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  •    Saturday, February 28th 2004 - Last updated @ 01:16 EST

  • Jeremy Soule ReMixes Final Fantasy 6 - Jeremy Soule, composer for the popular PC RPGs Morrowind and Icewind Dale, recently submitted a fantastic arrangement of the Terra theme from FF6, honoring Nobuo Uematsu and giving some props to the unofficial game music arrangement community as well. You can check the ReMix out here and visit Jeremy's website at http://www.jeremysoule.com/. - david

  •    Friday, February 27th 2004 - Last updated @ 20:02 EST

  • System 16 Updated - Yes, its time for a bit of self pimping again, as I've updated my site :)
    What started out as a behind the scenes spring cleaning exercise with little new content has turned into a proper update, lots of new stuff and some details on more up and coming games announced in the recent arcade shows... - Sixtoe

  • Believe it or Not - Stern's latest offering, courtesy of Pat Lawlor Design has entered the testing phase and should begin shipping sometime in March. Gameroom Magazine has put up the first pictures of the playfield here. Cabinet and translite pics can be found over at Pinballnews.com, although they seem to have bandwidth problems as of 2/26. Pinball must be getting pretty popular. Finally, Pat has provided this picture showing the first prototype being playtested. Looks to be a great game - very interesting playfield design, and great art by John Youssi. - metallik

  •    Thursday, February 26th 2004 - Last updated @ 20:19 EST

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium - Arbee has updated his WIP with a screenshot of his windows port of Richard Bannisters Audio Overload - Sixtoe

  •    Wednesday, February 25th 2004 - Last updated @ 01:19 EST

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his site with a picture of Radikal Bikers running, he also updated his log a few days ago - Sixtoe

  • ClrMamePro 3.24 Released - Roman has updated ClrMamePro, with a few more additions and improved deep analysis checks - Sixtoe

  • Guru's Model 3 Page Updated - I havnt had a chance to update the Supermodel WIP recently, so guru beat me to showing some pictures of Sega Bass Fishing on his dump status page :) - Sixtoe

  • Choodo/Icarus Combine - The various authors of these two dreamcast emulators have decided to pool their resources under the Icarus banner, so, "Choodo is dead, long live Icarus!" etc... - Sixtoe

  • StepMania 3.9 alpha 13 Released - This dancing machine simulator has had another alpha update fixing some nasty bugs from Alpha 12 - Sixtoe

  • WinUAE 0.8.25 Released - The best Amiga emulator out there has got a new update, mainly bug fixes in this one - Sixtoe

  • RascalBoy Advance Released - This gameboy advance emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • SpectrumAnyWhere 1.1 Released - This ZX Spectrum emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • VirtuaNES v0.91b Released - This NES emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • PocketGnuboy ver. 1.18 Released - This gameboy emulator for WinCE has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • JOYCE v2.1.5 Released - This Amstrad PCW emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • FakeNES WIP February 21 Released - This NES emulator has had another WIP update - Sixtoe

  • Well... - Just in case you're wondering, sometimes I can post news, sometimes I cant, sorry its a bit sporadic but I have to squeeze it in between other things so you'll have to bear with me ;) - Sixtoe

  •    Tuesday, February 24th 2004 - Last updated @ 04:53 EST

  • MorphGear Beta - A new beta version of MorphGear, the modular emulator that is free for the Win32 platform and shareware (for certain modules) for the Pocket PC, has been released. - MetaFox

  • Advance Projects Update - The Advance Projects page has been updated with new releases for its projects: The MAME build with additional features AdvanceMAME v0.79.1, as well as the MESS varient AdvanceMESS v0.79.0.0, and the multiple emulator GUI, AdvanceMENU v2.3.1. - MetaFox

  • Win68K 0.94 - Speaking of x68000 emulators, Win68K has also been updated. This japanese emulator is now up to version 0.94 in both it's original and High Speed versions (also available in English). - MetaFox

  • XM6 1.52 - The japanese x68000 emulator, eXcellent eMulator type 6 has been updated to 1.52. - MetaFox

