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  •    Saturday, January 29th 2005 - Last updated @ 13:21 EST

  • MAME 0.91 - MAME has been officially updated; Windows binaries and source code are available now. This release is dubbed "Sega and Arcadia updates." - prophet

  •    Friday, January 28th 2005 - Last updated @ 00:54 EST

  • ClrMAME On Hold - This is somewhat shocking news to report, but Roman Scherzer has decided to halt development on ClrMAME Pro due to personal reasons (see his site for details). Needless to say ClrMAME Pro is a fantastic, very professional utility and no doubt many users will miss Roman's regular updates.

    Please note that Roman also posted a final build, v. 3.61. There are unlikely to be any new versions for quite a long while unless some truly serious bugs are found in 3.61. - prophet

  •    Thursday, January 27th 2005 - Last updated @ 06:11 EST

  • New WIP pages - Haze has a new WIP page, look familiar? And not to be outdone, Belmont redesigned his page and has a screenshot of Lethal Enforcers (best of luck). I have to say, Belmont has the coolest looking WIP of them all! :) - chris

  •    Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - Last updated @ 11:46 EST

  • MAME 0.90u4 Builds - On the heels of Haze's latest MAME diff, some popular unofficial MAME builds were updated: MAME32FX, MAME/MAME32 Plus! & MAME32. - prophet

  • DSemu 0.01d - Zip support has been added to DSemu. Please note it doesn't actually play DS games yet and only has limited GBA emulation. Thanks atrkid2 - prophet

  • Saturnin WIP Screenshots - Some nice new WIP screenshots from Saturnin were posted a few days ago. Thanks zaga laga - prophet

  • ZiNC 1.1 & Aldo's Frontend Updated - A new build of ZiNC, a PSX based arcade hardware emulator for Windows & Linux, has been released! The biggest change is smf's corrected root counter emulation, which yields proper gameplay speeds in system 11 and 12 games like Tekken 3. Thanks atrkid2

    To go along with the new ZiNC, Aldo has updated his ZiNC frontend. It will display all 71 supported games, and auto display error messages. Thanks Hawq

    ZiNC 1.1 discussion thread... - prophet

  •    Monday, January 24th 2005 - Last updated @ 20:31 EST

  • R.I.P. Bryan "Kidhype" Smith - I have just learned that Bryan Smith (aka KIDHYPE on IRC) has passed away. His death was sudden and unexpected. You may know Bryan as Shane Monroe's 'sidekick' on RetroGaming Radio or as that crazy guy on IRC.

    We had many conversations on IRC and our mutual love for emulation and (oldskool) music provided for many hours of chatter :)

    Bryan Smith will not be forgotten and our condolences go out to Bryan's wife and family and all his friends.

    Bryan, you will be missed. May you spin the wheels of steel up there and show them what good music sounds like! - atila

  •    Thursday, January 20th 2005 - Last updated @ 18:30 EST

  • ZSNES 1.42 - Close on the tail of yesterday's release, comes this bugfix release of this highly popular SNES emulator. You know the drill ;) - atila

  •    Tuesday, January 18th 2005 - Last updated @ 16:18 EST

  • ZSNES v1.41 - This is mostly a bug fix release for stability. We also added some small new features and made other minor improvements. See the what's new for the exact details. - chris

  •    Monday, January 17th 2005 - Last updated @ 19:12 EST

  • Pacifi3D 0.2 - Fosters has updated his 3D Pacman emulator Pacifi3D as follows:
    • Made turning in first person view rotate slower. (i.e. no longer snaps straight to new direction)
    • Chase View.
    • Classic View.
    • Keys Rotate in First person views (but joystick doesnt yet)
    • Fixed fullscreen in windows.
    • MacOSX Makefile (but no builds released yet so roll your own)
    - prophet

  • Haze Posts .90u3 - Haze posted another source update for MAME. Lots of fixes including numerous sound related updates - see the full changes list in this post thanks to mosquito2001. - prophet

