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  •    Intro

    Here's a selection of quotes from the #Retrogamers / #neogeo EFnet IRC channels. We take no responsibility for any profanity and what not.

         IRC Quotes

    [19:04] *** davidoon (*********@********.chello.nl) has joined #Retrogamers
    [19:04] <davidoon> !list
    [19:05] <Tortri> davidoon: DIE
    [19:05] <metawork> no fservs here, no go away
    [19:05] <davidoon> Thanks!!
    [19:05] <Tortri> SHEW!
    [19:05] * Tortri grabs his bat and runs at davidoon full speed with the bat in the air.
    [19:06] <davidoon> Nice people here, I feel really welcom.
    [19:06] <TAS_2012w> hehe
    [19:06] <TAS_2012w> it's not very polite to jonia chan and write !list
    [19:06] <DaemoN_> davidoon: try #cps2shock
    [19:06] <TAS_2012w> many channels kickban on sight for that
    [19:07] <metawork> almost as welcome as we feel seeing some idjit join and immediately !list without asking, observing or makign an effort to see if this was a file trading channel :p
    [19:07] <davidoon> Sorry, I,m invissible( I thought)

    [20:32] <dan3> i dont know if i like this dune game
    [20:32] <NE1Afk> we'll see...
    [20:32] <dan3> the buildings in red alert looked much better
    [20:32] <NE1Afk> i should try out Serious Sam someday...
    [20:33] <dan3> these are just a bunch of odd shaped polygons
    [20:33] <NE1Afk> dude. this is based on DUNE. not that military C&C stuff
    [20:33] <dan3> yeah but...
    [20:33] <dan3> it controls/plays 99.9% like red alert
    [20:34] <jafu> thats because red alert stole from C&C which stole for Dune 2
    [20:34] <NE1Afk> yeah. dune2 is the original danno
    [20:35] <dan3> heh
    [20:35] <NE1Afk> that's like saying mario64 is just like Banjo Kazooie
    [20:35] <jafu> or that wolf3d is just like doom

    [20:57] <xthrees> Hey! Small question : who programs all these games for that "mame"-os ? He must be nuts making all those graphics AND code...
    [20:57] <TkChris> :o_
    [20:57] <xthrees> Did I make it into the quotes page? :)
    [20:57] <atila> nope
    [20:58] <atila> :P
    [20:58] <xthrees> atila : damn :-)
    [20:58] <xthrees> I can't pretend being stupid
    [20:58] <n_n> me neither :D
    [20:58] <xthrees> *now perhaps* ?
    [20:58] <n_n> never
    [20:58] <xthrees> hehehe
    [20:58] <atila> it's just a tad too obvious
    [20:59] <atila> it's not spontaneous
    [20:59] <xthrees> ok atila : next time I'll act better ;-)
    [20:59] <n_n> change your nick, rejoin and make up a lamerlike question :D
    [20:59] <n_n> which is hard tho :/
    [20:59] <xthrees> n_n : Nah... Something : YOW L0Z[end caps]erz, me form BrAzIl etc...
    [21:00] <xthrees> And there you have it...
    [21:00] <xthrees> the rest won't matter :) [21:00] <n_n> ;p

