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  •    Monday, March 30th 2009 - Last updated @ 07:37 EST

  • FCEUX 2.1

    What's new... HERE.
    - lev

  • bsnes 0.042

    What's new...
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing BS-X carts from loading and mapping properly
    -Fixed a bug with mapping joypads after the first
    -Improved window centering code to reduce flickering, still a bit volatile on Linux due to Qt/X11 limitations
    -Minor cleanup work on S-PPU BG renderer Improved mouse axis / button mapping
    -Added proper support for analog joypad inputs: both sticks and triggers are now fully supported
    -Windows: added RawInput support, allows up to 16 keyboards + mice to be mapped independently
    -Windows: added XInput support, allows Xbox 360 controller triggers to operate independently
    -Windows and Linux: Screen saver and monitor power saving disable re-added

    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, March 29th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:42 EST

  • MAME 0.130u2

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  • NeoRaine 1.2.5

    What's new...
    * Fix a rare cache corruption bug (which could load some bad sprites in some very specific cases).
    * Better handling of commands to restart the same audio track (previously it was interpreted as unpause command)
    * Better support of cue files with multiple audio files in them (previously some files could very well not be found).
    * Support for starting indexes for audio tracks in cue files.
    - Fangface

  • Raine 0.51.4

    What's new...
    * Reset game in "Game Options" in the gui now immediately returns to the game
    * gui: The font size is checked every time the video mode changes now, which avoids a glitch where the dialogs might be unreadable after changing the video mode.
    * Improvements to the gui, fixes some display bugs, and the file/dir selector gains a title.
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, March 28th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:18 EST

  • Ootake 2.09

    What's new...
    - "HighQuality" button was added to the options menu (Option button after started). Please use it when you want to make it to "High setting of quality from default" easily. Processing becomes heavy a little.
    - The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In "Star Breaker", the problem that had been freezed (generated from v1.62) was solved. In the third stage boss of "Mizubaku Daibouken", the problem that the lower side of the remainder life display had flickered (generated by a recent version) was solved. I think a lot of other software to have approached the movement of a real machine (especially, timing of picture of the visual scene and the sound).
    - Fangface

  • Stella 2.7.5

    What's new...
    * After about 2 years, finally fixed the infamous 'red screen' issue when using ATI video cards in OpenGL mode in Windows. In the end, it was determined to be a bug in the ATI drivers. Special thanks go to Phillip Pi for bugtesting and constant feedback wrt this bug.
    * Fixed bug in TIA SCORE mode emulation when the Priority bit is also set. This fixes a very noticable graphical glitch in 'Swordquest Waterworld', as well as minor glitches in several other ROMs such as 'Space Shuttle'.
    * Treat spaces as normal characters in the ROM launcher. This means that ROMs with spaces can be located with quick selection (ie, typing characters will automatically jump to a ROM with that name, and typing 'space' won't cause the launcher to jump back to the top of the list).
    * The debugger window can now have a minimum height of 620 lines (previously the minimum was 690), but you lose access to the TIA 'RAM' bytes when using this resolution. This should allow it to work better on devices with small displays.
    - Fangface

  •    Friday, March 27th 2009 - Last updated @ 15:41 EST

  • Atari800 2.1.0

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Tuesday, March 24th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:12 EST

  • WinArcadia 9.33

    What's new...
    Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

    - Fangface

  •    Monday, March 23rd 2009 - Last updated @ 06:15 EST

  • NeoRAINE 1.2.4

    What's new...
    * Fix the stupid bug with "mute sfx" freezing the emulation
    * Fix a crash when trying to cancel "update sprite block" in neocd options.
    * Now correctly emulate the pause command sent to the audio cd before loading any file from the cd. The "Always stop cd music while loading" option moves from neocd options to sound options and is now set to yes by default, and is saved while you leave the emulator.
    * Speed hacks are coming back in a better form. The speed hacks autodetection could not work anymore for a few versions, it's working again now (try ironclad, you'll see the difference). There is now an option in "neocd options" to disable speed hacks if you fear the game might be a little faster with speed hacks enabled (it's not the case normaly speed hacks just make the animations smoother normaly, but there might be exceptions). - Fangface

  • RAINE 0.51.3

    What's new...
    * Fix a bug which got unnoticed for a very long time in the cave driver related to synchronization between sprites and bg layers (apparently it was here since 0.50.6).
    * cps1 : reset the video priorities when loading a new game. Before that if you loaded 1941 after varth, you got some very weird video priorities in 1941 (sprites partially hidden).
    * Loading a savegame from the gui now automatically returns to game (for neoraine too). - Fangface

