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  •    Monday, April 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:28 EST

  • ZSNES 1.20 - ZSNES is a SNES emulator for Windows, DOS, and Linux. Version 1.20 adds a ton of new features, you can read them all here. Supposedly this version also plays Pilot Wings. Thanks to Cyphatic for the news. - chris

  • Nebula v1.3 - Nebula version 1.3 has been released. This particular update to this excellent CPS2 emulator fixes some rowscrolling problems (not all), sprite priority issues, adds auto save / load, PNG screenshots, stores frameskip, improves 19xx, and adds wheel mouse support, among other things. Grab it here. Thanks to emulation9 for the news. - david

  • TROLLS RULE!! THATS RIGHT, RULE THE UNIVERSE! - Medieval Madness, one of the most sought-after (and expensive!) modern-day pinball machines, is very close to being released for Visual Pinmame. No screenshot here, but if you join #visualpinball on EFnet IRC, you can obtain a shot of the latest build there. This table will hopefully be released later in the week. Kudos to the design team... looks like this one is going to rock! - metallik

  • MESS WIP - I have updated the MESS WIP page with reports from the first four days of April. As well, corrections for March 12th and March 26th were made. - chris

  • MAME32 b14 Released - The MAME32 team has just released MAME32 beta14. This could be the last 'classic' version of Mame32, that is, Mame32 with its current engine/core instead of Mame32 merged somehow with the new upcoming mamew. Thanks to Mike M. for the news. - chris

  • Digital Arcade dead - Longevity's Digital Arcade is now officially dead. If you've been around a while, you can remember when DA was one of the best emulation sites on the net. It was closed a while ago with the promise of an eventual return; however, it now appears to have become another victim of the emulation "scene" decline. Visit the site to read Longevity's final statement. We'll miss you.. good luck on your upcoming project! - metallik

  • FPSE Site Move - The FPSE Project is now hosted by EmuUnlim.com. The new web site shows some impressive preview snapshots of the next version which is to be released soon! Thanks to Fox for the news. - chris

  • cps2xmame - Stijn Hoop has released a new CPS2 patch against xmame-0.37b14.1. This patch includes all releases up to release #32, Powered Gear: SVAE. - chris

  • PacMAME - A new version of PacMAME was released a couple days ago, along with a new version of the PacMAME Flyers, Marquees, Manuals, and ROMs. New PacMAME ROMs include: Cookie-Mon!, MultiPac (Version 1.4), MultiPac (Version 1.5), and Ms. Pacman Championship Edition. Thanks to Stiletto for the news. - chris

  • DopeWars - dopewars is a UNIX (and Windows) rewrite of the MS-DOS program of the same name, which in turn was inspired by John E. Dell's "Drug Wars" game. You have one month to buy and sell drugs on the streets of New York, the aim being first to pay off your debt to the loan shark and then to make a fortune. And if you have to shoot a few cops in the process, well... The game includes TCP networking allowing you to meet (and shoot) other human drug dealers. Computer drug dealers are currently in development. Changes to version 1.5.0beta2: A number of minor bugs have been fixed, security has been tightened, and the Windows version is more usable. - chris

  • Opera for Linux - Opera for Linux version 5.0b8 has been released. Opera for Linux is an alternative, lightweight, X11-based Web browser for Linux. Changes in beta 8: This new 5.0 version includes improvements to existing functionality and features. - chris

  • uCON64 1.9.4 - uCON64 is a tool to modify video game ROMs and to transfer ROMs to the different backup units/emulators that exist. It is based on the old uCON but with completely new source. It supports N64, PSX, JAG, SNES, NG, SEGA, GB, LYNX, PCE, SMS, GG, C64, NES, ATARI, and backup units. Changes to version 1.9.4 include: BIN/RAW to ISO image conversion, SAM/M.A.M.E. to WAV conversion, and PDF support added. - chris

  • Circus Linux - Remember that old Atari 2600 game called Circus Atari? Well, Circus Linux is a cool new clone of that classic old game. The object is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air. When they reach the top, they pop rows of balloons and then fall back down. If you don't catch one, you lose a clown. Changes in version 1.0.3 include: support for real Atari 2600 paddle controllers (when connected to the PC's joystick port using a simple connector). Thanks to FBCrack for the news. - chris

  •    Sunday, April 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:50 EST

  • NUKED!! - EmuHelp has been NUKED! (PHPNuke that is.) - dhalamar

  • modeler WIP - New modeler WIP screenshots are up ! modeler is a next generation Sega arcade emulator. Thanks Malice :) - Opi

  • BOSS MSX Frontend 2.0f - The BOSS group released a new version of their MSX frontend - new in release 2.0f :
    • CPU info
    • Installation setup /w auto association
    • Konami cartridge combo-list
    • Directory Refresh
    • Tips while configuring
    • New music and images
    • Settings updated
    • New Layout with pulldown
    • Faster startup/auto close of DOS-Box
    • Cassette emulated
    • Easier save support for MG2 and KK2
    • Better websupport
    Sometimes I hate our news script ... - Opi

  • Dragon Ball Pinball v0.1 - The first version of the newly simulated Dragon Ball Pinball (check the games section) has been published ! It features multiball, extra ball, many targets and more. Thanks Shernand. - Opi

  • WinUAE Kaillera Beta 1 -Sane and Thrill's WinUAE-Kaillera, a new combination of WinUAE and Kaillera ables you now to play your fave multi player Amiga games via the internet. Additional details can be found here - thanks to Paolo for the email. - Opi

  • I, Robot VRML Game Models - John Manfreda's I, Robot emulator homepage was updated with the following news message : "Welcome to the new home page for the I, Robot emulator ! I've finally gotten around to updating this thing, and with some help have dumped VRML game models". Cool thing :) Thanks to Zoop from Emucamp for this hint ! - Opi

  • Calice v0.2.4 - The CPS1/2 emulator Calice has been updated to version 0.2.4 with the addition of (buggy) raster effects and Super Street Fighter II Turbo (World 940223). Head on over to the Calice homepage to grab it, and thanks to Rico from RC ROMs for the E-Mail. :) - dhalamar

  • GoodVECT v1.01 - Cowering is still updating his Rom renamer databases ! Here's the first GoodVECT update, v1.01 knows now 168 entries, twenty of them are new.

    - o - Should be complete except for elusive 'Mr Boston' and 'Mail Plane' dumps. - Opi

  • unofficial nester 2001/04/29 - toshiya Takeda released a new version of his patched Nester version unofficial nester. New in this NES emulator release :

    - o - new mapper ... #57,#58
    - o - fixed mapper ... #20
    - o - (fix $4032 reg.)
    - o - support "VS Freedom Force"

    Click here to download it. Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Stretchmame32 v0.37 Beta 14c - Oscar V. informed us about the latest Stretchmame32 release ! New in beta 14c :

    - o - Added stretch windowed mode
    - o - Fixed machine/irem_cpu.c
    - o - Re-added specific feature about record/playback input
    - o - Integrated Siriru's CAVE/CPS2 driver
    - o - Fixed auto resolution selecting problem with vertical games
    - o - Added 19XX: War Against Destiny (Hispanic 951218)
    - o - Added Marvel Super Heroes (Hispanic 951117)
    - o - Added Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    ...... (region changed 4P for kaillera)
    - o - Added Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment (Jap 940916)
    - o - Added Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment (Jap 941024) - Opi

  • New Speccy Tape Images - Gilby's tzx vault was updated with 62 new Sinclair Spectrum tape images. Four more have been successfully dumped but aren't uploaded yet : (Cookie (Sinclair), Jetpac (Sinclair), Pssst (Sinclair), Strider (Kixx). - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Mahjong time at the MAME WIP page ! Mathis Rosenhauer added MNG (animated PNG's) to MAME and Aaron Giles is bug fixing like mad ! MAME dev's - we love you all =) - Opi

  •    Saturday, April 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:47 EST

  • MESS WIP - A long overdue MESS WIP report has been posted. The MESS WIP page is now updated for all of March. April updates will follow soon... - chris

  • Red Squirrel v0.4.2 - A new snapshot release of Red Squirrel is now available. It's an Acorn Archimedes Emulator for Windows 98/ME/2000. Below are the latest changes made by Graeme. Thanks once more to Emulation 9 for the news discovery :)

    - o - Model selection panel, choose between RiscPC and Archimedes emulation
    - o - Experimental, read only, real floppy access under Win98
    - o - Better clocking code
    - o - 8-10% faster - Opi

  • 1964 v0.6.0 - schibo has released a new version of 1964. 1964 is a great N64 emulator for Win9x. And here are the changes :

    - o - Rice joins 1964.
    - o - Compatibility and speed are much improved.
    - o - Gerrit's latest OpenGL graphics ported to windows (1964ogl.dll).
    - o - Choose which core to run under the CPU Menu item.

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Flipper Clown (2) - Duglis released an update to Flipper Clown, "the top yellow and top blue bumpers are now fixed in regards to spinning the roto target. 1 pt has also been added to the left/right target lanes when off". Enjoy :) - atila

  • Vintage Computer Ads - Warp back in time with this cool new site that has tons of vintage computer ads. You can search ads by computer type, year, company, or even look at ads for old computer peripherals. This site is definately a blast to the past! Thanks to Eric for the news. Update: I used to own one of these! This 10 Megabyte disk drive cost me $800!! - chris

  • Emuviews Closes its Doors - I just got the sad news from JoseQ that the emulation news/reviews and roms ftp site EmuViews has closed its doors. :(( This is a very sad day indeed, EmuViews was one of the original emulation news sites. The good news is (if there can be good news on a day like today) that SpeedHost will stay in business. - chris

  • Linux 2.4.4 - Linus Torvalds has released Linux kernel 2.4.4. Changes can be read here. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • XShipWars - Not emulation related, but this game is really cool! XShipWars is a massively multi-player, ultra graphical, space-oriented gaming system designed exclusively for network play. You create your own universes, build your own vessels and form your own empires. Changes in version 1.40.5: Rewrite of several graphics blitting routines, showing improvements of an additional 2-4 FPS. Minor bugs and issues with binary network code fixed. XShipWars is distributed under the GNU General Public License. - chris

  • GSnes9x 3.12 - GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SNES emulator. It allows setting and preservation of options for each ROM, and keeps a Cheat Codes database, an unlimited amount of codes can be stored. Changes for version 3.12: This release uses the GNOME help system, includes a patch to use the GSNES9X_IMAGE_DIR environment variable from morpheus2371, and has GNOMified image loading. - chris

  • FlipperClown Table - Duglis has ported yet another table to be used with Visual Pinball: Flipper Clown (2.5MB). You can see what the table looks like by clicking here. - atila

  • MagicEngine For Mac - A new MagicEngine test version for Macintosh computer systems was uploaded. "It should fix the gamepad direction bug and possibly the DVD problem too. If we receive good feedback we will implement those fixes in the release version. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Back to the Roots - Amiga Scene At Its Best - Bobic & Hippie2000 made another awesome update at Back to the Roots - the best Amiga site on the whole net. They got the permissions to legally upload new games like : Battle Command, Carrier Command, Detroit, Garfield, Hattrick!, Land of Genesis, Scrolling Walls, Soldier of Light, Valhalla 2, XR-35 and more ! Swedish people attention please ! Even Beneath a Steel Sky - Swedish was uploaded !!! IMPRESSIVE isn't it ? Good to see that companies like Realtime Games, The Edge and Ikarion, to name a few, support the emulation community. Not every company thinks we are all only evil copyright violating pirates. Nintendo anyone ?