    [21:10] <DaemoN_> I want an atila action figure
    [21:10] <DaemoN_> !
    [21:10] <xthrees> pr3tty : :-)
    [21:10] <Pr3ttyF1y> DN: same here
    [21:10] <atila> DaemoN_, that's a good idea :)
    [21:10] <Pr3ttyF1y> i think the entire rg staff should have action figs
    [21:10] <Pr3ttyF1y> :)
    [21:10] <DaemoN_> seriously, if they sold atila, daemon, opi, etc action figures, Id buy them all
    [21:11] <_aR_> if youre poor, you can create your atila dummies using meatballs toothpicks
    [21:11] <xthrees> Daemon_ : to do *what* exactly?
    [21:11] <xthrees> You perv!
    [21:11] <xthrees> Sick retrogamer! :)
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> erm
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> you dirty brain man
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> hehe
    [21:11] <_aR_> meatballs and toothpicks
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> I want them on my desk so everyone will come and say
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> OH
    [21:11] <_aR_> well, nevermind
    [21:11] <Pr3ttyF1y> even a little TKchis doll with the linux penguin on his shirt and a button on his back that makes him say "open source or bust" or "windows suck"
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> WHAT IS THIS ACTION FIGURE
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> ill say
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> ITS ATILA!
    [21:11] <xthrees> _ar_ : woehahahaha :)
    [21:11] <DaemoN_> and theyll continue not to know who it is
    [21:11] <xthrees> atila : bring on the trouts!
    [21:12] <atila> hell no :)
    [21:12] <atila> I'm enjoying this
    [21:12] <Louis-> Brainwashed Linux User action figure :P I'd buy one
    [21:12] <xthrees> damn... This was hilarious
    [21:12] <xthrees> the tears are flowing like hell :)
    [21:12] <DaemoN_> let's order a wo-hen nankan action figure

    [17:01] <BlackM> have you ever run into a site with a lot of popups that was any more than a site with LINKS to other sites with popups?


    [18:36] <atila> seen jesus
    [18:36] <Ez_xS> atila, I don't remember seeing jesus.
    [18:36] <Bogy> LOL...that was funny
    [18:36] <zubfatal> seen god
    [18:36] <Ez_xS> zubfatal, I don't remember seeing god.
    [18:36] <Bogy> not
    [18:36] <BlackM> Jesus was last seen quitting from #earth 2000 years ago stating (I'll be back)

    [18:55] <[SpinDoc]> ok
    [18:56] <[SpinDoc]> I just finished reading the IRC's quote page
    [18:56] <[SpinDoc]> what should I do to have my name on it
    [18:56] <[SpinDoc]> sell crack to all of you ?
    [18:56] <atila> we have a winner!!
    [18:56] <[SpinDoc]> oh no, I won again
    [18:56] <TAS_2012w> WE HAVE A WINNER!
    [18:56] <atila> Vanna, tell the good sir what he's won

    [14:05] <EazyCheez> ATILA ATILA ATILA
    [14:05] <EazyCheez> SIXTOE SIXTOE SIXTEO
    [14:05] <EazyCheez> err
    [14:05] <EazyCheez> SIXTOE
    [14:05] <EazyCheez> bahaha
    [14:06] * atila smacks EazyCheez: there's more where that came from, a'ight ?!

    <nwagenaar> GCC is the best C/C++ emu

    [22:34] <EazyCheez> ok, so you really think that asking a girl to pee on me IN A MOMENT OF HORNINESS AND GIDDYNESS is worthy of being remembered? I FUCKING DO NOT!

    [22:36] <nwagenaar> Thank god that I'm not on the quotes page :) (Oh really? - Atila)

    [22:37] <DaemoN_> BONJOUR SUR #RETROGAMERS, SCI_
    [22:37] <EazyCheez> BAHAHA
    [22:37] <DaemoN_> JE SUIS DAEMON
    [22:37] <sci> BONJOUR DANS TES PANTS

    [22:40] <creampuf> anyone know where i can get CPS2 roms?
    [22:40] <atila> here we are, having a perfectly fine pr0n discussion and then someone asks for roms?!

