0.36 BETA 10

Important: due to changes in the palette system, there might be games that
had correct colors before, and wrong now. Please let us know if you find

New games supported:

Pong (this game has no ROMs) [Juergen Buchmueller]
I, Robot (suggestion: turn off autoframeskip) [Dan Boris, John Dickson]
Baraduke [Manuel Abadia]
Metro-Cross [Manuel Abadia]
Flak Attack [Manuel Abadia]
D-Con [Bryan McPhail]
Dr. Toppel Tankentai [Quench]
Double Dragon 3 [Carlos A. Lozano, Richard Bush, Bryan McPhail]
Combatribes [Carlos A. Lozano, Richard Bush, Bryan McPhail]
Dynamite Duke (play it with sound disabled) [Bryan McPhail]

New clones supported:

Frogger (Konami)
Spaltan X (= Kung Fu Master)
Joyful Road (= Munch Mobile)
Majuu no Ohkoku (= Devil World)
Rock 'n Rope (Konami)
Samurai (set 2)
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (= Kid Niki)

These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:

- Fixed lots of drivers for -depth 16 support. [Zsolt Vasvari]

These drivers have new or improved SOUND:

- Fixed music in cworld2j [CAB]

Other drivers changes:

- Fixed Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi [Takahiro Nogi]

- Fixed controls in Ikari III level 2. [Nicola Salmoria]

- Fixed hangs in TNZS. [Quench]

Changes to the main program:

- [DOS] Adjusted the autoframeskip code, to make it increase frameskip a
  faster, but not as fast as it was before the previous change. Let's see
  this performs. [Nicola Salmoria]

- Support for gzipped (NOT zipped) cheat files. Uncompressed files still
  [Mathis Rosenhauer]


- Merged the flags and orientation fields of struct GameDriver.

- Removed prom_memory_region from struct GameDriver. The PROM memory region
  now specified directly in the ROM declaration, with
  Similarly, REGION_GFX1..8 are defined for gfx decoding, but drivers have
  been updated to use them. See drivers/namcos86.c for the only example.

- Removed samplenames from stuct GameDriver. It is now in struct
  SamplesInterface, and some drivers load the samples directly without using
  that structure. Due to this change, -listsamples and -verifysamples, and
  samples information in -listinfo, are no longer available. Actually,
  might not be working at all - I haven't tested them. [Nicola Salmoria]

- Removed base and size from struct MemoryReadAddress, use
  to store the pointers. Several drivers had the bad habit of using
  MemoryReadAddress to initialize those variables, hopefully I haven't
  any while updating them. [Nicola Salmoria]