    Many excellent Amiga demos from the latest mekka & symposium happening were uploaded. 60 new tracker tunes, some game music and pictures from well known Amiga artists like Acryl (I love his ones) and Traitor (+ others).

    This was another famous Back to the Roots update ! It offers a lot of variety and should please every interested Amiga fan. - Opi

  • MAMECPS v0.09 - New MAMECPS available ! Version 0.09 added support for the latest CPS-2 Shock release. Thanks Rico2000 :) - Opi

  • Screenshots & Daedalus INI - Ridge's Game Gallery was updated with some new ePSXe screenshots and many Visual PinMAME snaps ! And he uploaded his first INI for Daedalus, the new N64 emulator. - Opi

  • GoodVECT v1.00 - A new ROM renaming tool has been released by Cowering. GoodVECT v1.00 is an General Computer Vectrex renamer. This first release knows 148 entries.

    - o - First release as requested by the COMA team
    - o - Should be complete except for elusive 'Mr Boston' dump. Please contact me if you have it - Opi

  • ZSNES WIP - Wheeeeeee - FANTASTICO !!! They got Pilot Wings running ! That was the 2nd SNES cart I bought ! - Opi

  •    Friday, April 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:28 EST

  • Pinball DATs - Whoa, what happened to last week? I've been busy moving from an apartment to a Condo, so I've been absent for a while. (Heh, and I've hardly even started the move.) :P You know what would go really well with the kickass Visual Pinmame? These. And why not, these too. :) Thanks to Logiqx and Wilman for the news and files!

    (Logiqx also has been keeping up with other dat files, scroll down his page and collect them all. ;) - dutch

  • Tim - I spoke to Tim Eckel on the phone today for about 45 minutes. He apologized for what happened but he assured me it wasn't him, but most likely 'someone' who had acces to the server. Make of it what you will.

    Tim told me his server was currently receiving a huge amount of hits, similar to a site being Slashdotted, so to say. Whoever it is, could you please stop? It's not worth the hassle.

    If ZTnet presses charges, I can't do anything about it. And yes, it is better if we let ourselves be, instead of 'travelling down the warpath'. Tim won't bother us and we won't bother Tim. - atila

  • Raine 0.31a DOS - Finally the DOS port of yesterday's new Raine release has been published too ! These are the changes. Most of them were implemented by Emmanuel Anne, the maintainer of the Linux version. Click here to download your copy of Raine 0.31a DOS ! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and the file. - Opi

  • TR64 WIP 5.5 - Icepir8 has uploaded a new release of TR64. "WIP 5.5 has better speed, and sound. Also has and auto speed adjustment setting. You want a good N64 emulator for Windows ? Try TR64 :) Thanks Navarone ! - Opi

  • Powered Gear - Razoola of CPS2Shock has released two new XOR tables for your downloading pleasure! - chris

  • New NES Translation Patch - Vice Translations released a 100% complete translation patch for Wai Wai World 2 - SOS Paseri Jou!!. This is an oldskool NES jump'n shoot from Konami with many different characters to choose from. Thanks and well done Kitsune Sniper :) - Opi

  • New Sounds For Your Mobile - ArcadeTones was updated with over 30 new ringtones ! Including tunes from Crazy Taxi, Dance Dance Revolution, Super Street Fighter 2 and Double Dragon. Check it out if you own a Nokia GSM mobile (or "Handy" - as we say in Germany) ! - Opi

  • Daedalus v0.05b - A new Daedalus binary was released today. Version 0.05b of this new N64 emulators fixes a slow motion problem on Win9x systems (and more). Thanks to EmuManic and AndySilver for the notification.

    You might also check out the new Audio Plugin posted by Azimer. It can be used with Daedalus and is available at the Apollo homepage. - Opi

  • Raine - Raine for Linux is the Linux port of Raine, a very fast 680xx arcade emulator. It is totally compatible with the DOS version, and it supports ModeX, SVGAlib, X, and X+DGA for the video by using Allegro. Changes in version 0.31a: Bugs with the sound and palette fixed. Note: DOS version may be available too, or is soon to come. - chris

  • PocketNES In On Magazine - PocketNES, that little NES emulator for PocketPCs received a mention in On Magazine. Actually, it's a bit more than a mention :) Swampgas also provided a scan of the print version (which I can't post at this time). Thank you, Swampgas :) - atila

  •    Thursday, April 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:44 EST

  • Pathetic Timmy - Earlier today, we were hit by a malicious DoS attack, 'courtesy' of Tim Eckel (arcade@home). He used his CelebFoto site to do a search on the messageboards @ Zophar.net, about 4 MASSIVE searches a second through a huge database. He had a piece of code on every one of pages which would generate 4 searches with EVERY click, imageview and pageview. This caused our servers to become REAL slow.

    We have logs and the source code of his pages.

    Needless to say, his ISP was informed and the attack stopped shortly after. Since this was a malicious attack, we're not done with Timmy yet. "Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, Kansas is going bye-bye!".

    (I'd like to apologize to our visitors for having to read this, sometimes you just have to, though) - atila

  • Retrogaming Times #44 - A new issue of Tom Zjaba's online magazine Retrogaming Times is online. - Opi

  • SNES9x For OS/2 Release 8 - Hey You ! Yeah ... I meant YOU ! You, the emulation lover AND OS/2 user ! Which should be a very rare combination :) A new port of SNES9x For OS/2 is out - check the changes below, download the emu and warm-up your joypad :) Stay tuned for another update in the next days. New in release 8 :

    - o - Ability to share the audio device with the rest of the system
    - o - Ability to disable the creation of custom video modes by MGL
    - o - ALL known stability issues fixed with DualMode library
    - o - MGL and DualMode libraries separated out into two DLLs
    - o - Joystick support has been temporarily disabled as the interface is being redesigned to work through the new DLL architecture
    - o - Additional data logging is done to help determine the precise location of problems. If you send any bug reports, please include mglserver.log, mglsc_debug.log, and debug.log in your reports.

    Thanks to Barry Marshall for the email. This was my largest posting about a OS/2 based emu so far :=) - Opi

  • Calice32 v0.2.2 - A newly updated Calice32 is online. David Raingeard has added 15 new CPS-2 drivers and the stuff below :)

    - o - Up to date drivers crc information
    - o - Save/load states
    - o - Fixed fullscreen mode
    - o - Faster emulation
    - o - Thread priority changeable
    - o - The possibility to display only cps1 or cps2 games in the game list
    - o - Other bug fixes

    Thanks to PeterD from EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Avoid The Roid - Here is some retrogaming material: Avoid The Roid is a cool 3-D asteriods game that you can play over the internet! It's free, its open source, it works on Linux and Windows and its totally cool! Hey it's asteriods man! Changes in version 0.3: Internet play. - chris

  • Spanish Eyes 2.0 - Steveir and Duglis have released the final version of their Spanish Eyes pinball table (filesize: 2,787,969 bytes) for use with PinMAME. The background is easier on the eyes, the bumpers aren't as wild and the plunger shot is more accurate. Enjoy it while it's hot :P - atila

  • PinMame - Pinball Developing Help ! - Guru-Choc has dug out some old pinball manuals recently. If you're developing any of these tables (list at ARH), or need to check work you have done so far - just mail him. He's willing to scan the table layout and rules for you ! Visit Arcade Rom Heaven for more details and the available manuals. - Opi

  • Rumor Mill! - Ladies and Gentlemen - would you please welcome JoseQ's latest installment of his famous Rumor Mill! article series !
    Thanks JPMorgan :) - Opi

  •    Wednesday, April 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:44 EST

  • BoycottAdvance WIP - The BoycottAdvance homepage was updated with interesting developing news. Gollum posted his latest emulator improvements and more than 20 new screenshots. Thanks Rico2000. - Opi

  • More Info On WinMAME - If you check this post by Aaron Giles, you can see what some of the changes are in the new MAME build. The fact that it "it smokes DOS MAME on his machine (and on several other devs machines as well)" is very nice :) Thanks to Prophet for the link. - atila

  • Aldo's Screen Capturing Tool - Aldo Vargas has released a new version of his Screen Capturing tool for Virtual Game Station (and almost every other screenshot'less Windows based emulator). Click here for more information. Thanks to my friend Rey for the hint :=) - Opi

  • Gens Moved - Gens, Stéphane Dallongeville's fantastic Sega Genesis emulator is now hosted at Consolemul (EmuSphere is down). Please update your bookmarks to http://www.consolemul.com - thanks Sir Jaguar :)

    Please visit also the The Genesis Project for additional Sega Genesis games related information and a comprehensive "official Gens manual". - Opi

  • New Board Added - I've added a pinball simulation board since there's a need for such a board :) Discussion is not limited to simulation (ofcourse), since there are a lot of pinball afficionados on the boards. - atila

  • BleemCast Info - The peeps at Bleem, LLC had a few things to say about their new '1-game Bleem for Dreamcast format', which you can read here. Thanks to flipcode for the link. - atila

  • More pinball news - Indianapolis 500 has been released by Biffman! Get it here. NOTE: You need to edit the wpc.vbs script and find the line 'Const SFlipperOff = "FlipperDown" and remove the apostrophe at the beginning to un-comment it out, otherwise the game crashes when you hit the right flipper. Excellent work on this pintable guys! - metallik

  • Spanish Eyes Pinball! - Steveir and Duglis have released another nice Visual Pinball Table: SPANISH EYES (WILLIAMS 1972). This game features 3 different operator tables to choose from, the infamous bumper between the flippers and wonderful art deco artwork. *NOTE* If you downloaded this before 11:45 EST or 17:45 CET, you should download it again. Sorry for the inconvenience. - atila - atila

  • Pinbot! - The pinball news keeps pouring in, this time it's a nice PinBot table (710kb)! Check out the author's page @ http://vpinmame.50megs.com/. - atila

  • DOS MAME Going Away? - I have just learned that Nicola will now be using the new Win32 port by Aaron Giles (as mentioned on MAME WIP) for official MAME development. According to Nicola, this will become his development environment starting with the next Mame beta (e.g. the DOS port will be included but only given minor testing). Also, not mentioned on the WIP page, but Bernd Wiebelt ported the command line interface code written by Hans de Goede and the unix devs. which is used in x-mame to Aaron's MAME32 port, and it sounds like some of this code will move into the core. This will allow a more common CLI among the various MAME ports. As a front-end author this is a greatly welcomed improvement, many thanks to Bernd and Aaron other contributors for doing this! - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page with lots of bug fix information, vandyke screenshots, and a new MAME port for Win32 platforms. - chris