  • ClrMAME Pro 3.55 - Roman released a new version of ClrMAME Pro today. New stuff:

    added: setinfo->database tree (with autorefresh on crcsearch, setselect etc.)
    added: setinfo->crc32 search in database
    added: dir2dat->category
    added: scanner popupmenu function 'delete all listed [not fixed] sets'

    fixed: delete->all incomplete sets didn't work for some people
    fixed: rebuilder backup sometimes backup'ed the wrong files
    fixed: rebuilder rebuilt didn't rebuilt all files (equal names on various setsubfolder levels only)

    misc: optimized the way the crc32 list gets refreshed
    misc: (auto)savefixdat doesn't ask for filename anymore if nothing can be found to put in dat.
    misc: fixdatfileheader's suggestion is used for filename suggestion as well
    misc: changed fixdatfileheader's ask-for-header window a bit
    misc: progresswindow is now horizontally resizeable
    misc: better cancel-check when dir2dats scans zips
    misc: scanner all button toggles all/none now
    - prophet

  •    Sunday, January 16th 2005 - Last updated @ 14:25 EST

  • More NeoGeo Proto Pics - Razoola has posted a page full of screenshots from Xacrow's 6 NeoGeo prototypes which I reported about the other day. You can now see a title screen and a gameplay screen from each. Feel free to post your opinions on our NeoGeo board. Thanks Dalthon for the news. - prophet

  •    Saturday, January 15th 2005 - Last updated @ 15:16 EST

  • XRoar 0.11 - This is a Dragon emulator.
    • Added 'translation' mode to SDL keyboard driver.
    • Added French & German keyboard mappings for 'raw' mode to SDL driver.
    • Ctrl+D (insert disk) replaced with Ctrl+[1-4] in SDL interface.
    • Added GNU Autoconf configure script.
    • Added support for 2nd BASIC ROM in Dragon 64.
    - Hanman

  • Guru Update - Guru posted some nice WIP emulation screenshots from "Point Blank 2," an excellent shooting game from Namco. Thanks Brian Troha for the news. - prophet

  •    Friday, January 14th 2005 - Last updated @ 02:35 EST

  • NeoDCv1 - Quzar has updated the Dreamcast Neo-Geo CD emulator with PAL mode features, fixed full screen resolution, and more. - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, January 13th 2005 - Last updated @ 20:53 EST

  • Kawaks 1.53 - Kawaks has been updated again, get it from CPS2Shock. New stuff includes:

    o The King of Fighters 2002 (bootleg)
    o The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (bootleg 2)
    o The KOF Special Edition 2004 (hack)
    * Added a no rotate vertical games option for the vertical CPS-1 and 2 games. This is very handy if you own a rotatable TFT screen.
    * Fixed some games not showing when the 'Hide Redundant Games' option is used.
    * Fixed Matrimelee (bootleg) to use the original bootleg V ROMs. Also fixed it to use the P roms from the parent set (data identical in both sets).
    * Updated C5 ROM in Matrimelee as old was bad.
    * Fixed Dynasty Wars DIP switches.

    Thanks casplock for the news
    - prophet

  • Pacifi3d's New Home - Fosters' fascinating 3D Pacman emulation project now has a new homepage: http://pacifi3d.retrogames.com. :) - prophet

  • PinMAME, PinMAME32 & Visual PinMAME 1.51 - The amazing PinMAME virtual pinball machine emulator has been updated as follows:

    -No more scratchy sound on Bally Squalk & Talk!
    -No more hanging games, losing balls, or non-working switches on Zaccaria!
    -No more silent gameplay on old Sterns!
    -No more jumping display windows on Visual PinMAME!
    -News! News! Read all about it: "whatsnew.txt", free of charge! :)

    Thanks joe12345 for the heads-up
    - prophet

  • MAME32FX .90u2 - MAME32FX, another popular unofficial MAME version has been updated as well. Thanks Hawq for the news. - prophet

  •    Wednesday, January 12th 2005 - Last updated @ 22:08 EST

  • Haze Posts MAME .90u2, MAMEPlus & MAME32 Updated - Haze posted another source update for MAME. There are no "new supported games this time, but lots of improvements, including Ville's Model 3 progress." Some popular unofficial builds have already been updated, including MAME/MAME32 Plus! and MAME32. - prophet

  • NeoGeo Prototypes Found - Xacrow has obtained and dumped several incrediby rare NeoGeo prototypes. These include: Bang Bang Busters, Pinball Fantasia (Last Odyssey), Super Volley '94, Shinryu Senki: The Warlocks of the Fates, Tenrin No Syo Chicago, Magic Master (Mahou Juku).

    Because his Geocities page is already down, I've mirrored the screenshots in this thread. Feel free to post your thoughts there...