    [21:03] <plasmadis> i love puchi carat
    [21:04] <plasmadis> i love the chick with the bunny ears in the pink halter top
    [21:04] <plasmadis> shes got a great rack
    [21:04] <plasmadis> its awfully distracting when im trying to play the game tho

    [21:29] <Freki> what is emuloader ???
    [21:29] <NaMcO> meme frontend
    [21:29] <Freki> meme ??
    [21:30] <Freki> u mean mame right ?!
    [21:30] <NaMcO> MAME
    [21:30] <NaMcO> typo
    [21:30] <Freki> hmm
    [21:30] <Freki> same a as winmame ??
    [21:30] <NaMcO> fcoz now
    [21:30] <Freki> dunno what frontend means
    [21:30] <CrackLtd> what is mame
    [21:31] <NaMcO> this is the part where i ignore him
    [21:32] <Gato> hahahahahaha

    [22:07] <LCloud> any1 know where i can find the guilty gear x soundtrack??????????
    [22:07] <DaemoN_> try your ass

    [22:16] <Rep> LOL DUDES! IT AM Mon Jun 04 16:13:43 2001 AND WINDOWS 98 NO AM GIVE ME EL BLUE SCREEN FOR: 33mins 18secs ENJOY IT NOW!!!!1

    [11:24] <atila> not every site-op can be as cool as I am
    [11:24] <atila> *cough*
    [11:24] * |Otaku| sniggers uncontrollably
    [11:25] <|Otaku|> so what's your site?
    [11:25] <|Otaku|> and don't lie to me, ve haf vays of making you give out your URL :)
    [11:25] <_aR_> atila: now, how popular ware you again =)
    [11:25] <atila> I cannot resist!
    [11:25] <atila> I will never tell
    [11:26] <_aR_> were
    [11:26] <atila> www.playboy.com
    [11:26] <atila> there, I said it!
    [11:26] * |Otaku| notes that atila gets 10c for every referral to that site
    [11:26] <|Otaku|> hrmmm.... your first name wouldn't be "Dave" would it?
    [11:26] <_aR_> why not your real site? www.davidhasselhoff.com... atila is just a nick
    [11:27] <atila> _aR_, you just blew my cover
    [11:27] <atila> thanks for nothing, chump
    [11:27] <_aR_> =)

    [12:45] *** Guru-Choc changes topic to 'NCV1 for MAME :)'
    [12:46] <TkChris> Guru-Choc no one is going to know what NCV1 stands for
    [12:46] *** Guru-Choc changes topic to 'Namco Classics Volume 1 for MAME :)'
    [12:46] <TAS_2012w> =)
    [12:46] <TkChris> that's better :)

    [15:58] <Dhalamar> everyone says something stupid every now and then =P

    [14:37] *** Topic is '<Jarvik7> I'm going to violently masturbate all day (#neogeo)

    [16:08] <Cyphatic> i guess you were my friend
    [16:08] <Cyphatic> guess not
    [16:08] <Cyphatic> you gready meany you

    [16:14] <Rep> This is l33t, atila is updatin the quotes... I gotta be on there with a good beer quote ;)
    [16:14] <metawork> what are you talking about?
    [16:14] <metawork> mmm.. b333333333333333333333333333333333r
    [16:14] <Rep> It's not alcohol related so I dunno :(

    [17:24] <SwampGas> so atila
    [17:24] <SwampGas> www.syphenrulz.com
    [17:25] <SwampGas> i did their page in about 4 hours last night
    [17:25] <SwampGas> using edit.com and psp for graphics
    [17:25] <SwampGas> whatcha think?
    [17:26] <BlackM> Swamp: WTF is edit.com?
    [17:27] <SwampGas> BlackM: comes with windows and dos
    [17:27] <SwampGas> type "edit" at the dos prompt
    [17:27] <Fakester> BlackM: The DOS version of Notepad, basically.
    [17:27] <BlackM> gah
    [17:27] <atila> lol