  • VGB-GUI 0.2.2 - VGB-GUI is a program for launching and configuring gnuboy and VGB (GameBoy emulators). Changes in version 0.2.2 include: Support added for 2 gnuboy options: scale and density. ROM count added to the status bar. Support added for multiple ROM directories. Bug fixed - it is now possible to use gzipped roms that have filenames with spaces in them. - chris

  •    Tuesday, April 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:39 EST

  • VGBA v0.6 DOS - Marat Fayzullin just released a new DOS version of Virtual GameBoy Advance. New things in this version :

    - o - Added JEDEC FlashROM support.
    - o - Added CRC/CMP check. All failing cartridges will now be rejected unless
    ...... you use the -nocrc option.
    - o - Implemented pending IRQ handling after IRQs were switched on.
    - o - Disabled IRQs in the SVC mode.
    - o - Added ObjAffineSet() BIOS call.
    - o - Added Halt() and Stop() BIOS calls.
    - o - Fixed several BIOS calls.
    - o - Fixed a special case of DMA with the length of 0 items.
    - o - Fixed LDR/STR/LDRB/STRB instruction display in the debugger.
    - o - Improved cartridge information reporting.
    - o - Added a lot of command line options.
    - o - Added a lot of control keys. - Opi

  • More StretchMame32 - StretchMame32 Test 15 "Final Beta" is online here. - Opi

  • New Mameinfo.dat From M.A.S.H. - Mr. Mameinfo.dat strikes again - version 3.04 is online. - Opi

  • C-64 Retro Music Meeting - Lee Bolton asked me to put up the following C-64 related news. Here we go :

    "Back In Time live UK is going to be the biggest event of the 2001 C64 calendar! Birmingham's "retro-futuristic" DNA nightclub has been hired to host the event, and all your favaourite C64 celebrities will be going, Jeff Minter (Attack of the mutant camels, Tempest 2000), Rob Hubbard (C64 music man), David Whittaker (C64 music), Allister Brimble and many more! C64 tunes will be playing all night on a 1:1 ratio with 80s synth, dancing girls, an amazing drinks promotion, three bars, free entry for the ladies and the official launch of the third Back In Time CD will make this a night to remember!!

    Looks like it is going to be the retro event in the UK this year!! For more information, check out the event homepage !" - Opi

  • VirtuaNES v0.12 - There is a new English version of VirtuaNES, a Japanese NES emulator, available. No news have been published ! Thanks once more to Navarone-san from the land of the rising sun :) - Opi

  • NO$ZX81 v1.0 - Martin Korth the author of NO$GMB has uploaded the first version of his new NO$ZX81 emulator. It emulates the Sinclair ZX80 and ZX81 models, available are versions for DOS and Windows ! Thanks to Navarone from Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Soundtracks! - SegaXtreme has posted another 2 soundtracks: Phantasy Star 2 (Genesis) and Mortal Kombat (Genesis). - atila

  • Tuesday - I know it's Tuesday, but there's no news yet :) - atila

  •    Monday, April 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 23:05 EST

  • PinMame news - Several new things released today in the world of pinball simulation/emulation:

    -- Visual Pinmame has been updated to version 0.99b2a - this is just a "fix" release to address some System 11 rom size issues. Get it at the Pinmame homepage

    -- Duglis has released his simulated Nags table for VisualPinball. This electromechanical table is unusual in that the primary goal is to to get your horse across the finish line first, rather than scoring tons of points. The actual machine featured mechanical horses in the backbox that actually "raced" left to right - this excellent sim uses icons around the table to recreate the race. Also features some new sound bites. Get it here

    -- Zaphod, JasonHP, NickySpecial and Nico193 have released an INCREDIBLE simulation of Steve Ritchie's famous F-14 Tomcat machine.. It uses Visual Pinmame for the back end, and plays just as fast and furious as the real thing. The playfield art appears to have been totally recreated using CAD programs and the overall result is an amazing table. Get it here . (Note: this direct link only provided because the host site is having server problems) - metallik

  • Meridian v1.12a - Meridian, Jason Cline's awesome NSF (Stereo), Genesis, SNES and Game Boy game music player was updated to version 1.12a today. New : "Fixed Another Bug In The Nintendo PCM Channel". Check it out and listen to the real evergreens : Tetris for Game Boy :) Game Boy music never sounded that good before !
    Where are all the Game Boy sound rippers ? No-one interested in making more GB sound files publically available ? Zophar Domain's GBS Archive mentions only Scott Worley as contributor. Come on - there are tons of great GB soundtracks to rip ... - Opi

  • GoodTools Update Madness - Looks like Cowering is still updating the MESS ROM databases !

    1) GoodSAMC v0.999.1 is a new member in the GoodTools family. GoodSAMC is a Miles-Gordon Computing Sam Coupe Disk renamer, its database knows 507 different entries.

    - First release. Many thanks to Mr. B for helping with names and disks.
    - The TOSEC guys are welcome to use these names if they wish.
    - Some of these disks don't work in any emulator... don't bother me about those.
    - Only recognizes .dsk .sad and .sdf files. Don't send me .pak files!

    2) Good2600 v0.999.7 ! Current Stats: 1504 entries

    - more cart redumps including ultra rare Megaboy from Brazil!

    3) (probably most interesting) - GoodGen v0.999.3 (3089 entries)

    - more redumps, including all data from 'Shinco' vcd+megadrive combo
    - 'Heavy Unit' entry fixed (could not be scanned last version) - Opi

  • CPS-2 Emu Updates - Rico2000 submitted the following news :

    New MameCPS1/2 v0.08 with support for Marvel Super Heroes (HIS 951117) and a new NeoCPS was released too. New for this release ... I know you already guessed it right : MSH His :) - Opi

  • Mimic WIP - Clash Road Driver - Fresh news from the Mimic camp. I was told that Mike Beaver and a guy called zadock are working together on a new driver for an unemulated Namco game. It's called Clash Road and uses a Pacman board - so don't expect any hightech graphic orgies :) - Opi

  • Stretch Test 14 - StretchMame32 Test 14 announced. - Opi

  • Playboy Advance Is Dead - The Macintosh based Game Boy Advance emu Playboy Advance has been slaughtered by its author due to some lamer action. They edited his emu - renamed it to GayBoy Advance and released it together with some commercial Nintendo ROMs. Well folks thats sad .... very sad ! Click here for more sadness. Meinen Dank an EmuManiac ! - Opi

  • LazyNES Release 9 - Next email .... Here's another EmuManiac news submission ! LazyNES. If you want a NES emulator for Win9x with an included LAN Client for netplay via internet, check it out. - Opi

  • Blade64 WIP 3 - A new WIP release of Blade64 is online. The official compatibility list mentions many commercial games as fully playable, so I suggest you give this emu a try - with your own game backups only of course ... LOL :) Thanks EmuManiac. - Opi

  • www.jabosoft.com - Jabo the author of JNes has moved his site to a new URL - please update your bookmarks to http://www.jabosoft.com !
    Stay tuned for a new beta release of his great NES emu for Win9x in the near future ! BTW : my interview with this nice guy is still online at our interview section ! - Opi

  • S.H.A.C.C. v0.87-37-338 - EmuHQ reported the release of a new S.H.A.C.C. version (the third in the last 10 days). If you're looking for a multi-purposes frontend with support for "zillions" of emus check it out :) - Opi

  • Ready, Set - GO ! - Finally our server troubles are solved and the news script is working again :) Now back to the news business ! - Opi

  • GameMarks Does Bleem - GameMarks illustrates the new BleemCast deal :P Thanks to flipcode for the link. - atila

  • More Soundtracks! - SegaXtreme has posted various new soundtracks in MP3 format, they are: Golden Axe (genesis), Golden Axe 2 (genesis), Alien Trilogy (saturn) and DBZ (saturn). I guess you can never hear too much "WISE FWOM YOUW GWAVE" (which is also available =) - atila

  • Bill Gates Is Not The Richest Anymore - You read that right, he 'only' has £37.5 billion (approx. US$55bil), while S Robson Walton (Walmart) has a massive £45.3 (approx. US$65bil) billion. So there ;) Thanks to golbez1b for the hint. - atila

  •    Sunday, April 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 20:55 EST

  • New PinMame/DOS and Visual PinMame released - New Visual PinMame and DOS PinMame binaries (and source diff for the DOS version) have been released. Version 0.99 beta 2 includes various game-specific bugfixes, as well as better mechanism support for many tables. Get them at the PinMame homepage . Hopefully we'll see John's Indianapolis 500 table soon, now that the Turbo mechanism is supported properly.

    Also, preliminary tables (with Visual Pinmame support) of Black Rose, F-14 Tomcat, Comet and Elvira and the Party Monsters have been released recently - get them at this site . - metallik

  • B-EM Source Code Published - Tom Walker just released the source code of B-EM, his BBC Micro Emulator for DOS, to find a helping hand to improve his emulator. Please contact him if you're able and willing to fill one of the following requests :

    - o - Speed up the 6502 emulation
    - o - Speed up the video emulation
    - o - Fix the 6850 emulation
    - o - Fix some bugs in the 6522 emulation
    - o - Sort out sound emulation
    - o - Get bem.c to compile with optimisation
    - o - Neaten up the source code (no chance!).

    Thanks to Dave - webmaster of the best BBC Micro and Elektron dedicated site Stairway to Hell (at least it's the only one I know :P) for the info. - Opi

  • Mimic WIP - Looks like Mike Beaver's multi system emulator Mimic will have Game Boy emulation support in the near future. Check the homepage for additional technical details. Thanks to PeterD for the reminder :) - Opi

  • easyEmu Again - mrv2k is still busy to improve his easyEmu MAME faqs. He wrote us :

    "Because of the good response to the Mame guide there have been a couple of updates done to it. Firstly there are two new sections, one on updating Mame when new releases come out and the problem you can face and there is also a section on rom management including problems and solutions.

