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  •    Monday, February 28th 2005 - Last updated @ 17:13 EST

  • SPEED BUGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Okay, well I shouldn't get TOO excited. Nothing is actually playable yet, but some progress is being made on the greatest arcade game of all time! :) - chris

  • MAME 0.93 - MAME has been updated. The main feature of this release is Aaron's huge update to the sound system. There is a high chance this has introduced new sound / crashing bugs in several drivers. A number of problems were already found and fixed prior to the 0.93 release thanks to Aaron, Derrick and R.Belmont. Updates will follow to correct any severe bugs found. Please test this release extensively. Submit any bugs you find in regards to the sound system to Mame Testers.

    Thanks to mosquito2001 for the news. - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, February 24th 2005 - Last updated @ 20:05 EST

  • Kega Fusion 3.11 - Kega, Steve Snake's multiple Sega console emulator, has been updated to 3.11. Here's what's new:

    - Fixed silly YM2612 bug that I added in the last version.
    - Now selecting -fullscreen from the command line will not alter fullscreen setting in the INI file.

    Thanks to Terry Bogard for the news. - MetaFox

  •    Monday, February 21st 2005 - Last updated @ 08:05 EST

  • MAME™ - Yes, get used to it folks. The MAME logo will probably start having a (TM) mark after it in the near future. As to who will own the name, I guess that remains to be seen. An official statement here. I guess the times-are-a-changin'. :/ - chris

  •    Sunday, February 20th 2005 - Last updated @ 09:46 EST

  • Sms Plus 0.2 for DC - Pascal's port of Charles MacDonald's SMSPlus to Dreamcast has been updated. The changes include single game emulation, paddle emulation, preliminary ligthgun emulation, favourite games saving, CodeMaster game mapper, Rapid fire, 3D glasses faking, fixing of several bugs, and a VMU saving rewrite. Note that the new saving code is incompatible with the older code, so you have to delete any previous savegames from your VMU. (sram/savestates are included too, unfortunately) - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, February 17th 2005 - Last updated @ 08:33 EST

  • ATTENTION PARENTS! - Microsoft has put out a special security report on the code language of dangerous Microsoft pirates. Parents should protect their children from people who talk like this. Thanks to Gridle for the link. - chris

  •    Wednesday, February 16th 2005 - Last updated @ 15:07 EST

  • Flight of the Amazon Queen - Clemmy made a preconfigured ScummVM setup including datafiles of Flight of the Amazon Queen, one of the best adventure games ever made. Unluckily it is not that well known, maybe Clemmy's work will change that ;) Get it from here. - Hanman

  •    Monday, February 14th 2005 - Last updated @ 14:51 EST

  • SMS PLUS S60 1.01 - SMS Plus S60 is a port of Charles MacDonald's SMSPlus to the Nokia N-Gage and other Series 60 phones. The features include the loading of Master System and GameGear roms, including zipped roms, savestates, screen rotating, sound volume adjusting/disabling, and auto frameskipping. Here's what's new:

    - Added another No block call (multiple keypress) and lowered the samplerate to 8Khz from 16 Khz. Lets see if it works any better. - MetaFox

  • NeoCDv2 for Dreamcast - Quzar has released a new version of NeoCD, the original Neo Geo CD emulator for Dreamcast, also based on NeoCD/SDL. Here's what's new:
    -Now sfx are working
    -Fixed a few possible graphics problems (based on gneogeo)
    -Now all CDDA should work.
    -Now uses CZ80 (double thanks to Stef D.)
    -Re-wrote the controller code to KOS native controls
    -Re-written CDDA code to KOS (thanks to GPF)
    -Began updating sound code to the newest mame specifications for the chips
    -Began improving memory handling to try to fix different problems with the emulator (hoping to get it better than PC version =P)
    -Left Trigger now disables sound (at times it takes a bit to re-start)
    -Made various small changes to the sourcecode including many things to reduce total size (now under 800kb =) - MetaFox