    [14:13] <Blacknd1> and WTF is with XP?
    [14:13] <Blacknd1> I hope it fails miserably.
    [14:13] <Blacknd1> Isn't it funny....
    [14:13] <Blacknd1> Linux hasn't changed that dramatically in 10 years.
    [14:13] <Blacknd1> Eery update is simply an update.
    [14:14] <Blacknd1> but M$ has gone through.....
    [14:14] * Blacknd1 counts
    [14:14] <Blacknd1> at least 5 OS'es.
    [14:14] <Blacknd1> in the same amount of time.
    [14:14] <Blacknd1> 95/98/ME/2k/NT
    [14:14] <Blacknd1> Bob/CE ;)
    [14:15] <atila> I wonder if Bill Gates ever dissed M$ when he was treated to a BSOD when he was just about to save something
    [14:15] <atila> ;)
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> hehe
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> You ahve never experienced pain....
    [14:16] <atila> "who the fuck coded this piece of crap ?!" "good thing I didn't pay for it, POS"
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> LOL
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> until you run 3ds on ME.
    [14:16] <atila> "yeah engineering? install LINUX on my PC, 98se keep crashing"
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> The two buggiest POS softwares ever.
    [14:16] <Blacknd1> LMAO

    [17:23] <Fakester> atila: I can't leave my phone off the hook like that, I constantly have b1tches calling me, since I'm a certified m4ck and all.
    [17:23] <atila> the hell you is
    [17:23] <atila> and if you were a REAL m4ck, you wouldn't give 'bitches' your number

    [14:55] <EFX> any one here ever circle jerk before?

    [15:08] <EFX> Anyone here like to get it on with 2 week old fruit? Me either, just asking.

    [15:14] <EFX> I'm proud of the fact that I was the first to play the first 300 nes roms released for the PC since I was the one that released them :)

    [21:52] <matriDX> wwwwwaassuuuuuup!
    [21:52] <Bogy> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

    [21:18] <_aR_> how can i burn 714 meg mpg in one 80 min cd-r?
    [21:19] <Ashley-> crush it with a hammer a bit so ittl fit

    [21:11] <atila> I was talking to customers :)
    [21:11] <atila> lol
    [21:11] <EazyCheez> ahhhhh ok
    [21:11] <EazyCheez> customers? What do you do?
    [21:12] <atila> I'm a pimp
    [21:12] <EazyCheez> bahahaha no, what do you REALLY do
    [21:12] <atila> I'm a pimp

    [13:18] <atila> I'm andre the giant's little brother

    [20:52] <atila> Today is Sun Feb 06 20:52:21 2000 and Windows 98 hasn't crashed for: 2days 22hrs 54mins 55secs

    [20:45] <DaemoN_> cdrwin only does cue and bin
    [20:45] <DaemoN_> nono
    [20:45] <DaemoN_> you can BURN the isos
    [20:45] <_Spekkio_> yes you can
    [20:45] <Dan-man> nero can right?
    [20:45] <Dan-man> i swear i did it b4
    [20:45] <Dan-man> i cant remember how
    [20:45] <DaemoN_> just rename them to .ISO
    [20:45] <DaemoN_> i tried that and it worked
    [20:46] <metallik_> erm.. you're on crack :)

    [20:45] * katharsis slaps atila around a bit with a m000-m000 cow from helicopter - (autoslap) -----

    [21:25] * atila briefly announces that he's started his QUOTES PAGE again
    [21:25] <gridle> Can I be the first one to be quoted? PLEASE?!?!?!?

    <Cable|Guy> Good, Tigga missed the gay profiles from #bearcave I posted. :)

    [21:28] <Tigga> You can damn well keep your rod where it isn't going to cause any trouble !

    [21:29] <djjeremy> i almost died eating pussy once....

    [21:57] <chrisq> just install linux, its free

    [21:59] <Zaney> i have 5000000000000 pages of shit

    [22:38] <Magick42> playtex: where do you go to school, hitler high?

    [21:23] <atila> new videos from Disney: Sing-a-Schlong !!

    [21:19] <SAV2880> Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Dave W. and Atila Mert has a reasonable chance of working out, but on the other hand, it might not. Your relationship may suffer good and bad times. If things might not be working out as you would like them to, do not hesitate to talk about it with the person involved. Spend time together, talk with each other.