    Also Techmaster from MameCE3 has sent more consise descriptions of the Windows CE PocketPC varients of Mame. Keep sending in those suggestions
    ". - Opi

  • Z80Stealth v0.452 - Mr.Kirill sent word about his latest Z80Stealth update. Z80Stealth is a fine Sinclair Spectrum emulator for DOS - new in this release :

    - o - New : Ability to synch with video (synch with vertical retrace) in no sound mode. Smooth video output but emu's speed depends on vertical retrace frequency. SB0SYNC=VIDEO in cfg
    - o - New : General Sound works in dummy mode if no sound mode selected
    - o - Bugfix: fixed bug in MOD player, now General Sound plays if SB_OUT=1 - Opi

  • Radical Dreamers ReMix FLOOD! - last night, in what was certainly a surprise to me, I was presented with TEN - count' em TEN fantastic ReMixes . . . of the same song! Yes, one of our regular (and very talented) ReMixers, Ailsean, apparently conspired to get as many other ReMixers as he could to all cover one track: 'Far Promise' from the squaresoft Super Famicom game 'Radical Dreamers'. All ten ReMixes of this track have been posted at OC ReMix. Needless to say, if you ever wanted an RD Remix, today is your lucky day - the variety that this one track yielded is quite amazing! - david

  • PSX Endings - New Playstaion endings are online at Mek's Video Game Museum. Including : Darkstalkers 3, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Klonoa and Ridge Racer Revolution ! - Opi

  • AdriPSX v01.04.20 - The Playstation emulator AdriPSX was updated to version 01.04.20 yesterday. New in this update :

    - o - Fixed a bug in Dynamic Recompiler that was preventing some games
    ...... from working correctly, like "Syphon Filter II".
    - o - Fixed interpreter bug, to work fine when HLE functions are on.
    - o - Fixed DMA timing for the Static Recompiler, now "Mortal Kombat IV"
    ...... and "SHADOW MADNESS" work fine again.
    - o - Fixed IRQ ordering for Static Rec, now "Final Fantasy VIII" is working
    - o - Fixed LOAD STATE option.
    - o - Speed-Up on all MULT,MULTU,DIV and DIVU CPU opcodes.
    - o - Slight change on Depth Cueing rutines, actually they still have some
    ...... major bugs to be fixed.
    Thanks Navarone ! - Opi

  • New Violence Lawsuits Against The Video Game Producers !
    Denver Post headline from today :
    Slain teacher's family launches suit aimed at media violence.

    Saturday, April 21, 2001 - Just hours after many Columbine victims settled legal claims against the parents of the shooters, two other families sent strong messages to the violence-filled media that they say made Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold more willing and efficient killers.

    Linda Sanders, wife of slain teacher Dave Sanders, and two of his stepdaughters filed a multibillion-dollar, class-action lawsuit Thursday against 25 media companies, most of which manufacture or distribute video games.

    Read this Denver Post article to know the full story. Thanks Razoola - atila

  • MAMECPS DOS v0.08 - A new MAMECPS version for DOS has been released. Version 0.08 adds support for the latest CPS-2 Shock release. Available are normal as well as AMD & i686 optimized versions.

    Thanks to Rico for the info. Visit his site if you wanna download ALL PD ROMs for Cowerings latest GoodGBA release. - Opi

  • Shameless plug - I've got a new layout on my page at EMU2K. Little less painful for the eyes. But if you're one of the 13% who use Netscape, don't even bother. At the moment it's optimized for IE. :) - dhalamar

  • CPS-2 Shock #30 - Razoola's CPS-2 Shock released their 30th XOR table set. This time for Marvel Super Heroes (Hispanic 951117) ! Thanks to Death Knight for the email.

    As a small but important side note : A little bee told me that Razoola won't release the XOR tables for Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X until the original board has been sold. Board collectors can you hear me ? Hint Hint :=)

    Look at poor dhalamar's posting above. I beat him for a minute with my own CPS-2 posting so he was forced to change his one into a "Shameless plug" only ! LOL :) - Opi

  • Daedalus v0.04b - Head over to the Daedalus homepage and download the latest release of this new promising N64 emulators. Check the site for an updated FAQ and a huge changes info. Thanks Emulation 9 and congratulations for supplying more than 4 million visitors with news ! - Opi

  • GeoMAME v0.37 beta 14 - GeoMAME, the enhanced NeoGeo only version of MacMAME has been updated to v0.37 beta 14.

    "This version is in sync with all the core changes to the neogeo driver since 0.37b11, which includes some changes to the names of some of the roms. Be sure to check out the Faq. It is also in sync with the Mac 0.37b14 MAME core, so there is also a carbonized version which runs on both MacOS 9 and X". News taken from EmuHQ :) - Opi

  • GoodCoCo v0.999.2 - Here's GoodCoCo v0.999.2 - Cowering's freshly updated Tandy Color Computer Cartridge renamer (now it knows 49 entries) :

    - Nice new redumps for you all.. thanks to the dumper! - Opi

  • Update your bookmarks - 3 sites have moved over to EmuUnlim:
    Blade64 - A new N64 emulator
    Final Burn Launcher which is a front end for Final Burn.
    And DCOlem, a Coleovision emulator for the Dreamcast. Which has also been updated with sound support. :) Thanks to Fox for the news. - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, April 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 16:11 EST

  • Addams Family 1.1 for Visual PinMame released - Boris has released version 1.1 of his Addams Family pintable for Visual Pinmame. Enhancements include adjustments to the field of view, corrected Cousin It target sizes, flipper adjustments, preliminary general-illumination effects and tweaks to make a "Dirty Pool" shot possible. Get it here. - metallik

  • GoodGBA v0.999.3 - Cowering released a new version of his Game Boy Advance ROM renamer tool GoodGBA. These are the changes in GoodGBA v0.999.3 (stats: 240 entries) :

    - Thanks to [Link] and #gbadev for most of the names and new ROMS

    Thanks to EmuHQ for news and file. Sorry that's it for now - I found no other interesting news :) - Opi

  • Bleemcast!? - looks like the much-delayed bleemcast! PSX emulator will be released for the DC after all on May 1st, in a single game format for $5.95 each, beginning with Gran Turismo 2. No other titles have been announced. Almost seems like a day late and a dollar short, but if it delivers on every other aspect it might be worth it for a few key games. For more info read the article at IGN. - david

  •    Friday, April 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:14 EST

  • Snes9x Homepage Back - I just spotted this good news at EmuHQ ! The Snes9x site is back. Their old server crashed and it took them 2 weeks to get a new one and a new ISP. Read the full story here. - Opi

  • SNES Madness At ScreenMania - A mad insane man called Opi made a first huge SNES update at ScreenMania. He added 27 new games with 1652 screenshots ! This update includes a complete coverage of Contra 3, which is still the best jump'n shoot ! Other interesting and famous titles with 80+ shots online are : Aladdin, F-Zero, Desert Strike, Mickey Mouse - Magical Quest, Mystical Ninja, The Jetsons ... ScreenMania has now more than 20,000 screenshots online, hope you'll like it :)
    Please contribute and/or send some feedback ! - Opi

  • This Is The End .... - The Video Game Museum has 10 new Game Boy Color endings online (includes Lion King, Pokemon Silver!, The Simpsons and many more ...). Check Rey's Azure Dreams ending and you know what's real insanity :) At least until you saw my own Contra 3 update with 340 screenshots :) - Opi

  • Trick And Treat - The Ultimate Patchers at Pugsy's MAME cheat page released a new cheat file for MAME v0.36 final. Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • easyEmu Is Newbies Best Friend - mrv2k uploaded a new Mame Guide at his emu-help site easyEmu. Now with quick start guides for all 36 MAME variants he found. - Opi

  • MZemu v0.066 - Cloy informed us about a new MZemu update. This is a Czech SHARP MZ-700 emulator for Windows. Cloy also mentioned that MZemu is now shareware. If you want more details about this old 8-bit computer from Sharp then visit Karl Heinz Mau's site. Karl Heinz has everything about the MZ-700 online ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted a new pictureless MAME WIP update with developing news of the last two days. Thanks to Prophet for the hint :) - Opi

  • More FIGHTS! - Syous (our CPS2 Board moderator) pointed out these links for more 'fights' like the fight.swf I linked to earlier. Here's a post with fight1.avi and here's a post with fight2. Fight2 is kinda like a game, press SPACE to see what happens :) - atila

  •    Thursday, April 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:11 EST

  • xmame - Lawrence Gold has released xmame-0.37b14.1! Changes since 0.37b13.2 include:
    - Everything from MAME 0.37b14 except for steadykey' support.
    - Major updates to the files in contrib/porting. Added prep-new-mame and prep-new-mess scripts for porting from the MS-DOS sources.
    - Added new CFLAGS to makefile.unix for more optimal builds under IRIX. (John Gilbert)
    - Fixed the files in src/unix for which Per Wigren reported problems when using the Tru64 compiler.
    - Incorporated fixes to the core sources for the Tru64 compilation problems. (Nicola Salmoria)
    - Audio now works on the released version of Mac OS X. (Pete French)
    - Fixed a bug in logerror() that could cause a crash. (Pete French)
    - Added the German HTML docs. (Robert Hamberger)
    - Added a note to the docs and makefile about adding
    -DGLU_VERSION_1_2 to the GLCFLAGS when using Mesa's GLU. (Sven Goethel)
    - Updates to the ALSA dsp driver: cosmetic changes, suppression of bogus warnings about underruns. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    - Added new sound driver plugins for IRIX. (Brandon Corey)
    - Added new sound driver plugins for IRIX. (Brandon Corey)
    - Updated the changelog for the ALSA dsp driver. (Shyouzou Sugitani) - chris

  • Visual Pinball Stuff - WiGGi and Destruk sent me some new Visual Pinball screenshots and links to interesting pinball sites ! Right now there are SEVEN fully emulated pinball tables released and more than 20 are in development.

    Useful Visual Pinball links :
    - o - Visual Pinball - nuff' said :)
    - o - Visual Pinball discussion forum !!!
    - o - Pinmame32 - PinMAME website
    - o - Digital Bumper - Destruk's favourite pinball site :)
    - o - Shiva - ROMsets for PinMame, manuals, tech docs on pinball games ...

    And here are some new screenshots :

    - o - Newly released : GetAway - Highspeed 2 !
    - o - Newly released : Time Fantasy by Apocalypse.
    - o - Newly released : Comet by Andre Needham.

    WIP : F14-TomCat by Zaphod/Nico and Terminator 2 - Judgement Day.

    Please contact me (or the PinMAME webmaster) if you're able to provide a GOOD Playfield photo for the last two mentioned pinballs !
    BTW : Star Trek - The Next Generation is in development too. - Opi

  • Spot The Difference - Sega Museum Opens NAMCO Wing - Sixtoe did another MONSTER update over at his site the Sega Museum (former ShinobiZ' Home). Besides adding tons of new Sega stuff, he also opened the door to a new section - The Namco Museum !

