the original Theif on my comp.TheFett  07/23/04 10:46 AM
  *Re: Can't play the original Theif on my comp.pillowbiter07/24/04 12:42 PM
*win me won't downloadskydoune  07/22/04 09:43 PM
  *Re: win me won't downloadHalcyon07/23/04 11:36 PM
    *have you checked my reply to satsu -nt- READskydoune07/24/04 00:48 AM
  *THERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM LITTLE TIMMY -mt-0 WinMeSatsuNoHiTo07/23/04 04:16 PM
    *LIER!!!!! -mxtremet-skydoune07/23/04 08:14 PM
      *That's fucked upHalcyon07/25/04 02:47 PM
        *oh I tried everything, trust me -nt-skydoune07/25/04 09:15 PM
*Anybody out there use Avast! anti virus?Evildrak  07/22/04 00:47 AM
  *does avast detect adware/spyware/dialers?Terry Bogard07/22/04 08:05 AM
    *Re: does avast detect adware/spyware/dialers?Malice07/22/04 03:01 PM
  *Arr, it's drivin' me nuts *nt*wildcat07/22/04 02:38 AM
*Mouse acting crazyPr3tty F1y  07/21/04 10:54 PM
  *yeah, I get some weird problems tooEon_Blue07/28/04 02:40 AM
  *Re: Mouse acting crazyTerry Bogard07/22/04 08:03 AM
  *HmmHalcyon07/21/04 11:21 PM
    *Re: HmmChachiSqrPants07/22/04 07:18 AM
*sorry for re-askingTi-BOne  01/20/03 02:50 PM
  *floppy drive pinouts/voltagesVictoly01/20/03 09:15 PM
    *Re: floppy drive pinouts/voltagesbluejaywpg01/22/03 01:28 AM
    *thanks and a couple more questions..Ti-BOne01/21/03 08:33 PM
      *Re: thanks and a couple more questions..Victoly01/21/03 09:49 PM
        *i know im abusing but anyway..Ti-BOne01/22/03 11:10 AM
          *Re: i know im abusing but anyway..Big-Pete01/22/03 12:08 PM
            *Re: i know im abusing but anyway..Terry Bogard01/26/03 12:48 PM
            *ahh.. just as i tought, thanks pete. -nt-Ti-BOne01/22/03 12:50 PM
*Board title changebluejaywpg  07/19/02 12:32 PM
*Got spare cpu cycles?Snowball 2  07/19/01 04:55 PM
  *The ULTIMATE crunching farmbluejaywpg10/29/07 06:47 PM
  *HEY BIZZLEWICHES UPDATE HEAR fixedwildcat06/24/04 06:07 PM
    *Re: HEY BIZZLEWICHES UPDATE HEAR fixedbluejaywpg10/29/07 06:44 PM
  *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?iAlex09/05/01 01:01 PM
  *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?Kevin Butler07/30/01 06:06 PM
    *See above for getting a lot of units completedKevin Butler07/30/01 10:53 PM
  *Minor problem with SETI@Homesnoopie07/27/01 08:11 PM
  *I'm in too! (nt)Solvalou07/27/01 05:51 PM
  *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?Qacer07/27/01 03:56 PM
    *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?bluejaywpg07/27/01 10:40 PM
  *I Just left from my old team ;)BraiNKilleR07/27/01 03:33 PM
  *I just joined n/tCaffeine07/27/01 00:28 AM
  *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?RocLobsta07/20/01 09:04 PM
    *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?UncleVom07/20/01 10:46 PM
      *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?RocLobsta07/21/01 06:54 AM
        *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?UncleVom07/21/01 08:29 AM
  *Re: Got spare cpu cycles?bluejaywpg07/20/01 07:01 PM
  *Awesome!Snowball 207/20/01 00:24 AM
  *Joined.wildcat07/20/01 00:13 AM
    *Re: Joined.UncleVom07/20/01 10:14 AM
      *Re: Joined.wildcat07/21/01 06:06 PM
        *Re: Joined.UncleVom07/21/01 06:29 PM
  *I can help the team standingsUncleVom07/19/01 09:46 PM
    *That SucksUncleVom07/19/01 10:57 PM
      *I'm in Plane Wrecker07/20/01 01:46 AM
        *Thx!Snowball 207/20/01 07:17 AM
  *that actually sounds prety cool. Plane Wrecker07/19/01 08:19 PM
    *aSatsuNoHiTo01/28/04 00:12 AM
    *Yeah, we'd just ruin it for everyone.SatsuNoHiTo07/19/01 09:05 PM
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