    [21:29] <gijoe77> Time Magazine said the Internet emulation sites have costed the videogame industry 3.2 billion dollars US in sales last year. <------ ? uuhhhh....
    [21:30] <Brywalker> shit i knew i should't have d/led that asteroids rom
    [21:30] <Brywalker> i'm sorry

    [21:51] <peepo> Hehe, I almost got the sack for writing a logon batch that said "You were logged on by <server> with Scum End User rights"

    [18:50] <TheKorn> I refuse to be a part of any channel where Dave is at the top of the food chain uncontested.

    [15:11] <TwiLyght> rm -rf /gurty_pants

    [15:14] <TwiLyght> ph33r my wit
    [15:14] <Gurty> what? you have a wit now? :P

    [15:22] * Hijacker3 asks what has hiryuu done
    [15:22] <Mason> he asked for analsex again
    [15:23] <Krool> or a hand job
    [15:23] <Krool> or both

    [15:23] <TwiLyght> god i even remember when the whole nesticle/testicle joke was still funny
    [15:26] <TwiLyght> or when bobble first found out about realdoll.com
    <atila> hahaha
    [15:16] <TwiLyght> <bobble> do they make those in a smaller size?
    <atila> I bought Julie :)
    [15:26] <HoboJoe> heh
    <atila> best $5000,00 I ever spent
    [15:26] <HoboJoe> u guys are morons
    <atila> and proud of it
    [15:26] <HoboJoe> heh i hope j00 all d13
    [15:27] <TwiLyght> well at least i can proudly say that SG isn't a good friend of mine

    [15:30] <TwiLyght> <SwampGas> he's got ereet grades, ereet contacts, and ereet power...he almost could be jewish like me

    [15:33] <TwiLyght> it amazes me how florida chix always have big titties
    [15:33] <HoboJoe> its gotta be something in the sun

    [15:37] <HoboJoe> i had sex with 3 chix at once last year :D
    <atila> HoboJoe: how much did you pay for it ?
    [15:38] <HoboJoe> atila: 75$ for the ticket to disney world :D

    [15:43] <HoboJoe> i never pay for anything
    [15:44] <HoboJoe> i might as well be jewish :D

    [15:49] <HoboJoe> plis put worm on hook throw skene and wait plis

    [16:21] <ltjbukem> when did the dump have genesis games? how many did it have?

    [12:27] <|||> We need a SeX emu
    [12:27] <Crashtest> I don't need an emu for that
    [12:28] <Crashtest> I have the original pcb

    [14:08] <hew> im the victim here!!!

    [15:27] <Scoot> beta = untested software released to people to test (i.e) Windows 98

    [16:43] <Moydodir> windows includes part of code that causes other browsers than MS one to crash
    [16:43] <atila_> moyo: well they didn't implement it correctly, since IE crashes too

    [16:45] <crafty1> I'm off to bed .. nothing worse than falling asleep on your keyboard and waking up with your spacebar lodged completely in your mouth

    [17:41] *** Quits: |\|eT0 (Me fail inglish? Tats unpossipel!)

    [17:42] <bomb> Ive had to have sex with Beast to get ops
    [17:43] <L_Face> who was the giver, and who was the taker ?
    [17:43] <||NEURO||> so that's the secret huh? Thanks for the tip bomb =)

    [20:10] <|Ray|> exodus and sharon can do 100, I'd think
    [20:11] <atila> lol
    [20:11] <|Ray|> and if anyone tells them I said something like that here, I'll kill him

    [11:29] <Geronimo> Is everyone asleep ?
    [11:29] <atila> yep
    [11:29] <Xta-C< except for Atila :)
    [11:29] <BlackIC> i am dead
    [11:30] <BlackIC> please send money
    [11:30] <Xta-C> if you are dead then you wouldn't need money :P
    [11:30] <BlackIC> shutup and send money
    [11:30] <BlackIC> its for my
    [11:30] <BlackIC> umm
    [11:30] <BlackIC> err
    [11:30] <BlackIC> widow
    [11:30] <BlackIC> ya
    [11:30] <Xta-C> hahah

    [13:27] <atila> woowoo ! New PSX ISO FTP @ ftp://ilove:bleem@ - If it doesn't connect, just keep trying !
    [13:31] <marco_a> atila: is that ftp for real?