    That was a Great job (took him many hours to create it) - and now its up to you to visit the site and contribute missing Namco related stuff ! - Opi

  • Sylvan Tale v1.00 Patch - Gideon Zhi's The Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation has released a fully translated patch for Sylvan Tale, a pretty good Game Gear action adventure. Its gameplay is similar to Zelda 1 or Neutopia, it has beautiful graphics and a more than average soundtrack. :)

    BTW : Happy birthday to Gideon Zhi - Mr. Super-Hacker turned 20 today !Thanks to Shih Tzu for notifying me :) - Opi

  • NeoCPS Moved - NeoCPS found a new home at RC-Roms ! Please update your links and bookmarks to http://neocps.rcroms.com. - Opi

  • Speccyal WIP - Spectrum fans rejoyce ! Rico2000 just sent us some very good Speccyal news. The author is back on track (after more than a year of inactivity) and develops like crazy. The next Speccyal release will be a big thing I tell you :) - Opi

  • Calice32 v0.2.0 - David Raingeard has uploaded v0.2.0 of Calice32 ! This is the Win32 port of his CPS1 emulator for DOS. It's a major update - now with CPS2 support and many other improvements. Looks very promising :) - Opi

  • MacMAME v0.37 b14a - An updated version of MacMAME has been released. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

    - o - Under MacOS X, the cursor should be hidden/shown properly now. [Brad Oliver]
    - o - Under MacOS X, MacMAME no longer attempts to switch to a broken 8-bit mode. If you were seeing scrambled graphics before, the problem should hopefully be gone now. [Brad Oliver] - Opi

  • Megasis v0.06a - Bugfixed Megasis binary online - new in this version :

    - o - fixed input controller read bug
    - o - fixed zip,lzh file read bug - Opi

  • Fight.swf - I've mirrored the FIGHT.SWF movie from yesterday, since it was removed from the original site earlier. You can stop mailing me about it now ;) - atila

  • GASP! - Uhh.... GASP!!, for lack of a better term. I'm bored and tired right now. There's my reason for posting this. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME Icons - MAMu_ has released MAME-0.37b14 icons at his new site. MAMu_ writes: "Complete 0.37b14 upgrade + some remade icons which had a ugly antialias, i'll remade little by little ALL icons that have crappy antialias..... Flash site update: preview 0AZ archive mode working from 0A to L, new NEWS layout and other few things...PS: You must have Flash 4(or +) Free player in order to display MAMEICONS correctly....". - chris

  • Blade64 WIP 2 - More news straight from the Blade64 homepage :

    "Blade64 has been updated to WIP 2 today. Also the screenshots section has been updated. I'm currently working on the Plugins and hope to have them working as soon as possible. The source code will be released very soon.
    P.S Thanx for all the e-mail's and support the reply's are on their way! :) Also a DLL pack has been uploaded only for those who have PathPicker errors

    Thanks to EmuNose (lol) for the email :) - Opi

  • Bliss-Mania - It's raining updated Intellivision emulators - check the Bliss homepage for your prefered download :)

    - o - Bliss v1.53 - check Whatsnew.txt !
    - o - Bliss Applet v1.01 - check Whatsnew.txt !
    - o - Xanadu v0.62 - check Whatsnew.txt !

    Thanks to EmuManiac for the notification. - Opi

  • Emu Loader v2.5 R2 - Another revision of Emu Loader has happened.
    Ciro wrote : "Here is a new revision, but this time with a new feature. The return of "snap.zip" support. You can use both "ingame.zip" or "snap.zip" for the In-Game Snapshots (not both at the same time... it's one or another). MAME32 users can use EL with snapshots again.
    Slideshows is still buggy... Please, don't try to change the selected game while slideshow is activated.
    " - Opi

  • The Rumor Mill! - I'm happy to announce a new edition of JoseQ's famous Rumor Mill! :) Good to see he's still here and motivated ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, April 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:00 EST

  • Wine - WINE 20010418 has been released. Changes include: DirectDraw restructuring and improvements, MSVCRT headers for compiling Winelib apps, Postscript driver enhancements, several multimedia fixes, and lots of bug fixes. Read the full list of changes here. Download mirrors can be found here. Thanks to LinuxGames for the news. - chris

  • UADE - UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator) plays old Amiga tunes with UAE emulation. It uses original Amiga Delitracker Deliplayer binaries to support at least 75 different sound formats. UADE doesn't depend on proprietary components, since all the needed Amiga Kickstart ROM functions are cloned as GPL. - chris

  • Hmm... - And to think, I'm kind of a geek. >:) Check this story out from The Register. Looks like geeks aren't ALL that bad. ;) - dhalamar

  • EmuSphere.com: RIP - eFront has caused another casualty; this time it's EmuSphere. The EmuSphere crew is calling it quits and it's a shame to see them go, since they did a thorough job and were cool peeps online. Their final posts are up at EmuSphere, we wish them all the best and hope they won't disappear completely ... - atila

  • Updated Emu Loader v2.5 - Ciro posted a bugfixed version of his MAME frontend. "It corrects the access violation when you try to start the frontend with
    real icons activated
    ". - Opi

  • Exotic Emu - ASp V0.79 - World Of Spectrum mentioned a new version of ASp today. ASp is a Spectrum emulator for Amiga computers :) - Opi

  • WICKED! - What do you get when you cross Kung-Fu Master, Jackie Chan and The Matrix? You get this! It takes a while to load (1.3MB), but it is SO good! - atila

  • Renewed Linux NES Emu / Frontend Combo - GTuxNES, a frontend for the recently released Linux NES emulator TuxNES (recently means April 15th), was updated to version 0.75.

    TuxNES v0.75 changes :
    - o - complete sound support
    - o - complete MMC2 support (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!)
    - o - added MMC4 support
    - o - joystick remapping
    - o - NetBSD and experimental OpenBSD support
    - o - ZIP file support

    GTuxNES v0.75 changes :
    - o - Config file now auto-saves on program exit
    - o - Changed version number to match compatible version of TuxNES

    Thanks to Tima for the info ! We should NOT forget the earlier announced Linux port of FCE Ultra ! It's now online too. - Opi

  • Busy M.A.S.H. - Mameinfo.dat v3.03 is online. - Opi

  • gbasort v1.0 - gbasort is a new ROM renamer tool. A "GoodGBA alternative" made by Dead Body with 190 Roms in the database. Thanks to Ben-J for the email. - Opi

  • Megasis v0.06 - Wooohooo !!! After centuries of silent developing (a full year to be exact) - J.T. and BORI released a new Megasis version. Megasis is a Japanese Sega Mega Drive / Genesis emulator for Win9x. Its emulation is highly advanced and has many neat features (GYM logging, Zip support, save states). It's one of my favourite Genny emus since the very beginning. New in release 0.06 :

    - o - fixed VDP emulation
    - o - added intelace mode2 emulation (320x448)
    - o - fixed Shadow/Highlight emulation
    - o - added 68000cpu clock setting
    - o - added surface memory type select
    - o - added NoWait emulation mode
    - o - fixed 68000cpu bug
    - o - added sound mixing mode
    - o - added zip,lzh files

    Click here to download Megasis v0.06 - thanks Navarone-san :) - Opi

  • GameCube Delayed! - I doubt this really surprises anyone, but Nintendo has opted to the delay the Japanese launch to September 14, 2001. Which will make it go almost head-to-head with Microsoft's XBOX. - atila

  •    Tuesday, April 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:37 EST

  • Blade64 Released - Blade64, a new N64 emulator based on the TRWinGL (TR64) source has been made publically available. Super Mario 64, Mario Kart and 007: The World Is Not Enough are mentioned as fully playable ! Go and have a look :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Another Guy Is Suffering From Burn Out - JoseQ noooooo - PLEASE DON'T GO ! - Opi

  • Opi, I'm Here - Well, sorta :) - atila

  • BoycottAdvance WIP - Gollum posted some new BoycottAdvance WIP screenshots. Looks like his emu is now able to run commercial GBA games. Thanks Rico2000 ! - Opi

  • AdvanceMAME v0.37 beta 14.0 - Andrea Mazzoleni informed us about the latest AdvanceMAME release. Below are the beta 14.0 additions :

    - o - Added a new type of effects to simulate the aspect of an Arcade Monitor with a PC monitor. Check the new option "rgbeffect".
    ..... - trial 3 pixel (normal/strong)
    ..... - trial 6 pixel (normal/strong)
    ..... - trial 16 pixel (normal/strong)
    ..... - scanline 2/3 vertical lines
    ..... - scanline 2/3 horizontal lines
    - o - General optimization at the blitter. A lot of new MMX
    code and some slowdown bugs fixed.

    Check the AdvanceMAME homepage for examples of the new "rgbeffect". AdvanceMAME is an unofficial MAME version with advanced video support for TVs, arcade monitors, fixed frequencies monitors or in general if there are video problems. - Opi

  • Dreamemu v0.02 - Lord Cheese released a new version of Dreamemu, his Sega Dreamcast emulators for Windows. It's currently able to run some demos - check the download section if you wanna try them out.

    - o - Faster and more accurate CPU
    - o - 2D video output is improved.
    - o - Some software works other than the Sega logo

    Don't forget to set your desktop to 16 BIT color depth or Dreamemu won't make any beep ! Thanks Duncan !
    Hey folks - noticed ? I gave up my GBA and Dreamcast boycott :) - Opi

  • Am I The Only Human Being On Retrogames Earth ? - I feel so lonely ......S.O.S. ! Heeeeeelp ! - Opi

  • Square Bundles Two Classics - Daily Radar reports the announcement of an awesome EA / Square compilation called Final Fantasy Chronicles. It inludes ports of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV for the PSOne ! Both games were mega sellers on (my beloved) SNES and YES I own both (/proud). Final Fantasy Chronicles will ship in July for a suggested retail price of $40. If you missed these games in the past then this is your chance to fill the gap in your collection. Thanks to SkankinMonkey for the hint :) - Opi

  • Emu Loader v2.5 - A totally revised Emu Loader version is now available. Ciro fixed a lot of old bugs, removed unnecessary code for general stability and speed-up. The cool "Background Audio Playback" option is back with this release. Emu Loader is a fine MAME frontend which I use myself. But I still prefer MAME32 :) - Opi

  • Classic Gamers Event - Wanna play the old classics ? Buy something for your collection ? Want to meet people with the same hobby as you ? Visit the PhillyClassics 2001 convention if you live in the Philadelphia area. Held from 20 to 21 April 2001 in the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport.
    Entry fee is $7.50 - this inludes admission for friday night and saturday, entry into tournaments, auctions and more !