  •    Sunday, February 22nd 2004 - Last updated @ 07:31 EST

  • C.A.P.S. Updated - Huge update over at the caps page, as always, any help there is appreciated - Sixtoe

  •    Friday, February 20th 2004 - Last updated @ 14:03 EST

  • xmame/xmess-0.79.1 - xmame/xmess-0.79.1 is now available. Thanks to all those who make these releases possible. Changes:
    • Everything from MAME 0.79 (http://x.mame.net/changes-mame.html) andMESS 0.79 (http://x.mame.net/changes-mess.html).
    • Added a missing osd_die() definition. Without this, OpenVMS was
      reporting a compile error.
    • More changes to support OpenVMS. (Robert Alan Byer)
    • Updated the ALSA DSP module to use the ALSA 1.0 API. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    • Paths now allow a literal "$" if it's preceded by "\". (Andre Majorel)
    • The JOY_SDL option should now actually work with non-SDL targets. (Gorka Olaizola)
    • Fixed a segfault that occurred when "-debug" was used with a rotated game.
    • The debugger window should no longer be blank for 32bpp games.
    • Fixed a bug in fix-comments.c that was causing it to mangle src/drivers/vendetta.c.
    • When XINPUT is defined in the makefile but no XInput devices are
      configured, the mouse is treated as a trackball. (Gerd Sussner)
    • Added SYSCONFDIR to the makefile to specify a path for systemwide configuration files. (Nicos Panayides)
    • Hacked support for CHD files into the mame-cd script in the contrib tools directory. Also fixed a few small bugs.
    • The Xv YUV code should now work on big-endian platforms. (Maciej J. Woloszyk)
    • Removed "neomame" and "cpsmame" as targets from the makefile since the core no longer supports them.
    • The trigger for the ACT LABS TV light gun now works; reloading now
      requires only one offscreen shot instead of two. (Joe)
    - chris

  •    Thursday, February 19th 2004 - Last updated @ 21:14 EST

  • MESS 0.79 - A new MESS has been released. Several new MSX variants have been added to this release. Read the full changelog here. - chris

  • ScummVM 0.6.0-PRE testing - from the scummvm homepage;
    We have recently branched ScummVM 0.6.0, and are now entering the final testing phase. As such, we would be most happy if people could test the latest daily builds (or CVS build from tag 'branch-0-6-0' and report their results.
    We have already conducted preliminary testing of several games, but the following still have not been tested and should take priority:
    * V1 Maniac Mansion
    * V2 Maniac Mansion
    * V1 Zak McKracken
    * V2 Zak McKracken
    * EGA Indiana Jones 3
    * VGA Indiana Jones 3
    * EGA Monkey Island 1
    * Monkey Island 2
    * The Dig
    * Curse of Monkey Island (Monkey 3)
    Please report any testing results on our General Forum. Thanks in advance for helping to shape up the next release of ScummVM!

    - Sixtoe

  • Supermodel WIP - The Supermodel WIP has been updated with some news and piccys for your enjoyment.
    There's also the latest batch of submitted logo's for the Supermodel logo competition (which is now coming to a close so we'll have to decide on the winner soon :) - Sixtoe

  •    Wednesday, February 18th 2004 - Last updated @ 05:24 EST

  • ClrMamePro 3.23 Released - Roman has updated clrmame to 3.23, and this one is definitly worth a download if you want your neogeo roms to work after the next MAME update, nuff said... - Sixtoe

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium Updated - Arbee has updated his WIP with some news about M1 and MAME updates and also a request - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - A nice picture of the character select screen over at Aarons site of Surf Planet. - Sixtoe

  • DoxDev Updated - Dox has caught up and updated his WIP - Sixtoe

  • Haze WIP Updated - Haze has posted an update to his WIP - Sixtoe

  • 3D-Arcade Updated - This 3D MAME frontend has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • MAME WIP - Has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • EasyMAME 2.2 Released - This MAME frontend has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Virtual Jaguar WIP - Some new screenshots over at their WIP page - Sixtoe