    You can see more info and images about some of these prototypes on Kazuya's NeoGeo prototype page. As you'll notice, some of the games there have previously been found, dumped and released. - prophet

  • Pinball News - Quick roundup on various pinball related items:

    - Stern Pinball's website has recently been redesigned and looks much nicer than before. Also, Elvis, their current game, is doing quite well from some operator reports.

    - Stern's next game is going to be based on HBO's series The Sopranos. A sneak peek of the machine has graciously been provided by www.flipperspill.com. I've never watched an episode, so can't comment on the license, except to say that it is relatively obscure compared to other licenses. Gameplay has yet to be reviewed.

    - Gene Cunningham is going ahead with his plans to remake Capcom's famous Big Bang Bar machine in limited quantities. Each machine will cost $4500 (more for limited 'gold' editions) and they will supposedly ship by the end of March, although delays are expected. Total production run will likely be around 200 units or less, all on a pre-order basis. I have a deposit down for #113 and will post a review when I receive the game. - metallik

  •    Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - Last updated @ 14:56 EST

  • Dolwin 0.10 - For those interested in Gamecube emulation, Dolwin 0.10 has been released. New stuff:

    -overall source code is rewritten and cleaned-up
    -stable plugin specifications
    -precede video timing
    -improved debugger (more commands)
    -memory cards are finally emulated
    -compressed GCM files feature
    -some HLE optimizations
    -integrated MAP maker for HLE
    -MEGA *ton* of bug fixes (see changes.txt)
    -summary : some games are playable (but slow). no sound yet.

    Thanks Hawq for the news. - prophet

  • ClrMAME Pro 3.54 - There were numerous bugs in the 3.5x versions of ClrMAME Pro, so be sure to download this update!

    3.54 (11-Jan-2005)

    mainly merging the messy 3.53x releases ;)

    removed: setinfo's ~crc32 column and from about's drag'n drop output
    added: scanner popupmenu 'autoprompt for fixdatfile after (fast)scan'
    added: rebuilder "use backuppath" (as source) button
    fixed: leading zeros in sha1/md5s caused major problems
    fixed: dir2dat browse destination kills the datname


    fixed: one of the checksum analysis fix routines is broken
    fixed: unneeded sets routine ignores unneeded samplesets
    misc: dir2dat's sha1/md5 values got a leading 0x now
    misc: rewrote some update-tree routines. Should be a bit faster now
    misc: rebuilder beep is played BEFORE results are shown ;)


    added: scanner save fixdatfile (completely missing sets only)
    added: setinfo spinnercontrols to step a set forward/backward
    misc: optional rebuilder beep works for drag&drop, too
    misc: don't store dir2dat settings in cmpro.ini anymore..you have to
    use dir2dat profiles
    misc: autoreplacing bad filenamecharacters when using %v,%d,%n in
    dir2dat datfilename
    misc: rounding setsize instead of cutting off
    fixed: some nasty exception with fastscan after drag&drop
    fixed: some nasty exception when closing with ESC key
    - prophet

  • Massive PDRoms Update - PDRoms has been updated with over 100 megabytes of public domain images for several consoles. Here's the list of the updates:

    GP32 additions
    Acidwarp by kalthare, Alien Eraser (03-01-2005) by Jeremi Lettoli, Angels, Ascii Invaders v0.01 by Logann, BOLCATAXiAN v1.0 by JBB, Breedz (26-12-2004) by Ryan, Casino by rov, CaSTaway GP v14 by Jeff Mitchell, Commerce Conflict v1.2 by aquafish, Crocodingus In Crocoland v0.1 by Jycet, Deluxe Snake (27-11-2004) by Fissure, Dizzy Dice by Synkro, AntiPonG32 v0.6 by Chemaris, Ark4 by Carlos Coll Silvera, Astro Chaos by Devilish Games, Castle Of Dr. Malvado by Daniel Navarro, Chuzos (25-12-2004) by Licantropo, Cubomania by Carlos Coll Silvera, Dr. MD v1.0 by Reesy, Factorize by Logann, Fall Down by MacHack, Fire and Fire (03-01-2005) by Icon, Fish Dish 2 by Peter van Dalen, Flipull by Slainte, Free SCI (Alpha 5) by The Phantom, gicmoq by gorbatcho, Gmame 2 by race8086, Gmineur.48 by r043v, GP Cimber, GP Cinema v2, GP GnuGo v0.03 by Logann, GP OsX v0.6f by Alien8, GP Soko v0.01 by Logann, GP Splash by Slubman, GP Tron by Locke, gpfm v2.0.1 by rluhu, Guitar Tuner by Satcollection, Happy 2005 by Inopia, MasterMind (26-12-2004) by Tristan, Invasion Of The Evil Cats by Tim Saunders, Mata Marcianos 2001 by Pixel, Minigolf v0.5 by Licantropo, Nazca Pertiga 2004 by Nazca, Nazcadreams (03-01-2005) by Nazca, Nazcasphere (FINAL) by Nazca, Nazcatron v1.1 by Nazca, PEZ by detx, Muahaha by Pakoito, Scalextric v0.1 by joanvr, Mini MP3, miNi Snowboarding by miNi, Mr. Jones (Beta) by Subquantum Software, mRPG (Demo 2) by Aoyama, Pogys Adventure In Bubble Land by Kikuta, Prototech (Beta 2) by GP Team, Pyramids 2 by Oankali, Rogue (01-12-2004) by Lizardos, Samurai v0.3 by Puck2099, Shapeshifter by Daniel Evans, Star System v0.2 by Fagotero, Subhunt by Peter van Dalen, Super GP Ball v0.3.1 by Fagotero, The Monkey King by Ryan Johnston, Tilt, Vegetas Wrath 2 by Ryan Johnston, WWII v1.1 by Oscar Braindead, Xenon Omega Blast by joanvr, Shag by Jycet, SvOrbis v0.9e by SvOlli, Tanda In Bamboo Madness v0.1b by BOSA and GiG and elSamma, Tech32 by Orion_, Thing by Joseph Le Brech, United GP Viewer v1.25 by aquafish, WonderBoi32 v0.7 by rattboi, Lily by avseth, GP32War 2 by aquafish, Girls Puzzle by Satcollection, Pix Pang v1.6 (GP Final) by Pixel, New Super Pang v0.5.1 by Anarchy, Nazcarunners by Nazca, Smash GP v0.4 by mATkEUpON, Play With The Band by Falken, Gabba Bros by Modesto Herbasio

    GBA additions
    Blabla v1.0 by Francois Pessaux, Blocktrap v1.0 by Francois Pessaux, Motus Advance v1.1 by Francois Pessaux, Bluetooth Battleship by Scott Lininger, Brotzeit v1 by Dennis Ranke, GBA Picture Viewer by Mikhail, Loop The Loop (20-12-2004) by Shen Mansell, Mandelboy v1 by Lupin, Mario Demo v1.0 by dagamer34, Nightmare Park by Jonah, Santa Escapes The Labyrinth of Presents by Future Shock, Sworld 3 v5 by Shen Mansell, Thing Pong by Scott Lininger, Virus by Matt Current, Yahtzee by Trey Arthur

    GBC additions
    Utopia by Black Box.zip

    Diamond Dash by Daniel Bienvenu, Smash by Daniel Bienvenu

    Atari 2600
    Cave 1K by Thomas Jentzsch

    Original post by Metafox - prophet

  •    Monday, January 10th 2005 - Last updated @ 18:36 EST

  • ClrMAME Pro 3.53b Released - Roman released the latest version of his remarkable emulation maintenence utility, ClrMAME Pro. Here is what's new:

    fixed: one of the checksum analysis fix routines is broken
    fixed: unneeded sets routine ignores unneeded samplesets

    misc: dir2dat's sha1/md5 values got a leading 0x now
    misc: rewrote some update-tree routines. Should be a bit faster now
    misc: rebuilder beep is played BEFORE results are shown ;)
    - prophet

  • MESS 0.90 for Win32 - The Win32 port of MESS (the console/computer counterpart to MAME) has been updated to 0.90!

    Thanks TheInformer for the news. - prophet

  • Pacifi3D 0.1 - Fosters has produced a very interesting Pacman emulator called Pacifi3D which replaces the 2D sprite and maze tiles with OpenGL 3D graphics. I haven't personally tried it yet (I'm a pixel purist when it comes to my 2D classics), but kudos to Fosters for his creativity.

    You can let the author know what you think of Pacifi3D in this thread.

    Since Pacifi3D is currently hosted on Geocities, and it's already down due to bandwidth limits, I've mirrored the files here: Win32 Binary (135K), Linux Binary (66K), source code (153K).