    [13:30] <Kokiri> I put a modchip in my toaster and now it cooks tacos!
    [13:31] <Krool> i put a modchip in my vcr, now it plays dvd's
    [13:31] <Kokiri> LOL
    [13:31] <Krool> it does!
    [13:31] <Krool> honest!
    [13:31] <Kokiri> yeah, but i wasnt lying about the toaster
    [13:31] <Krool> and you think im lying about mine ?

    [14:01] <atila> 1'm 7h3 |337 h4x0r, 1 w1|| h4x0r 8|33m w1d3 0p3n, 1 4/\/\ |337
    [14:02] <nemesis1> atila: wow. it must be too early for me, I almost couldn't read that :)
    [14:02] <atila> </small penis mode off>

    [18:30] <TheKorn> according to nintendo, it's illegal to buy a cartridge that has a SEGA label on it.

    [20:56] <Intrceptr> atila, your quotes page sucks, i'm not in it!
    [20:56] <atila> you are now :)

    [11:38] <Kokiri> I had sex last night, and it was so good, even the neighbours had a cigarette :P

    [12:30] <Nakor> does direct3d make it all crisp and yummy?

    [12:41] <Orochi> Its difficult to keep a page up when you have no real way of makeing cash off of it. Emu fans have absolutely no tollerance for banners and it isn't like an emu site can charge for its services.
    [12:41] <Malicious> Yeah
    [12:41] <Gurty> IHOR, you jane
    [12:41] <Malicious> Emu site-maintenance seems to be done for prestige only, which gets old after awhile, I suppose
    [12:42] <atila> I do it for the groupies
    [12:42] <atila> free sex is the best

    [21:39] * Gav speeks goud Engysh, aftar awl, eye l34rnt fr0m d4 l33t s4q =P </conj-o-font>
    [21:40] <NaMcO> pk m⣣ mt

    [16:24] <MercuryZ> I have 367 hustler mags, and all the pages are stuck together!

    [17:29] <Gridle> From MAME sources, vidhrdw/neogeo.c: /* Sign extend it. Where is the SEX instruction when you need it :-) */

    [11:26] <bugslovah> playing doom with a gamepad is like a one legged man trying to win a butt kicking contest

    [13:39] <|famista|> i remember when i got banned from #emu after conj had had some eye op, cause i told him that constant wanking sends u blind

    [14:33] <mr2600> the super gameboy is basically a z80 and sound chip in a snes cart

    [15:24] <bugslovah> how can ANYONE charge 70 bucks for a nomad when an actual genesis costs 15 bucks new?

    [17:21] <EazyCheez> my nephew is an annoying little bastard (G)
    [17:21] <EazyCheez> he's almost 4
    [17:23] <EazyCheez> hehe calls me a butthead and says my mom dresses me funny :)

    [11:50] <coolmos> hi stick
    [11:51] <coolmos> how's your nuts today ? :)
    [11:51] <Stick_Fig> a squirrel chewed them off.

    [12:36] * |Ray| thinks everyone of #retrogamers should donate 20$ so we can buy atila a new face
    [12:36] <atila> hell, I donate $40!
    [12:37] <atila> hey, wait a minute

    [14:16] <DMUltra> man I want that meka beta so bad I can taste it.

    [14:40] <JAS^> is the rumour that tracy lords will be promoting the next release of retrocade and will appear nude on the startup screen true?

    [15:16] <BlackIC> cable modem and cant find warez
    [15:17] <BlackIC> someome shoot me in the penis

    [20:42] <Gridle> Hey I'm a woman, trust me!