  •    Sunday, February 13th 2005 - Last updated @ 21:41 EST

  • Neo4All for Dreamcast Alpha Two - Neo4All, Chui's port of NeoCD/SDL to the Dreamcast, has been updated. Here's what's new:

    - 640x480 video resolution (respect original ratio).
    - FAME 68000 core fixed (a lot games runs).
    - Crystalline Sound without lag.
    - White tiles bug fixed.
    - Input with keyboard bug fixed. - MetaFox

  • Raiden Fighters 2 Sprites Decrypted - MAME's daddy has decrypted the sprite graphics for Raiden Fighters 2, which in turn may, or may not, lead to decryption of more games in the famous Raiden series of SHMUPs. Check Nicola's blog for the full details and a screenshot. Thanks Fakester for the messageboard post. - prophet

  • MAME 0.92 - MAME 0.92 "TNZS bugfix Vegas" has been released. - MetaFox

  •    Saturday, February 12th 2005 - Last updated @ 22:07 EST

  • superDCision v1 - Elefas has released the first test release of his port of the Watara Supervision emulator, Potator, to the Dreamcast. - MetaFox

  •    Wednesday, February 9th 2005 - Last updated @ 15:18 EST

  • REminiscence 0.1.2 for Dreamcast - GPF has released a new version of his port of cyx's interpreter for Delphine Software's Flashback to Dreamcast. Here's what's new:

    - added sound effects playback
    - added support for polygonal cutscenes
    - added support for final credits sequence
    - fixed instructions screen display in english version - MetaFox

  •    Tuesday, February 8th 2005 - Last updated @ 01:48 EST

  • RB WIP - Belmont has some pics of an Apple IIGS MESS driver being worked on by Nathan Woods. - chris

  •    Monday, February 7th 2005 - Last updated @ 09:29 EST

  • Neo4All Alpha One for Dreamcast - Chui has released his port of NeoCD/SDL to the Dreamcast. These are the features so far: Close to 100% speed (frameskip0 with sound-fx), FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k, CZ80 Zilog Z80 core by Stef, and a New Blitter using cache tile (pvr textures). - MetaFox

  • RAW-DC 0.1.1 - RAW-DC, the Dreamcast port of the discontinued interpreter for Another World/Out of This World by Eric Chahi for Delphine Software, has been updated with permission granted by cyx, the author of the PC version of RAW. This version brings the Dreamcast version up-to-date with the PC version - now with sound and controller support. The Dreamcast version will be updated at least once more, as I plan to fix the "stickiness" of the controller buttons, add VMU saving, and get the game up to full speed. - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, February 3rd 2005 - Last updated @ 11:59 EST

  • REminiscense port to Dreamcast - GPF has ported cyx's Flashback interpreter, REminiscense to Dreamcast. - MetaFox

  • Enterprise Cancelled - I just found out that STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE has been cancelled, this season will be the last season :x - atila

  •    Tuesday, February 1st 2005 - Last updated @ 13:36 EST

  • The Rockin' B's Sega Saturn Emulators - The Rockin' B has released a port of the gameboy and gameboy color emulator Gnuboy to the Sega Saturn. Some commercial gameboy (not color) roms run on this emulator. The smaller the game, the better it runs. Some 64K roms run, and almost all 32K roms run.

    He also released ports for Atari Lynx - Handy, NeoGeo Pocket and NeoGeo Pocket Color - Neopop, and Wonderswan - OSwan. Each of these emulators have higher compatibility than Gnuboy Saturn, as most commercial and homebrew games will run.

    Every emulator contains an archive with an alternative binary which is the same emulator with additional statistic data (makes it slower). This serves to verify future speedups and compare emulator efficiency between them.

    As a sidenote, thanks to The Rockin' B's efforts in porting emulators to the good old Sega Saturn, my interest in the system has been awakened once again. I have decided to resume daily updates on Saturn Emulation. - MetaFox

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