    NOTE TO LEV: I tried to mirror the files at Retrogames, but got "permission denied" when uploading to the arcade folder. So I've placed them temporarily in computer/atari since that worked OK. - prophet

  •    Saturday, January 8th 2005 - Last updated @ 21:26 EST

  • SoftPear - The SoftPear Project aims to create compatibility software between the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh architecture. This compatibility layer consists of an emulator/dynamic recompiler of user mode PowerPC code and a layer between PowerPC code and native x86 code that handles endianness issues. - chris

  • System 16 Update - Sixtoe has made massive updates to System 16 with lots of new Sega screenshots and a new Irem section! Plus much more, check it out... - chris

  • Arcade Flyers Update Online - The Arcade Flyer Archive's latest MAME pack is now available to download in 4 parts thanks to ZTnet. See below for more details, but let's just say dere's a ho lotta flya's in dere. Hey, I grew up in Brooklyn... - prophet

  • MultiPac For GP32, MAME Coming To Zodiac & GP32 - Just a little update on what's going on in portable emulation recently. The entries for the ADIC 2005 coding competition were released yesterday for download, and among them is no less than a brilliant port of Nicola Salmoria's pre-MAME MultiPac emulator for the GP32 by Franxis! It supports tons of Pacman/Ms.Pacman sets and hacks. On the Zodiac front, a bonifide MAME port is in active development by Vilmos right now, and it's making good progress. There is no public release just yet, but registered Tapwave developers can test it. A GP32 version of MAME is also being developed for GP32 by Rlyeh and is looking quite good as well.

    In older news, Rlyeh released a virtually perfect Spectrum emulator for the GP32 for Christmas, called fZX32. If by some odd twist of fate you own a GP32, and didn't know - download it! - prophet

  • Haze Posts MAME .90u1 - Haze has returned from holiday and already posted a source update for MAME. It includes the fd1089 Sega progress meaning Action Fighter, Dunk Shot, and a bunch of clones are now working. - prophet

  •    Friday, January 7th 2005 - Last updated @ 04:18 EST

  • More MAME .90 Versions - Some popular unofficial MAME variants have been updated to the latest official sources: AdvanceMAME , MAME32, MAMEPlus! and MAME32FX. Umm, yeah. - prophet

  • New Arcade Flyers Pack Needs Webspace - The Arcade Flyer Archive has assembled a new MAME flyer pack containing 2575 (?!) flyer images for use in MAME frontends. The problem is they need ~100MB of space - if you or someone you know can spare the space and bandwidth to host the file, let Gerard know: gmaathuis[at]home[dot]nl

    Did I just post news? I must be drunk... - prophet

  •    Tuesday, January 4th 2005 - Last updated @ 15:52 EST

  • 90 - chris

  •    Monday, January 3rd 2005 - Last updated @ 19:43 EST

  • Sega Model3 MAME Progress - Ville's MAME WIP page has been updated with screenshots and news on the progress of the MAME Sega Model3 driver.

    Thanks to IceMan for the news. - MetaFox

  • 'Rocky' - Check this hilarious .SWF file about a guy who tries to get in shape like 'Rocky'. See him run through MickeyD's, grab someone cola and pour it over himself to cool down. Then see him being chased by the dude, whose cola he took. See him get on the scale and weigh himself (in full boxing gear) ... at the supermarket! - atila

  •    Saturday, January 1st 2005 - Last updated @ 17:47 EST

  • vBoy 1.0 - Vboy, a new Gameboy hardware emulator for Ngage and other series 60 phones, has been released. - MetaFox

  • Kawaks 1.51 - CPS-2 Shock has been updated with two new XORs for CPS2 games, Progear (USA 010117) and Progear No Arashi (Japan 010117), as well as a new Kawaks with support for these games, Matrimelee, Matrimelee (bootleg), Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 4 (decrypted C), Metal Slug 4 Plus (bootleg), Rage of the Dragons, Rage of the Dragons (decrypted C), The King of Fighters 2002, The King of Fighters 2002 (decrypted C), The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (bootleg), and Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Koryu).

    Thanks to Mr. Do for the news. - MetaFox

  • RockNES/Win32 v4.02 - RockNES, the NES emulator, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • Crystal System emulator 1.2 - Crystal System emulator, Elsemi's Crystal System arcade emulator has been updated. - MetaFox

  • Reminesce 5.0.2 - Reminesce, the NES emulator has been updated. - MetaFox

  • olafnes 1.0z - olafnes, Olaf's NES emulator, has been updated once again. - MetaFox

  • Snes9x 1.43 - SNES9x, the opensourced SNES emulator, has been updated. - MetaFox

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