    [13:29] <Krool> that topic of "videogame violence" makes me so mad...i went out and illegally bought a gun today >:)

    [12:48] <atila> I'm trying to pimp monica lewinsky, but noone wants to pay $100 for "no sex"
    [12:48] <DrDVS1> LOL

    [13:12] <Odie-LAZY> Only LOSJ can give you an orgasm just by watching the intro.. the game is soooo good!

    [14:21] <Limbs_aF> i once assasinated a president after watching a bugs bunny cartoon.. elmer fudd made me do it!

    [20:15] <Steve_W> gibz me l33t psx2 emu d00dz!!! me am brasil l33t hackerz

    [20:20] <TheKorn> a booty disk... yeah, I had one of those, when I was 13 or so.

    [22:15] <SwampGas> hawhwhahawhawhawhah
    [22:15] <SwampGas> $year += 1900; $hour = "0" . $hour if($hour < 10);
    [22:15] <SwampGas> zd isn't y2k compatible

    [22:02] <}Sharon{> i have an AOL video card

    [22:17] <KornBug> damn I'm FUCKING stupid

    [22:23] <Gurty> if it's aussie it certainly comes from here in queensland
    [22:23] <Gurty> we ARE the skin cancer capital of the world you know :P

    [22:55] <Rastan-> Woo Hoo, I just hooked a new subwoofer up to my computer
    [22:55] <Rastan-> it's great, I can't hear my parents having sex anymore

    [22:57] *** Quits: BlackIC (i am da white shaft dig?)

    [15:36] <RandyMan> ftp.myass.com is good too
    [15:36] <Jedi`> port 21?
    [15:37] <`Trojan`> hehe

    [15:42] <RandyMan> Talez: I have a friend that works in a morgue... lots of girls to kiss

    [17:15] <Zophar> tortila: it snows in netherlandishness?
    [17:15] <atila> hahaha
    [17:15] <atila> yeah
    [17:15] <atila> it was below zero last night, btw
    [17:15] <Zophar> i thought it only rained shit
    [17:15] <lev> That's so messed up man. Heheheehe.
    [17:15] <Zophar> do you have the loch ness monster?
    [17:15] <Zophar> or is that scotland

    [17:22] <blazemore> to tell you the truth, i've never had 3.1 crash on me... :)
    [17:22] <atila> liar
    [17:22] <TheKorn> really?
    [17:22] <TheKorn> I used to get BSODs (black screen of death) a lot with 3.1
    [17:22] <blazemore> i'm serious
    [17:22] <blazemore> back on my 386
    [17:22] <atila> then you never used it ?
    [17:22] <blazemore> not a single crash
    [17:22] <TheKorn> heh
    [17:22] <TheKorn> or possibly, didn't ever use it on a network
    [17:23] <atila> that's impossible, we're talking about an M$ product here

    [15:17] <[RiCO]> how come I'm not on your quotes page ;) ?
    [15:17] <[RiCO]> oh ya
    [15:17] <atila> :)
    [15:17] <[RiCO]> I don't hang out in #rg ;)

    [20:15] <g> I can't believe I'm d/l IE4

    [20:21] <Videoman> Bleem! is buggy as cr*p.
    [20:21] <Videoman> other than that, it's really cool. :)

    [20:52] <Wilber> Windows Error 023: Out of disk space. Delete Windows? (Y)es (H)ell yes!
    [20:52] <avtr> H

    [21:55] <Odie-DCC> There is rumour that Windows 2000 is a great OS

    [19:42] *** TheKorn2 is now known as KornPhone
    [19:44] <TheKorn> damn telemarketers
    [19:44] <TheKorn> "we want to sell you life insurance, free for 30 days" 'does it cover suicide in the first 30 days?' "no." 'then why the hell woudl I want it!??'