    Now gimme something similar for Germany :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New drivers for Bonze's Adventure / Jigoku Meguri, Exzisus and China Gate are the latest MAME additions. Check the updated MAME WIP page for additional info. Thanks to n2locarz and Brian A. Troha for the emails :) - Opi

  •    Monday, April 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:49 EST

  • Unofficial Highscore.dat v7.3 - leezer uploaded a new Unofficial Highscore.dat as well as some needed NV Ram files. - Opi

  • RockNES - The End Confirmed - The release of RockNES v1.900 created some confusion and some hope. Here is the latest statement posted by Fx3 about the "DEATH" of RockNES :

    "The RockNES project is no more, and I said you could wait for a last release for all ports (DOS port already done). The last source (1.900) has been sent to Alexandre (for RockNESX 2.0 soon), kritz (the Linux port) and Richard (MacOS). Well, the main reason is my new job, that takes most of my time. Ah yes, please, do not request the source, it's over". All the best to Fx3 and his future plans - GAME OVER. - Opi

  • Personal Request: TUNE ID - I've asked a lot of people on and off the net and I've posted this same request on the boards a little while ago, but noone was able to name this tune (900kb). Please mail me if you know what the name is :) "We will now return to our usual program." *UPDATE* - The tune is "LEGO - EL RITMO DEL VERDAD", thanks Marc :) - atila

  • Play Tempest Online - The Java Arcade Emulator JAE has been updated again. Norbert Kehrer added a driver for one of the most famoust vector games of the eighties - Tempest ! JAE now supports 34 different arcade classics. - Opi

  • Old News :) - Here are some news we missed to report in the last two days. Even we have a real life :)

    o - The Windows port of FCE Ultra was updated to v0.53. Now with support for the iNES mappers 77, 92 and 105 (partial) and the Power Pad.

    o - Graeme Barnes' Red Squirrel, an Acorn Archimedes Emulator for Win9x was updated to v0.4.1. This WIP release offers the following new stuff :

    - o - Fixed 16bit display modes
    - o - Hostfs works (now as a podule)
    - o - Hostfs is bootable, either via 'opt 4,2' or via the mounts config
    - o - Hostfs mounts stored in plugins/hostfs
    - o - Finds some of its config via executable path, some still via registry

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for both news.

    o - Erik Chong's Apple 2 emulator for WinCE AppleCE was updated to version 0.2a. Thanks EmuManiac.

    o - EmuHQ mentioned the release of S.H.A.C.C. v0.85-36-324. If you need a frontend for almost every imaginable emulator have a look at it !

    o - GIGO's NES/Famicom emu G-NES was updated to v0.515B.

    o - VirtuaNES is now available as version 0.10. This is another fine Japanese NES emu for you to try out :) Thanks EmuManiac.

    o - Version 1.06 of Mike Beavers' multi arcade/system emulator Mimic is available - don't miss the new Galaxian, Moon Cresta and Lucky Today HWCs !

    o - StretchMame32 test 13 is available ! Check the messageboard for the download link. - Opi

  • The MEP Closed - The BEST MSX dedicated Internet site The MEP, maintained by Arnaud de Klerk aka TFH/Fony, has closed its doors. Read the full sad story here. Many thanks to Arnaud for all the news he sent us and for being a steady, trustworthy and friendly online partner in the past. Remember, he did everything for free ... - Opi

  • MacMAME 0.37b14 Released! - Brad Oliver has some good news for Mac users, here goes:

    This release signals a switch in direction for MacMAME. The Carbon build is now included in the main archive. The non-Carbon "classic" build is still available as a separate download.

    0.37b14 - 15 April 2001

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 14 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - Speed. MacMAME should, in most cases, be as fast as it's ever been. [Brad Oliver]
    - A ton of fixes for the Carbon target. [Brad Oliver]
    - Added ability to move a ROM set to the trash via contextual menus. [Ian Patterson]
    - Fixed bug in the 68020 core that caused trouble with Pop n Pop. [Ian Patterson]
    - Added ability to have group sets closed by default. [Ryan Stinnett]
    - More work on string internationalization. [Ryan Stinnett]
    - Worked around optimizer bug affecting YM2151 sound code. [Brad Oliver]
    - Many fixes to the various renderer plugins. [Brad Oliver]

    You can download the binary and the source from www.macmame.org! - atila

  •    Sunday, April 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:15 EST

  • Sites Moved - The Fox from EmuUnlim informed me about their latest hosting news. The following three sites found a new home at EmuUnlim :

    - o - Dragons Den - massive ARCADE graphics & Information site

    - o - B-EM - BBC Emulator for DOS.

    - o - VB64 - C64 Emulator for Win9x. - Opi

  • MameIcons Moved - MAMu_ has moved his MAME icons site to MameWorld - please update your links and bookmarks to http://www.mameworld.net/icons. - Opi

  • New C16/Plus4 Tape Images - Lando has put up 28 new TAP images on his site. All are ready to use with YAPE or Artifex (C16/Plus4 emulators). As ever these TAP`s have never be made available on the net until now! Enjoy. - Opi

  • Spectrum News - Ignacio Burgueño released v0.0.3 of his Spectrum Emulator. This emu emulates many different Spectrum models and needs Win9x and DirectX 5.0 to run !

    First International Spectrum & Sam Days - A large Spectrum fan meeting will be held from May 19 to May 20 in Stein, the Netherlands. Organized by the Dutch HCC sinclair gg group and the German SPC Spectrum user group from Wolfgang and Monica Haller. Everyone is invited to join this meeting without any charge !

    SGD v2.04 - The Spectrum Games Data Base was updated to version 2.04. New in this version is the addition of the RealSpectrum emulator. Spectrum fans should have a look - the inluded information are incredible !

    Thanks to WOS, the best Spectrum dedicated site, for these news. - Opi

  • YAME v0.33 - YAME was updated to version 0.33. Here's what's new:

    Filesize now over 200k
    SNES sound fixed

    Head on over to the YAME page to grab it. =P - dhalamar

  • RockNES v1.900 The DOS port of the great NES emulator RockNES has been updated to version 1.900. Did I miss something or was this discontinued? Oh well, it's a great emulator, probably one of the best and most compatible NES emulators out. Give it a try if you haven't. :) - dhalamar

  • Daedalus v0.03b Source Code - The source code for the new emulator Daedalus has been released, along with a new INI for it. And speaking of INI's, there's also a new one for the Corn N64 emulator by The Company. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • CPS2Shock Release #29 - CPS2Shock has released XOR Tables for 19XX : War Against Destiny (Hispanic 951218), along with a fresh new CPS2MAME to play it with. :)

    *UPDATE* MAMECPS1/2 v0.07 was also updated to play this release. - dhalamar

  • MAME Info Update - M.A.S.H. has updated the mameinfo.dat file to version 3.02. New in this release: New beta bugs. Many changes. More 'Recommended Games'. (..and possibly a few easter eggs!) - chris

  • Have A Good Time - A happy Easter feast and "Frohe Ostern" to everyone who celebrates it :) and to all our other visitors a nice sunday ! More news later .... - Opi

  • MAME Marquee Pack #05 - The EMAM site was updated with Marquee pack #05 for MAME32. It contains 48 new and 43 updated images (2.22 MB) - bringing the marquee grand total to 1126 images ! - Opi

  • MAMEBoyX Awaits You - Marconelly informed us about his latest MAMEBoy release called MAMEBoyX. It's the recently announced special release with many requested games enabled. - Opi

  •    Saturday, April 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:03 EST

  • Daedalus v0.03b - What the hell. You would've thought Opi would've caught this yesterday *ahem* ;) Anyway, Daedalus v0.03b was released YESTERDAY, with a whole bunch of new stuff. This emulator is getting to be pretty good. :) Also, today, there is a Korean language version of Daedalus 0.02b, translated by Khobagi. Head on over to the Daedalus homepage and try it out, you may be surprised. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME Beta ROMs - Guru Choc has laid some beta ROMs to rest at Arcade Heaven. - chris

  •    Friday, April 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 15:58 EST

  • RockNES/MacOS has been updated to v1.830. The new release adds a huge number of different video modes, and is also Carbonized for MacOS X. - richard

  • Nebula v1.2 - The CPS2 emulator Nebula has been updated to version 1.2 Check out what's new:
    Huge speed boost (rewritten gfx code).
    Vsync option added.
    Enhanced gfx modes back in res 640*480.
    Audio Jukebox works with non working games.
    ROM naming now matches MAME.

    Go and grab it from either EmuGenerations or CPS2Shock. Thanks to Razoola for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Pinball-Mania - Ridge posted 21 new pinball screenshots from Pinball MAME and Visual Pinball at his site ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New MAME WIP is online - Power Play has been added to the Leland driver ! - Opi

  • New Official Nemu64 INI v2.1.7 - EmuManiac released a new Nemu64 INI - download it here. These are his latest additions :

    - o - Dr. Mario 64 (USA) = Playable, Ingame GFX errors
    - o - WWF No Mercy v1.1 (PAL) = Playable, Combine Mode off, slow
    - o - Tigger´s Honey Hunt (PAL) = Playable, GFX Menu invisible
    - o - Conkers Bad Fur Day (PAL) = Doesnt Work
    - o - Stars Wars EP1 Battle for Naboo (PAL) = Doesnt Work - Opi

  • Another Emulator Has Bitten The Dust - Game Over for RockNES ! This was probably the last DOS NES emu in development ! Lack of motivation, frustration or only the flow of time ? I know nothing about Fx3's reasons .... But I wanna express my hope for a new emulation project by him !

    "The RockNES project is no more. However, you can wait for a last update for all ports with the time (soon)".

    Thanks to EmuManiac for the sad news :( - Opi

  • Visual PinMame - A Beginner's Guide - Seems I made the right decision to post about the Pinball Mame stuff. I received lots of supportive mails and our general emulation messageboard has some interesting pinball threads now :)

    OK, here are some pinball news for you ! Nicky Special has set up an informative Beginner's Guide for Visual PinMame. If you need some tips'n tricks or you just want more (50) pinballs to try out, then this is your place !
    Update - NBCi declared it as WAREZ ! The site is down :/ What fools ! But a working mirror is up :)

    And here are some new pinball screenshots of new beta (playable) pinball simulations. 1) Twilight Zone was sent in by MAMu_ and 2) from WiGGi comes Attack from Mars ! - Opi

  • Virtual GameBoy Advance v0.5 - Marat Fayzullin released VGBA v0.5, new in this update :

    - o - Moved dummy GBA.ROM contents inside the VGBA code.
    - o - Added DMA3 start at the beginning of HRefresh.
    - o - Added 'v' command to the debugger to show GBA status.
    - o - Fixed transparency effects in bitmap modes.
    - o - Fixed transparency with multiple backgrounds.
    - o - Now initializing rotation/scaling properly.
    - o - No longer supporting 128kB flash ROM above the cartridge ROM. - Opi

  • gnuboy 0.9.13 - gnuboy 0.9.13 has been released. This release marks a feature freeze in preparation for 1.0 stable, which is likely to be the next version if all goes well. Several bugs in the i386 assembly cpu emulation core, which caused visual glitches in Pokemon Yellow and a crash in Montezuma's Return, have been fixed. A minor visual glitch in Alleyway has been corrected as well. Minor new features include support for hardware scaling on the Linux console with matroxfb (MGA G200/G400 only at this time), and more optimized scalers for particular scale factors. - chris

  •    Thursday, April 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:13 EST

  • StretchMame32 Test 10 - A new StretchMame32 beta 10 has been announced - now with stretched windowed mode. - Opi

  • Bubble Bobble Exposed - ScreenMania was updated with 1) 12 new C-64 games (including a full "Raid over Moscow" coverage). And 2) a now completed exposure of "Bubble Bobble with 158 screenshots, including the ending (many thanks to Vincent). - Opi

  • "SHOWTIME!! Addams Family Ready For PinMame - BORIS released Addams Family Gold for PinMame, the so called MAME for Pinball fans. This is a true milestone, Addams Family Gold is the best selling machine in modern pinball history ! I have no clue about this whole thing so I've added some quotes from metallik to give you more info !