  • RiceVideo Released - This N64 plugin has had a name change and has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • FakeNES WIP February 17 Released - This NES emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Bochs 2.1.1 Released - This PC emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Pale 1.6 beta Released - This Atari Lynx emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Oswan v0.72 Released - This Wonderswan emulator has been Updated, (keep going down thread to see) - Sixtoe

  • ARAnyM v0.8.7 beta Released - This Atari ST emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • EmuZWin v2.3 Release 1.3 - This Spectrum emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • FreeDO beta 1.6.2 Released - This 3D0 emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • DSP emulator version 0.1 Released - This Spectrum/Z80 emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • V41 Pre-Release 8 beta Released - This HP Calculator emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Commodore Plus/4 Emulator v1.24 - This emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • iP6 Plus Release 4.7 - This PC-6000/6600 emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Neko ProjectII ver0.74 Released - This PC-9801 emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • SNESGT Ver 0.160 Released - This SNES emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • ZSNES WIP February 13 Released - This SNES emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Project Tempest v0.95 Released - This Atari Jaguar emulator has been Updated - Sixtoe

  • Crikey - That'll teach me to have a few days off, I'll play catch-up now but dont expect any in depth coverage! - Sixtoe

  •    Monday, February 16th 2004 - Last updated @ 20:15 EST

  • PocketSNES Released - Loopy's SNES emulator for Gameboy Advance has been released: PocketSNES! :)

    From the readme:

    Hell has frozen over. A SNES emulator for the GBA is born.

    Please understand this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. That means lots of things are still broken, buggy, or just plain don't work. A lot of SNES functionality has not been emulated yet. Many (in fact, almost ALL)commercial games are still unplayable or look like crap.

    You have been warned.
    - prophet

  •    Friday, February 13th 2004 - Last updated @ 14:05 EST

  • Giles Update - Aaron Giles has posted yet another update to what I think is Radikal Bikers. - chris

  • E-Mail woes - My emails gone down the pan completely, so if you're wondering why I'm not replying to any of your emails its because I probably haven't even got them, I'm getting around 5% of my normal volume of mails, and it looks like its going to go on for a while as well.
    Check here for the sordid (and frankly pathetic) details. - Sixtoe

  • GBA Emulates SNES - They said it was impossible. They were wrong. PocketSNES, coming eventually, from none other than Loopy, the genius behind PocketNES. It will reportedly run at "playable" speeds, albeit without sound, and there's even a video floating around if you look hard enough. SNES emulated on a 17Mhz GBA... Amazing. - prophet

  •    Thursday, February 12th 2004 - Last updated @ 13:11 EST

  • M1 Lists Updated - Fujix has updated the list packs for BridgeM1 and M1 command line version. There are now 692 English lists and 720 Japanese lists - Sixtoe

  • Supermodel WIP & Logo Competition - A small update to the WIP and some of the entrys for the logo competition are up - Sixtoe

  • Flarestorm [20040208] Released - This MAC Playstation emulator has been updated again, from the whatsnew,
    -Fixed CPU emulator
    -Implemented calloc system service
    -Added error emulation to CD-ROM control commands
    -Fixed CD-ROM DMA operation
    -Fixed CD-ROM ADPCM operation
    -Added shell open / close emulation to cdrom(stdsystem) / cddevice / cdimage plug-in
    -Moved data cache from cddevice plug-in to cdbuffer plug-in
    -Fixed a bug in spu that causes noises after stopping ADPCM
    -Fixed MDEC DMA operation
    -Fixed bugs in MemoryCardImage plug-in
    -Fixed bugs in memorycard_fs(memory card file system) plug-in
    -Added drag & drop support to Plug-In Manager
    -Fixed a bug that disables emulation thread's crash handler - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Some nice progress over at Aarons site, with a nice screenshot :) - Sixtoe

  • EasyMAME 2.1 Released - There has been an update to this very simple and easy to use MAME frontend, if you normally have trouble working any of the others this might be worth a look - Sixtoe