    [21:31] <Longevity> atila> You know it as well as I do that your a lesbian.
    [21:31] <Gurty-II> no, that's lesbanian :P
    [21:31] <Intrceptr> look, people, there are women out there, you just gotta remove your sticky jizzed fingers from the keyboard for a while, and go outside
    [21:31] <Gurty-II> people from lesbos or whatever are not lesbians :P
    [21:32] <MercuryZ> I am proud to call myself a ethnic male lesbanian

    [14:22] <Targaff> I've never managed to cope with more than five minutes of teletubbies... all they did in the entire time was stand and point at a puddle, then step into it and giggle, then step out of it
    [14:23] <Targaff> screwed my head up, it did
    [14:23] <}Sharon{> bahahahahahaha
    [14:23] <TheKorn> hehe
    [14:23] <TheKorn> I want to know who's crack baby is in the sun.

    [14:24] <Krool> you mock teletubbies all you like....barny is satan in purple!
    [14:24] <}Sharon{> zoop you silly
    [14:24] * madmax1 yawns
    [14:24] <Zoop_> hahaha
    [14:24] <Trojie> Barny is worse that teletubbies
    [14:24] <Trojie> than
    [14:24] <TheKorn> barney.... wasn't he the inspiration for Doom?

    [19:55] <DaemoN_> HOLY CRAP
    [19:55] <DaemoN_> new eater egg
    [19:55] <BlackIC> wohoo
    [19:56] <DaemoN_> open meka
    [19:56] <DaemoN_> load each alex kidd game release by alphabetifcallyy orrderrrr
    [19:56] <DaemoN_> then hold ctrl
    [19:56] <DaemoN_> and type IHAVEAWIFE
    [19:57] <Spinner_8> ?!
    [19:57] <DaemoN_> it'll show pictures of atila eating watermelons with a fork

    [21:43] <Longevity> paul> Yes, the ION engine is capable of travel at 3/4 of the speed of light.
    [21:43] <paul101> u been watching star wars again ?

    [21:49] <KidHype> I got 2 turntables and a microphone
    [21:49] <netBEUI> l00k 0ut
    [21:49] <atila> I got 2 bitches and a dick
    [21:49] <atila> ;)
    [21:49] <netBEUI> roflmao
    [21:50] <netBEUI> I've got 2 quarters and a Naughty Boy machine

    [21:50] <KidHype> atila the human cum gun

    [12:09] <Krool> i run a pirate warez ring from jail

    [12:26] <Krool> notice all these school massacres are white kids ?
    [12:26] <atila> yeah
    [12:26] <atila> :)
    [12:26] <Krool> strange ? nope
    [12:26] <Krool> not one for unsolved mysteries there
    [12:27] <MuSs0LinI> no, cuz you don't hear about da niggaz killing each other, cuz that's normal
    [12:27] <Krool> niggaz dont go to school :)
    [12:27] <Krool> coz...niggaz dont read (major Chris Rock Influences - Atila)
    [12:27] <MuSs0LinI> besides, the white kids have access to better guns and will face less competition ... nigga go to a blak skool with a gun and open fire, got 20 niggaz poppin caps in HIS ass
    [12:28] <atila> LOL !!
    [12:28] <Krool> you got it

    [12:31] <Acme-aWaY> The only ones to blame are the Parents...what kinda Christmas Present is a Gun?

    [12:33] <MuSs0LinI> "Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a nice Glock. An AK-47 preferably, but anything with a loose trigger and a few hundred rounds"
    [12:33] <chemical> Haahaha
    [12:33] <Odie-AOF4> Here, have a shotgun my boy, and for your 10th birthday I'll let you play with my grenade and meanwhile, you can play on Ikari Warriors
    [12:33] <chemical> I've been a extra good boy, please throw in some hang greneades too
    [12:33] <[aNTiB]> now you see... its the internet they're gonna blame it on when they hear us talking like this!
    [12:34] <chemical> er hand
    [12:34] <chemical> :)
    [12:34] <Acme-aWaY> Dear santa I want a Mp5 Suppresed fire of course, a Ar-15 With a Silence and a Scope with laser Sight.