  •    Sunday, March 22nd 2009 - Last updated @ 10:33 EST

  • Nintendulator 0.965 Beta - 2009/03/21

    What's new...
    "The code for handling different controller types (gamepad, Zapper, Power Pad, Four Score, etc.) has been rewritten to take advantage of C++ language features. Initial tests suggest it is working properly, though there may yet be bugs lurking within it. The savestate format has also been updated - it would seem that controller state data was never being stored correctly, and the actual controller state block was missing some important data."
    - Fangface

  • Ootake 2.08

    What's new...
    - Sound processing of DirectX (DirectSound) is done by corresponding DirectX8.0 (same as Ootake v1.xx). As a result, the sound of the high pitched has improved (it is likely to depend on the favor). And, it became feeling near a real machine.
    - Processing related to the video chip has been improved. In "ROCK ON", the problem that the screen occasionally fell into disorder was solved.
    - In "Bazaar de Gozahru no Game de Gozahru", the remote control operation in the game came to be effective.
    - The processing of the vertical display beginning position decision has been improved. In "Bazaar de Gozahru no Game de Gozahru" and "Strider Hiryuu", etc., the problem that one uppermost line in screen has fallen into disorder was solved.
    - The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. At stage start of "Pac Land", the problem that the screen has fallen into disorder by one frame was solved. In "Mizubaku Daibouken", the screen when the thunder item was taken became it as well as a real machine.
    - Fangface

  •    Thursday, March 19th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:02 EST

  • MAME 0.130u1

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, March 18th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:07 EST

  • Nintendulator 0.965 Beta - 2009/03/16

    What's new...
    "Fixed a rather glaring bug (pointed out by a user) which caused read/write breakpoints to not trigger on unindexed accesses (e.g. LDA $2002 or STA $4015) and another bug which caused all instructions not reading from memory to trip breakpoints specified on address $0000."
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, March 16th 2009 - Last updated @ 17:14 EST

  • WinArcadia 9.32

    What's new...
    Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  • Nintendulator 0.965 Beta - 2009/03/15

    What's new...
    "Detail" section has been implemented - simply hover the cursor over a nametable tile, sprite, pattern table tile, or palette entry, and it will be displayed magnified and with appropriate details. Right-clicking on an object will cause its details to remain displayed when you move the mouse over an empty area.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, March 15th 2009 - Last updated @ 09:24 EST

  • RAINE 0.51.2

    What's new...
    * Fix a buffer overflow in the cave driver which has been here for a very long time, except that it didn't crash anything before version 0.51.0, and now it suddenly crashes raine on guwange title screen !
    * Loading a 2nd game works again as before (a change in the gui for 0.51.1 made this quite special !). - Fangface

  • bsnes 0.041

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, March 14th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:38 EST

  • NeoRAINE 1.2.3

    What's new...
    * Fixed hq2x/3x in 16bpp, see raine changelog for details
    * Running games without sound emulation should now work correctly (very likely to crash previously !).
    * You can now choose in neocd options to always turn cd music off when loading a file, which is what the console was doing because it couldn't do both at the same time. It can still be usefull to do the same in some very rare cases, so it's your choice.
    * You can now mute either the sfx or the cd music in the sound options menu.
    * The default sfx volume and cd volume are now both 60, and there is an option to return to the default volumes in the sound menu.
    * When restoring a savegame new cdda commands are now always handled (they could be ignored in some cases before).
    - Fangface

  • RAINE 0.51.1

    What's new...
    * emudx dir, artwork dir and screenshots dir becomes configurable via the gui, from "Options" in the main menu.
    * Fixed hq2x/3x but in 16bpp this time. This produced a crash when trying to enable hq2x/3x after loading a game in any win32 fullscreen mode, and the left part of the bitmap was missing like the previous bug for 32bpp... oh well at least it shows there are really not enough people reporting bugs in win32... !
    * Fixed a crash in the autofire dialog for games which don't map an input with "button" in its name (like aquajack).
    * Aqua jack is now in the partially working game, because it freezes before the boss in the 2nd level.
    * Include the patch from Gelide project to have the "-fs" command line argument to toggle fullscreen !
    * All the games using a 6502 were broken in 0.51.0 because of the changes to make everything optional in the compilation. Fixed now.
    * Bezels are now correctly displayed when using scanlines : double height+double width.
    - Fangface