  • History.dat Updated - Fandemame has updated his History.dat for MAME - Sixtoe

  • Rice Daedalus 5.4.1 - This N64 graphics plugin has gotten an update, changes in 5.4.1,
    - Improved software vertex clipper, helps to solve many minor glitches in many games
    - Bug fixes:
    Full screen bug, pure function call error
    Texture LUT bug
    - Games improved:
    * Goldeneye, specially for multiple player mode
    * Fighting Force 64
    * Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero - Sixtoe

  • MAMEoX v0.79.1b Released - The latest MAME for Xbox has been updated to the latest MAME core, heres the whatsnew,
    + incorporated 0.79 MAME core
    + fixed a small bug for warning message when clock is not set
    - Some other general notes:
    + VMM isn't implemented yet, don't ask about it's status
    + There were some changes to memory handling in the MAME core in the last couple of releases, it's very possible more memory is required to run specific games now - Sixtoe

  • VirtuaNES v0.91a Released - This is a tiny update that resolves an issue with virus detectors. Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Raine v0.39.4d Released - This update fixes some more bugs and emulates more effects in F2 and Cave games. Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  •    Wednesday, February 11th 2004 - Last updated @ 22:56 EST

  • Haze WIP - Haze added an interesting screenshot to his WIP page, but is making no promises. - chris

  • Scale2x 2.0 - Scale2x is real-time graphics effect able to increase the size of small bitmaps guessing the missing pixels without interpolating pixels and blurring the images. Changes:
    • Added a new revision of the `scale3x' effect. It now looks good as `scale2x'.
    • Added a new optimized C version of the `scale2x' effect.
    • Added a detailed algorithm specification in the `algorithm.txt' file.
    • Minor fixes at the scalebit.c file.
    - chris

  •    Tuesday, February 10th 2004 - Last updated @ 10:49 EST

  • Supermodel WIP - Some great progress has been made with a new dump, looking nice after only a couple of days :)
    Also, I'd like to announce a logo competition for the emulator, at the moment my favourite is Mamu_'s one (which I'm using at the moment), which he sent in before I even asked, if you think you can do better, send it in! - Sixtoe

  • Bridge M1 052a Released - This update fixes a couple of bugs and corrects a small VU error with the new M1 test version - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Groovy! - Sixtoe

  • M1 "public test" 0.7.5a3 Released - R Belmont has released a windows public test version of his M1 music emulator over at emuhype. Bear in mind this is a proper "test" version, for details head along and read this forum post - Sixtoe

  •    Monday, February 9th 2004 - Last updated @ 20:39 EST

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium Updated - Arbee has updated his WIP with some nice M1 news - Sixtoe

  • Rice Daedalus 5.4.0 - This N64 graphics plugin has gotten a nice update fixing most of the known problems, what's new,
    - A complicated and comprehensive software vertex clipper
    - DirectX pixel shader 1.1
    - Better CPU frame buffer support
    Head along to this forum post to read specifics - Sixtoe

  • EMU7800 Updated - This is an open source .NET Atari 7800 Emulator for windows has got an update, whats new,
    "The Truth in Advertising" release... now, most 7800 titles are playable
    -7800 BIOS startup can be skipped
    -Both .a78 and .bin 7800 ROMs are supported
    -Added gamestate save/restore
    -Added mouse-based lightgun support, which works correctly for 2600 games
    -Added GUI options for varying emulation speed, etc.
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • AFROS 0.8.5 (Atari FRee OS) Updated - This disk image has been updated and contains latest FreeMiNT, TeraDesk and EmuTOS. New additions include TaskBar, JayGroups and JCLKTool. - Sixtoe

  • ARAnyM v0.8.6beta Released - This AtariST emulator has been updated, this version fixes several bad bugs and upgrading is highly recommended - Sixtoe

  • MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.79u1 - These builds have been updated to the MAME 0.79u1 core, thanks to Worldrave for the headsup - Sixtoe

  •    Sunday, February 8th 2004 - Last updated @ 21:11 EST

  • MAME Classic Frontend Updated - Richard has updated his frontend with several compatibilty fixes and updates - Sixtoe

