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  •   Dr. Emu, JIBE be de game!

    I'm Doc Emu, de solva' of yo' emulashun problems. If ya' gots any trouble, feel free t'mail Atila, I'm not givin' mah' mail adress. Cut me sum slack! Duzn't 'espect rashunal answers, dey cost bre'd! Right on! On wid de quesshuns !

  • Dr. Emu, where can i find the backdrop for pong?
    How about turnin' 'round and lookin' dere, looks likes some backdrop t'me! Right on!

  • Dr.Emu, is Total64 real like Pure News said?
    Is de wiz' Muslim ?! Right on!

  • I went into a McDonald's yesterday and said, I'd like some fries. The girl at the counter said, Would you like some fries with that?
    Dat's whut ya' dig fo' not feedin' da bud Cajun! Right on!

  • Dr. Emu, why does DAVE translate to ISAAC in Jive ?
    A'cuz ISAAC ruled on De Love Boat! Right on!

  • Dr. Emu, where can I get mame roms?
    Why would ya' wants' mame roms, when ya' kin gots honky chicks ?? I need some drink! Right on!

  • dr emu, i wanna play jap nes games (*.fam). since the famicon was sold in japan, does that mean i need to play nesticle in japan?
    How about some little respect ?! Right on! Whut's dis "dr" ? It's "Doc", punk! Right on!

  • Dr. Emu, why do the IDSA wanna spoil the fun for us, retrogamers ?
    Becuase dey know dat dey're gonna dig 0wned when Doc Emu enters de room! Right on!