  •    Friday, March 13th 2009 - Last updated @ 18:03 EST

  • Nintendulator 0.965 Beta - 2009/03/12

    What's new...
    Some minor fixes to the Debugger - pressing the various "Controls" buttons will no longer result in a crash when no ROM is loaded. - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, March 11th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:15 EST

  • MESS 0.130

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Tuesday, March 10th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:12 EST

  • WinArcadia 9.31

    What's new...
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - Fangface

  •    Monday, March 9th 2009 - Last updated @ 18:19 EST

  • bsnes 0.040

    What's new...HERE. - Fangface

  • MAME 0.130

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, March 8th 2009 - Last updated @ 08:24 EST

  • Ootake 2.07

    What's new...
    - In the game where 99 numbers of tracks of CD-ROM exist ("Cosmic Fantasy" and "Sol Moonarge"), the bug that the CD-DA sound was not played (generated from v2.00) was corrected.
    - When "Juuouki (J) (CD-ROM version)" is started, the system card of "Other SystemCard 1" is used. * "Juuouki (J)" operates correctly only with the system card of an old version(v1.0-v2.1). Moreover, "Juuouki (J)" of an initial lot operates only with the system card of v1.0 (oldest).
    - The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In "World Studium '91", the problem that the screen falls into disorder by one frame after the foul ball was solved. In "TAITO Chase HQ", the problem that the title screen has fallen into disorder by one frame (generated by a recent version) was solved. In "3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Hensei", the pronunciation timing of the image and the sound has approached real machine more.
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected. - Fangface

  • FB Alpha

    What's new...
    - Moved Namco sound to it's own module and updated the Pac-Man driver [Barry]
    - Added driver for Galaga [Barry]
    - Added driver for Pass [iq_132]
    - Added a hack to get Knights of Valour 2 Plus working [XingXing]
    - Tidied up the SoftFX blitters [Barry]

    + Updated the Enhanced blitter to allow more filters
    + Added support to the ini file for long long integers to support the Enhanced blitter
    + Added hq2xS, hq3xS, hq2xBold, hq3xBold, EPXB and EPXC filters from SNES9X ReRecording
    + Added SuperEagle, 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI filters from VBA ReRecording

    - Fixed issue with board roms in ClrMAME XML DAT generation [Barry]
    - Changed ampersands in the ClrMAME XML DAT output to their HTML entity [Barry]
    - Some updates to the Megadrive driver via the online generator [nj7, JackC, arturf]
    - Fixed some rom sizes in non-working parents [Barry, pointed out by JackC]
    - Fixed license2rtf.pl to allow hyphens in URLs [Barry]
    - Matched all sets to MAME 0.129u6 - Fangface

  •    Saturday, March 7th 2009 - Last updated @ 05:56 EST

  • WinArcadia 9.3

    What's new...
    - "Edit|Paste text" command.
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  •    Thursday, March 5th 2009 - Last updated @ 10:42 EST

  • MAME 0.129u6

    What's new...HERE. - Fangface

  • FB Alpha

    What's new...HERE. - Fangface

  •    Sunday, March 1st 2009 - Last updated @ 16:05 EST

  • ScummVM 0.13.0

    What's new...
    - Added MIDI driver for Atari ST / FreeMint.
    - Added a 'Load' button to the Launcher (not supported by all engines).
    - Added a new global main menu (GMM) dialog usable from all engines.
    - Added the ability to return to the launcher from running games (via the GMM).
    - Rewrote GUI renderer to use an vector based approach.
    - Rewrote GUI configuration to use XML.

    New Games:
    - Added support for Blue's 123 Time Activities.
    - Added support for Blue's ABC Time Activities.
    - Added support for Bud Tucker in Double Trouble.
    - Added support for The 7th Guest.

    - Added support for Auto-save feature.
    - Added support for MIDI music.

    - Implemented radio-chatter effect in The DIG.
    - Fangface

  • Speak & Spell 1978 Simulator 3.01.031

    What's new...
    - Recording all PCM data again, detuned 8bit and 22.05KHz for Windows version.
    - Added the S.E. for the first power-on.
    - Added blue and green frame colors.
    - Updated the HTML manual.
    - Extended the limit day for use.
    - Fangface

  • Nintendulator 0.965 Beta - 2009/02/28

    What's new...
    - A few bugs in Nintendulator's NSF player (and the Winamp plugin) have been fixed.
    - Fangface

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