  • Emu Loader v4.4.2 Released - Ciro has updated his frontend again, adding a new audit system - Sixtoe

  • MAME 0.79u1 Source Diff Released - Dunno what happened there, I seem to have posted the news in the wrnog order :),anyway, Haze has uploaded the lastest diff at his page, run along if you roll your own - Sixtoe

  • MAME32 0.79u1 Released - There are now going to be binary releases of Haze's source only updates over at mame32qa, starting with this one - Sixtoe

  • MAME WIP Updated - Crikey, Santeri must have got tired of watching ROTK as the MAME WIP has actually caught up to date, will wonders never cease ;) - Sixtoe

  • VisualBoyAdvance v1.7.1 Released - This release is now out of beta, it will be a while before the next release as the author plans to improve the emulator's timing. This was mainly a bug fix release for the problems with version 1.7.
    Core changes:
    - added SWI call (0xf9 in thumb mode) to exit emulator in SDL version
    - avoid crash when loading an invalid ELF file
    - avoid turning sound on if soundOffFlag is true
    - disabled remove intros option
    - fixed memory leak in ELF support code
    - fixed memory corruption if loading a bigger file than the memory to hold it
    - fixed some compile warnings in the profiling code
    - merged some big endian fixes into the code
    - update battery files more often (a bit after the save memory is last updated)
    - fixed bug with window support introduced in version 1.7
    - fixed HALT bug when no matching bits for interrupt
    - added cartridge save strings to bug report
    - changed default button on disassembly views to Go instead of Close
    - changed power management/screen saver disabling code again to avoid problems
    - fixed compilation problems on VC 7
    - fixed multi-monitor support
    - fixed bug loading memory dumps
    - fixed crash onb map/oam/tile viewers
    - fixed problem 320x240 mode open/save dialogs
    - fixed bug where user selected Gameboy colors were reset and not stored
    - fixed bug rendering the translator URL
    - fixed memory leak in OpenGL code which caused nasty problems
    - store throttle value between restarts of the emulator
    - updated FAQ and URL links to the new site
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  •    Saturday, February 7th 2004 - Last updated @ 21:39 EST

  • MAME WIP - Santeri has updated the MAME WIP page with the goings on up until the 26th January, still playing catch-up ;) - Sixtoe

  • BridgeM1 Updated - BridgeM1 is a front end for multiple arcade game and pinball sound emulator M1, its had another update fixing lots of things, from the readme,
    -Updated the ZIP component to the latest one (v2.6).
    -Added a support for $fixed_volume setting on trial. If .lst file has the setting, Bridge automatically turn off normalization and use the fixed volume value. You can disable this function in the options window.
    -Added a wave clipping indicator. Click the text to reset.
    -Modified to always reset the normalize state when a game is changed.
    -Fixed a bug that you can select song on the track list window when it is loading a rom.
    -Adjusted various colours (theme, buttons etc.)
    -Added an option to fade out for defalut track length.
    -Fixed a glitch that Bridge freezes if you change the desktop properties (design, colour depth, resolution, etc.) - Sixtoe

  • Reips MAME WIP Updated - Reip has updated his site with some pictures of Bulls Eye Darts that he's in the middle of emulating - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his page with some details on why Drivers Edge was such a pain in the arse to emulate - Sixtoe

  • Mac Emulator Enhancer Updated - Richard has also updated his Emulator Enhancer, fixing a couple of minor things - Sixtoe

  • Mac KiGB Updated - Richard has updated the Mac version of KiGB to v1.5.6, bringing it in sync with the latest version for PCs released last night. - Sixtoe