    "PinMame is MAME for pinball machines ! It emulates a pinball machine boardset exactly like MAME does. Visualpinball is like pinball construction set. It lets you design and play pinball tables .... The combination of the two - VP-PinMame allows someone to design a pinball table simulation, and tie it to Pinmame's emulation for rules.. so the simulated table is running with the emulated pinball roms providing the rules, sounds, displays, etc. But you need at least 500 mHz or so for it to run ok".

    Hope this all made sense :) HERE's a picture (jpg, 216 kbyte) of Addams Family Gold running on vpinmame.

    Thanks to WiGGi for this pic and the other info he sent me as well as a thanks to metallik :) BTW : this damn posting took more than 30 minutes to do ! Weee - I edited it probably 20 times :) - Opi

  • Protect Your Kids From These Nasty Puzzle And Shooter Games :)
    I heard about another "very cool" new MAME utility called MAME Discontent Manager today. This tool uses fuzzy logic to divide your current MAME games collection into different "stacks". It's not up to you to decide which "stack" should stay on your hd and which one has to leave :) Only Mahjong, Adult and Quiz games are spared, so one click and all those STUPID other games are GONE :) May they die a painful death ! LOL - Opi

  • 'tantrbl2' Is Available! - That elusive rom is now available from Zyclone's! UPDATE - The 100% correct romset is online now (11AM EST), just reload the page. - atila

  • Raine 0.31 DOS/Linux Released! - /me does the dance of joy! You can download both releases from the Raine site and while you're downloading them, you can read what's new and/or updated here :) - atila

  • Rumor Mill - Wow, another week has gone by ... The rapid flow of time amazes me every thursday when I post about a new edition of JoseQ's famous Rumor Mill. Topics are TR64, JAE, Meka, Zeograd's PC-E activities, Mimic, RAINE, AGES and Laser.
    Enjoy and be happy about the upcoming RAINE release :) - Opi

  • MAME Screens And Icons - John Hardy IV from the mame32 qa-test and art dept. has redone all his MAME screenshots over the last week and updated the icon packs as well for your downloading pleasure. - Opi

  • www.mame.dk - Everyone's favourite R.I.P arcade ROM resource www.mame.dk was updated with a new the following roms have changed with 0.37 b14 page. Many people demanded such a page and it's their only possible emulation contribution at the moment. So I thought posting about it would be nice :) - Opi

  • Kaboom! Remake - Steve's Blitz Basic Classic Remakes was updated with a new Kaboom! remake, check it out :) - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat v3.01 - M.A.S.H. released an updated Mameinfo.dat with the latest 37b14 Bugs. - Opi

  •    Wednesday, April 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:52 EST

  • 2 in 1 - Ok, I was just at EmuHolic, and saw some new stuff that might interest you. :) First off, the Sega emulator Gens was updated, with netplay support with Kaillera, among other things. And AdriPSX v01.04.10 has been released. Head on over to the appropriate pages for more info. And thanks Guyfawkes. :) - dhalamar

  • Helping Hand Needed - Shifty from MAME Testers is looking for a helpful guy to update the bug report pages. Some HTML knowledge and a lot of spare time is all you need to match his request ! Thanks MameWorld :) - Opi

  • Protect Your Kids From These Nasty Pr0n Mahjong Games :) - I saw a report over at MameWorld about a cool new MAME utility called MAME Content Manager. This tool uses the CATVER.INI to devide your current MAME games collection into different "stacks". It's up to you to decide which "stack" should stay on your hd and which one has to leave :) Possible "stacks" are Adult, Mahjong, Quiz and Fighting games as well as the "normal" arcade games. One click and all sexy hexy titty games are GONE :) May they rest in peace ! - Opi

  • Satourne Moved - The French Sega Saturn emulator Satourne has found a new home at Consollection. Please update your bookmarks to http://satourne.consollection.com. - Opi

  • New Kaillera Release - Kaillera was updated to version 0.72 today ! Thanks Kagaden :)

    - o - current games list now sorted by status
    - o - improved the API for more flexability
    - o - now compiled against mame v0.37b14
    - o - superpimped install!
    - o - smame added some neat improvements in mame32 such as:
    - o - Disabled startup information, warnings, and copyright with network game.
    - o - Disabled auto pause with network game. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted a new MAME WIP - Magic Bubble was added by Luca Elia, lots of fixes (and some extra fixes for MAME32) ... 0.37 final is drawing near. - Opi

  • Power64 3.0 - Good news for Apple user - Power64, a highly advanced C-64 emulator for Power Macintosh was updated to version 3.0. News : now carbonized for MacOS X, better ZIP support, internal SID emulation and more ! Roland Lieger's emulator is shareware and needs to be registered for a fee of $25 US. Thanks to Lemon, the premiere C-64 site on the whole net, for the news. Hi Kim :) - Opi

  • Genital v1.2 - Bart Trzynadlowski released a new version of his Genesis / Mega Drive emulators for DOS Genital to the public. This nice move was made to celebrate the 1st completed year of Genital development ! Congrats Bart :) Sound is still not implemented, Bart was busy with other projects ! Check the uploaded new readme.txt for further info. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  •    Tuesday, April 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:46 EST

  • Indrema R.I.P. - This "open-source console" is now dead. They've pulled the plug on it. Indrema was to be released this summer. - atila

  • More Speccy Tapes!! - Gilby has added another 50 tape images to the download list at the TZX Vault. Some of these tapes are very rare Sinclair-branded games. And remember, "my other computer runs at 3.4Mhz" ;) - atila

  • MAME Screenshots For Beta 14 - CrashTest uploaded a complete screenshots archive for MAME b14 (ok - almost complete, tantrbl2 is missing). Grab it here - it contains title and ingame pictures. - Opi

  • Windows CE Console Emulator Releases - Not many news related emails came in today - so I have to send (one more time) a big "Arigatou", "Danke Schön" and "Merci" to Emulation 9 for the steady news supply !

    Below are the latest console emulator releases for Windows CE devices - have fun with your little power toys !

    - o - PocketGB 1.25 Beta 6 - Game Boy
    - o - PocketSNES v1.00 - SNES
    - o - ARM-Atari 2600 v0.2 - Atari VCS 2600
    - o - PocketVCS v0.52 - Atari VCS 2600 - Opi

  • G-NES v0.515 - Gigo uploaded new versions of G-NES. You know the sad story about my Japanese knowledge ... Which good soul will mail me the changes - eh ? Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • Unofficial MAME CPS1/2 v0.06 - Raph99's Unofficial MAME CPS1/2 build is now available with support for Razoola's latest release D&D : Shadow over Mystara. - Opi

  • StretchMAME Beta 14a - smame announced another new release of StretchMAME on his messageboard. Release info found on Emulation9. - Opi

  • MameLang 32+ beta 14 - New MameLang 32 is out - get it while its hot. At least if you like having some luxury : CPU overclocking, Kaillera support, "Strech" feature, extra languages ... Thanks to PeterD for the news. - Opi

  • Gamebase 64 - One of my favourite C-64 sites - Gamebase 64 (home of the famous frontend with the same name) was updated today.

    An old ZZAP! review of Aqua Racer has been html'ized as new Game of the Week!. The adventure corner was updated with Valkyrie 17 and a new rare game (working copy of Decisions in the Desert) is up as well. Those who do not know the gamebase 64 frontend should give it a try - its fantastic and has many extra stuff to offer. And as hint to the C-64 game hunters : Gamebase 64' Rare Corner has some extraordinarly rare games online ! - Opi

  •    Monday, April 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:00 EST

  • Killer Japanese Seizure Robot - If you have epilepsy do not click here. Thanks to cratrface for that one. :) - dutch

  • Catver - There's a new catver file online thanks to Triggerfan. It's up to date with Mame v37b14. - dutch

  • Tantrb12 - For those of you wondering about tantrbl2, the info I've found so far is it's a bootleg Sega C2 game, and no one on Mamedev has it except for the person who submitted the driver. Hopefully it will materialize soon enough. - dutch

  • Heeelp - They Forced Me ... - They kidnapped me on irc #retrogamers and forced me to make another Arcade Flyer Archive related news postings ! Grrr !! Xray1 and Raz are evil. OK - here's the news : The Arcade Flyer Archive was updated again ! This times these insane guys uploaded a new CPS2Mame flyer pack - get it here :) - Opi

  • MAMEBoy News - Marconelly is currently preparing a new special (unsupported) compile of MAMEBoy with many requested games enabled ! He's accepting last minute requests or suggestions if you posts them here. - Opi

  • MAME Flyer Pack #21 - Busy Xray1 just uploaded the next Flyer Pack to The Arcade Flyer Archive. This time he added 26 new images and replaced 5 with better ones. More to come ... - Opi

  • G-NES v0.510 - New English and Japanese builds of Gigo's NES/Famicom emulator G-NES are online. What's new ? No clue - thanks Bully :) - Opi

  • SMS Plus for MacOS has been updated to v0.9.4. The new release has been Carbonized for MacOS X. - richard

  • New XOR File! - Razoola has released the XOR file for Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara. This is an excellent quarter-muncher :) - atila

  • WLA DX 7.2 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. WLA DX was initially programmed to compile ROM images for Gameboy, but nowadays it can also patch existing ROM images with code, and even compile program files and ROM files for other CPUs like the NES-6502 and C64-6510. Changes in 7.2: This release contains a completely rewritten preprocessor (faster and produces more compact output). Files can begin with "/*", text lines with one word mnemonics can now have comments (previously broken), .REPT takes zero as an argument, .DEFINE takes multibyte data, WLA_TIME no longer has a linefeed at the end , and [Z80] "LD BC, (?)" and "LD BC, ?" recognition has been fixed to work better with computations. - chris

  • modeler's ScreenMania :) - R. Belmont updated the modeler homepage with a bunch of new screenshots last night. "Alien 3, Holosseum and Super Visual Football now has correct colors and Rad Mobile has had some color improvements as well. Thanks n2locarz. - Opi

