Welcome to the Retrogames Message Boards Rules & Policy page

The Retrogames emulation message boards are intended to be a friendly place to discuss emulation and games related topics in a civil fashion. To facilitate this exchange of ideas and information, please respect the following rules. Any member who fails to do so can expect to be banned. If you are banned, you can contact the moderator about possibly having the ban lifted. Please also remember that other ZTnet sites may have banned you and not us. Also remember other people have admin privileges besides the moderator. Do not automatically assume anything.

The Rules:

1) No *rude* demands for ROMs or anything else for that matter.
2) No adverts/requests for ROM CD *sales*. Go elsewhere.
3) No requests/links for warez/crackz - including commercial emulators.
4) No troublemaking or harassment of other visitors i.e. "trolling."
5) No off-topic posts.
6) No spamming in general - take your business elsewhere.
7) No links to copyrighted ROMs or websites which host copyrighted ROMs.
8) Do not anger the forum administrators.

The General Emulation board is for posting about any videogames and/or emulators.
The NeoGeo board is for posting ONLY about NeoGeo games and emulators.
The Console board is for posting about console (NES, Genesis, etc.) games and emulators.
Any board with a specific topic is for that topic alone.

If you wish to post about a non-game/emulation topic please use the CURRENT AFFAIRS board. There is no specific topic at the Current Affairs board, and I will not strictly moderate that board.

In general, if you must insult someone use email - flame wars are not constructive and are annoying to your fellow visitors and might result in deletions or bans. Try to present differences in opinion by stating thoughts and ideas, not through personal attacks.

If you have any questions about these rules feel free to contact the moderator. Emulation should be fun, let's keep it that way. Thank you.