  • VirtuaNES v0.91 Released - This NES emulator has got another update, from the whatsnew,
    -Add a correspondence pattern to simple virus checkers.
    -A list view update method of Cheat support is changed.
    -Correct IRQ of MMC3. (Rockman 3)
    -Correct a triangle wave.
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • blueMSX 1.1.1 Released - This MSX emulator has seen another update, from the whatsnew,
    - Support for MSX2+ horizontal scroll.
    - Correct VRAM addressing in Screen 7 and 8.
    - Correct 256/512 pixel screen split behavior.
    - Improved PSG and SCC audio.
    - Support for R-TYPE, Harry Fox and Cross Blaim mega roms.
    - Support for Korean MSX1 and MSX2 system roms.
    - Support for .CAS tape files.
    - Uses DirectX for keyboard input. (Fixes problems when using win9x or AZERTY keyboards.)
    - Save state now works with MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO.
    - Caps lock and Kana lock indicators in status bar.
    - Fixed bug in "Insert Disk" menu that made history choises fail first time.
    - Minor bugfixes in megarom mapper.
    - Minor Z80 opcode updates.
    - Various non critical bug fixes.
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Hoxs64 v1.0.2.0 Released - Hoxs64 is a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows with DirectX7 or higher. The emulator is still under development, from the whatsnew,
    -Direct Sound set to software mode. Some machines show much poorer performance with hardware sound even with fast processors and memory. This is probably because hardware sound is optimised for large sound buffers and Hoxs64 uses small buffers. Try this version if sound is jerky with 600+Mhz PC.
    -No other fixes, so only download if you have jerky sound with fast machine.
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • KiGB V1.56 Released - This gameboy emulator has seen another update, from the help file,
    V1.56 (3004-2-4)
    - Highlights of this release:
    * Games started with N's are tested. Now, all games started with #'s, A's to M's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. More than 50% is done.
    * Added an option to pause in the main menu.
    - New Features:
    * Added an option to pause in the main menu.
    - Bugs Fixed:
    * In Win XP, some GB mono games crashed the emulator.
    * Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1, invalid opcode resulted after pressing Start at the title screen.
    * Parodius, the lazer beams were only shoot forward. This bug had already been fixed in V1.55.
    * Nihon Daiyou Soccer, at the screen where the bird appeared, the color incorrectly changed to green for a while.
    * NHL Hockey 95 and 96, the upper part of the window flashed during gameplay.
    * NHL Hockey 95, emulation speed was slow.
    * Following games were broken in V1.55:
    ~ Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (J) [C][t2], missing trainer screen.
    ~ Dark Man, sprites drawing problem when moving the player.
    ~ Beat Mania 2, invalid opcode resulted just before game play.
    ~ Boy and His Blob, garbage flashed just before game play.
    ~ Super Snaky, garbage appeared in the border just before game play.
    ~ Racing Mini 4WD - Lets Go!! MAX, invalid opcode resulted when selecting Stop Watch and choosing 1 Player.
    ~ When changing a SGB game to another, the new border did not show up.
    ~ The image of the old game might appear when changing to a new game.
    Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Multisystem Emulator v0.97j Released - This Z80 system emulator has seen another update, in this update MZ-800 scrolling is now supported, - Sixtoe

  • Atari800Win PLus 4.0 Released - There has been a an update of this Atari 800 emulator for windows bringing it in line with the most recent Atari800 sources (1.3.2), thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Rice's Daedalus 5.3.1 Linux port - Rice's Daedalus is a GPU plugin for the N64 emulator Mupen64, based on daedalus gpu plugin, this is a port of the new version of Rice's plugin to Linux - Sixtoe

  • No Name 0.78.11 Updated - Updated to the 0.78 MAME core, thanks to Hawq for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Qtmame 2.0.6 - Qtmame is a frontend to xmame. It shows snapshots, cabinets, marquees, titles, flyers, mameinfo, and history. It supports Catver.ini. Changes: This release fixes a version display problem, removes ctrlr support, changes the -fullscreen option to -x11, and has a new list of games for xmame 0.78.1. - chris

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium Updated - Arbee has updated his WIP page with some interesting news all round, some nice additions to M1, MAME, ZiNc and even a new surprise linux project ;) - Sixtoe

  •    Thursday, February 5th 2004 - Last updated @ 18:08 EST

  • WinUAE 0.8.24 Released - WinUAE, the premier Amiga emulator out there, has seen a new release, heres whats new:

    Bugs fixed:
    - Windows 9x/ME duplicate keypresses when using USB-keyboard
    - bsdsocket emulation updates (TCP:, Apache)
    - saving compressed state file without zlib1.dll created broken state file
    - crash after saving four or more state files

    New features:
    - improved multimonitor compatibility
    - sound volume slider and keyboard shortcuts
    (END+numpad -, END+numpad + and END+numpad *, also multimedia keys Volume +- and Mute)
    - configurable floppy drive sound emulation :)
    - improved debugger (new breakpoints, memwatch points etc..)
    - Windows XP-compatible multimouse support, improved input-support
    - FDI 2.0-disk image format
    - some smaller updates.. - Sixtoe

  •    Wednesday, February 4th 2004 - Last updated @ 19:36 EST

  • Supermodel WIP - The Supermodel WIP has been updated showing off the new texture caching method - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his site with even better progress on Drivers Edge and a nice in game screenshot, its looking really good now! - Sixtoe

  • Emu Loader v4.4.1 Released - This nice emulator frontend has seen another update, this time adding a feature to group games - Sixtoe

  • Emu28 Updated - There has also been an update to this windows open source Hewlett Packard HP18C and HP28C Clamshell series calculator emulator as well - Sixtoe

  • Emu48 Updated - There has been an update to this is a windows open source Hewlett Packard HP48 calculator emulator, the latest version of Emu48 can emulate a HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, HP48SX, HP48GX and a HP49G - Sixtoe

  • Raine v0.39.3 - Raine emulates some M68000 and M68020 arcade games and is mainly focused on Taito and Jaleco games hardware. Thanks to The Informer for the news. - chris

  •    Tuesday, February 3rd 2004 - Last updated @ 13:29 EST

  • DOSbox 0.61 - DOSbox 0.61 has arrived! This release adds paging support and Gus emulation. For the somewhat older games hercules support has been added. Dosbox has now support for opengl output and hardware scaling. This makes look 320x200 games look very nice on 1280x1024. All the changes can be read on the main page. The status page lists it's current compatibility (which is pretty darn good IMO). Enjoy! - chris

  • MAME (belated) WIP Updated - Santeri has updated the MAME WIP with an update from the middle of December featuring some loverly screenshots, better late than never I spose ;) - Sixtoe

  • Haze's Varia Metal WIP Updated - Haze has updated the screenshots on his WIP page showing the driver in a much improved state - Sixtoe

  • BridgeM1 List Packs Updated - The latest lists pack for BridgeM1 and M1 command line version have been updated (lists mirrored at emuhype due to bandwidth problems), 655 English lists and 684 Japanese lists are included in this update, check here for details of whats new - Sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his homepage with some nice WIP progress of his Drivers Edge driver - Sixtoe

  • Turbo M.A.M.E. 0.79 2004 Releasde - Turbo MAME is a very fast Windows frontend for MAME, what's new;
    -Major code cleanup
    -Various improvements
    -Fixed Lo-Fi bug so that changes are now saved
    -Added Get MAME link
    -Included the D3d pre-scale option (hidden)
    -Support for mame 0.79
    -Another Turbo MAME exclusive: MAME error messages
    -Still the fastest and smallest in the web! - Sixtoe

  • dcemu Updated - dcemu has been updated, is a very early WIP C++ based open source SDL Sega Dreamcast emulator using OpenGL - Sixtoe

  • VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.1 Beta Released - This superb GBA emulator has been updated again, please report any problems asap as the author plans to do a "release" version next weekend - Sixtoe

  • Fpse 0.09.1 Released - FPSEce, the Dynarec Playstation emulator for pocket pc has been updated adding loads of features - Sixtoe

  • RascalBoy Advance Released - This Windows GBA emu has been updated, heres whats new:
    -Feature to save/load inputs for few seconds or rewind previous state.
    -Feature to change thread priority for emulation.
    -Feature to associate emulator to .agb, .gba and .bin files.
    -Bug in Alpha blending emulation.
    -Bug in generating bitmap in screen capture routines.
    -Bug in generating save states routines.
    -Bug in writing VCOUNT and DISPSTAT registers.
    -Bug in opcodes SUB, SUBC and ADC
    Thanks to Hawq for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Kawaks v1.48 Released - This update to the CPS2 emulator brings it in lnie with MAME and adds the ability to change gamma settings, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Gest v0.84 Released - This update adds a few more working games, fixes some graphics problems, SQRXZ Color (V0.96)(PD)[C] works again, SGB border redraw fix, fixed problem when in SGB mode and loaded rom to GB2 resulted in empty screen, fixed the color palettes used when playing non-GBC games in GBC mode, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - Sixtoe

  • Saya RXSMS Version 0.40 Released - This Sega Master System emulator has been updated fixing lots of bugs and adding some enhancements - Sixtoe

  • SpecEmu Version 2.0 beta Released - This spectrum emulator has been updated to version 2 beta - Sixtoe

  • PALE 1.5 Released - Pete has updated his Lynx emulator - Sixtoe

  • fastMAME 0.79 Released - This MAME derivative build has been updated to 0.79 - Sixtoe

  • MameAthlon/MameK6 0.79 Released - Shonk has uploaded Athlon and K6 compiled binaries of MAME 0.79 - Sixtoe

  •    Monday, February 2nd 2004 - Last updated @ 23:17 EST

  • knoppiXmame 1.2 - KnoppiXMAME is a bootable CD/DVD image with hardware automatic probing and configuration for playing MAME games. No games are included, but they can be added to the ISO image, as well as new versions of X-MAME, gxmame, and the Linux kernel. Changes: can be read here. - chris

  • Linux on GameCube - GameCube Linux has released a 1 MB busybox-based Linux system that contains screen output, network code, a telnet server and a webserver. - chris

  • AdvanceMAME v0.79.0 - AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS are unofficial MAME and MESS versions with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. Changes:
    • Added LCD support at the Linux version using the lcdproc library. You can now display arbitrary messages on the LCD using the "lcd" command on the scripts.
    • Added the `device_svgawin_skipboard' and `device_svgaline_skipboard' options to control which video board to use in Windows and DOS in case you have more than one video board on the system.
    • To compile in DOS/Window now you must use the `Makefile.usr' file.
    • Fixed a problem when converting old options name to the new values. The conversion was failing if more than one conversion was required.
    • Splitted the big source file blit.c in small parts. This should reduce the memory requirement when compiling.
    - chris

  • AdvanceMENU v2.3.0 - AdvanceMENU is a frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME, MESS, RAINE and any other emulator. Changes:
    • Added a the new entry `multiloopall' at the `ui_clip' option which loops all the clips.
    • To compile in DOS/Window now you must use the `Makefile.usr' file.
    • Added the "m" library at the link step. This solve the linking problem with recent MINGW compilers.
    • Fixed a problem when converting old options name to the new values. The conversion was failing if more than one conversion was required.
    - chris

  • New Eugene Jarvis Arcade - Eugene Jarvis, creator of Defender, Robotron, NARC, SmashTV, and Cruis'n USA is reported to be working on a new arcade game. He plans to change the depressed arcade market by bucking the trend of "...ultra-low budget dogs, ports of faded consumer titles, or overpriced white elephants that just don't earn." More information can be found here. Thanks to Slashdot Games for the news. - chris

  •    Sunday, February 1st 2004 - Last updated @ 23:17 EST

  • Wine Traffic #207 - This is the 207th issue of the Wine Weekly News publication. - chris

  • GBAGI 1.01 - Here at last, GBAGI, the interpreter/emulator/software that runs your favorite original Sierra games including King's Quest 1-4, Space Quest 1-2, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Manhunter 1-2, The Black Cauldron, and more on your Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Changes: Fixes the save and inventory bugs. - chris

  • Mamu_'s Icons - Mamu_ has completed his work on a new set of Icons for MAME 0.79! There is a new web site layout as well. - chris

  • Supermodel WIP - A new WIP update is available showing some more progress - Sixtoe

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