  • xmame/xmess update - Lawrence Gold has updated xmame/xmess to version 0.37b13.2. Changes include:
    - MESS 0.37b13 is now included.
    - Added an updated romulan.pl to contrib/tools. (Nathan Hand)
    - Added an updated romalizer to contrib/tools. (Christopher Stone)
    - Adopted the directory layout used in MESS CVS. Namely, all of the xmame-specific directories have been moved into src/unix. Releases will now have symlinks to these directories in the root.
    - Updated the docs to reflect the new mailing list address, courtesy of Pete French.
    - Fixed an unmatched parenthesis error in src/drawgfx.c that was affecting non-Intel platforms.
    - Fixed a bug in mess/cpu/apexc/apexcdsm.c that was causing xmess linking to fail.
    - Updates to the QNX target: Added sound support via an ALSA hack, added fullscreen Photon2 support, and made other miscellaneous Photon2 updates and fixes. (Travis Coady)
    - Updated GLMame to v0.85. (Sven Goethel)
    - Vector games now work with the SDL target. - chris

  • Final Burnout - wook (some of you may remember him doing some tech reports) posted an excellent emulation article called Final Burnout over at JoseQ's site. His Final Burnout article sets a spotlight to the whole Dave / Final Burn thingy and is the pure truth in my opinion. New (and old too of course :P) emulator authors may think about using some of wook's tips ! - Opi

  •    Sunday, April 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:38 EST

  • BeOS emulation activity - There has been a LOT happening in terms of emulation on BeOS. Here's some highlights. BeMAME has been updated to include joystick support, with a new version coming soon. And there is a BeOS port of ZSNES in the works, you can check out the page here. Yape version 0.32.1 has been released, along with GNUBoy v0.9.12. You can find all this and more over at BeEmulated. - dhalamar

  • MESS 32 0.37b13 Released! - Bannister just uploaded Nate Woods' Win32 port of MESS (aka MESS 32 0.37b13) to the MESS Home Page! - chris

  • MAME Wizard v2.0 beta 9 - Panther's MAME frontend MAME Wizard was updated to v2.0 beta 9. The changes info Panther sent to me is far too large to past it here and he even wrote : "Below are some quick news, the rest can be found at the usual address:" Oh my god - don't want to see his extended news :) - Opi

  • Virtual Scalextric - Oh my ... How cute :) Virtual Scalextric rocks the house ... This was my 1st try ! Thanks to Shane Harrelson for the cool link :) - Opi

  • AdriPSX v01.01.25 - Experimental - After a long time of silent developing a new version of AdriPSX - described as experimental - has been released. Roor's new release tries to introduce several new emulation techniques to this Playstation emulator. I can't judge if he succeeded :) Test it yourself - thanks once again to Navarone from Nippon's best emulation news site Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • FixMAME v0.37 b14 - M.A.S.H. announced a new release of his very own FixMAME version. This release includes activated debugger, source fixes, Pong, the gambling games and much more - you can get it from M.A.S.H.'s homepage. - Opi

  • MAME 0.37b14 Roms - The roms for MAME 0.37b14 are now available, thanks to Zyclone. You should be getting good speeds -- unless Tim Eckel is stealing bandwith again. - atila

  • StretchMame32 v0.37 beta 14 - New StretchMame32 beta is up (ASM version only so far). Now with support for Vampire Savior (US). Thanks EmuManiac. - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat v3.00 - M.A.S.H. released a new Mameinfo.dat with MAME related information. - Opi

  • Mimic v1.05 "Sonic Beeps" - New Mimic version released ! Mike Beaver wrote "YES! After months of my wifes nagging and comments like "Is you emulator for deaf people?", I finally got sound emulation working". Hehe, besides this breakthrough he also uploaded new HWC files for Time Pilot, 1942 and SystemE. Thanks Emulation 9 ! BTW : this is the first emu which emulates Sega's SystemE arcade system ! - Opi

  • MAME Fixfile - Till from Sys2064 compiled and uploaded a new lifesaver for you MAME friends. His latest fixfile (1,657 kb) contains fixes for : beastf, fround, darius, block, ffantasy, beastf, galaga3, loopinga, looping, tumblep, rodlandj, rodland and skybump ! - Opi

  • New MESS Released - Richard Bannister just uploaded MESS 0.37b13 for DOS to the MESS home page. Changes include:

    - Sfz (cps changer) fixed to work with the new MAME code [Ben]
    - [DRAGON/COCO1-2-3] Added support for raw Program Pak dumps (use file extenion .ROM). Also, implemented the 1-bit sound mode. [Nate Woods]
    - [DRAGON/COCO1-2] Basic save state support added. [Nate Woods]

    Other Changes:
    - The core is based on MAME 0.37b13. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
    - [IMGTOOL] Added special support in imgtool to separate floppy image formats from the file system. Also added a test command that only gets built in debug builds that runs a set of test cases on an imgtool driver. [Nate Woods] - chris

  • MESS WIP - MESS WIP report for March 7-14 has been posted. - chris

  •    Saturday, April 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:00 EST

  • VirtuaNES v0.01alpha - Navarone informed us about a new NES/Famicom emulator for Windows called VirtuaNES. The emulator was coded by the Japanese guy Norix. These are all info I got so far :) - Opi

  • Team Japump!!! News - New dumps reported at the Team Japump!!! homepage ! Some of their new stuff is already supported by MAME ! That's what I call "lightning speed" :) Mahjong anyone ? LOL
    Thanks to Till and Brian A. Troha for the info ! - Opi

  • Nebula 1.1 Released! - That new CPS2 emulator for Windows was updated a short while ago, here's what's new:

    - Raster effects!!. Preliminary. Some games have graphic glitches.
    - Ssf2 y ssf2t work perfectly.
    - Added the 400x300 and 640x400 resolutions.
    - Fixed the crashes when using ALT-TAB to switch task.
    - Added manual frameskip (keys + and -)
    - Added command line options.
    - Fixed problems with video cards that create non-linear surfaces (S3 Savage) (not fully fixed)
    - Fixed the 3 punch in player 2 bug.
    - Modified keypress detection. Now it's easy to make half circle moves.
    - Added 2xSAI y Eagle. Removed the old interpolation modes.

    Download Nebula 1.1 here! - atila

  • MAME WIP - Cool MAME day :) A new MAME WIP has been uploaded - busy busy ! - Opi

  • First Beta Binary Is Ready - You can download the standard 0.37b14 binary here. Gridle is currently compiling 2 more versions. - atila

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 14 Released - The beta cycle continues and it just delivered a new beta :) First, you can read what's new in this release, then you can compile your own binary with the source code for this release :) The diffs file is available here. Binaries will (hopefully) be up shortly. - atila

  • AGES v0.25a - Major update on Quinntesson's 16/32 bit Sega emulator AGES ! Wow - ZIP support and even PNG screenshots are now possible (good for me !). CD games are supposed to work better now !

    - o - Fixed some CD bugs that screwed up most Sega CD games
    - o - Fixed the rotate/scale graphics
    - o - Added Sega CD "font" graphics support
    - o - ZIP support
    - o - PNG screenshot saving, even though I know you all were hoping for
    ...... BMP or PCX instead ;)
    - o - Added lots more dialog box items and menu items to multilingual engine
    - o - Auto frameskipper (and delayer)
    - o - Added autodetect of 565/555 graphics modes (fixes 32X color on
    ...... the 555 systems)
    - o - Added AGES demo file saving and loading
    - o - Added powerful new autonaming engine for saved states, patches,
    ...... screenshots and demos
    - o - Overhauled Genesis render
    .......... o 11 % speed up (to ~70 fps) on my PII 350
    .......... o crappy CPUs like AMD and Celeron should have even more
    ...... than 11 % speed up
    - o - Added *FULL* shadow and highlight support
    - o - Added sprite masking support
    - o - Added sprite limiting support
    - o - Fixed many graphics glitches for 32-cell Genesis games
    - o - Added statusbar

    Click here to have a new Genesis experience ! Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • Daedalus v0.02b - The 2nd official release of Daedalus, a new Nintendo 64 emulator for Win9x, is here.

    - o - Fixed the main bugs that caused Daedalus to crash on 3dfx chipsets (thanks JTS).
    - o - Fixed the uninstall - it was deleting everything in the directory (sorry Arakon).
    - o - Added an updated .ini file (thanks bjz).
    - o - Added support for .n64 files (thanks Luigi64).
    - o - Fixed problems when dynarec/speedsync etc were disabled for a rom and would not be reenabled.

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Game Endings - Ten new arcade endings are online at the Video Game Museum. Including such hits as Alien vs Predator, D&D, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Marvel Super Heroes ..... NICE ! - Opi

  • Virtual GameBoy Advance v0.4 DOS - Marat Fayzullin sent word about his latest emulator release : Virtual GameBoy Advance or for short : VGBA.

    "At the moment, there is only an MSDOS version, with other ports being available in a while. This is an ALPHA version, so do not expect much >from it. It runs a few official GBA games and demos, as well as correctly written homebrewn GBA demos, has builtin debugger, and can be used for GBA development". There you have it ! It supports the homebrew scene and even its an GBA emu I added no ARRGH - pleased ? :) - Opi

  • Z80Stealth v0.450 - Fine ! Now you know about the existance of ScreenMania - hope you'll like it :) Now back to the daily news business !

    Mr.Kirill informed me about the latest update of Z80Stealth, his Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulators for DOS. Version 0.450 added support for the add-on : General Sound. Mr.Kirill mentioned a lot of technical stuff so I suggest you check it out yourself :)

    BTW : Farewell! to Prophet .... enjoy your life and have a good time ! - Opi

  • SCREENMANIA IS HERE! - Opi has been working VERY hard for the past few months, because he was trying to get his new site ready for launch. That day is here now :) Opi welcomes you to SCREENMANIA, his screenshot site! He's made more than 17,000 (!!)screenshots for various systems and games, but he's not done with it yet! Opi (with your help?) will continue to add more screenshots, trying to make it one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) screenshot sites on the net. - atila

  • Ouch - let me be the first to say that while prophet and I had minor political debates from time to time, there was always respect. Though this is a bleak day for emulation and RG in particular, I wish him the best in all endeavours and secretly hope that he'll be back after a little bit of R&R. - david

  • Last Update - Here's my official newspage sign-off. I figured I owed it to the staff and the visitors. I want to pursue other interests in life, and to be honest, I don't want to be part of this "scene" anymore. For those who've been smart enough to just develop or download emus, have fun, and avoid boards and IRC - you're the smart ones in this hobby. I intend to join your ranks. To my friends, and the kind souls who expressed appreciation for my little contribution to this hobby, thank you. Good luck and good times to EVERYONE out there, on all sides. - prophet

  • OVERZIPPED - How many times have you said to yourself "what I really need is a free batch zip / unzip utility with a green color scheme and cute sound fx"? Well, now your wishes have finally been fulfilled. OverClocked Episode #141: OverZipped presents a simple, free batch zip / unzip utility that will meet your every desire with enthusiasm and style. It's been in the works for quite some time now, and represents a collaboration between myself and a great and helpful coder named J.E. No, it's not the decompression tool to end all, and it won't play GBA games or predict the future, but it does unzip files something wicked ^^ Try it - and remember, I'm not just the president, I'm also a client. (click here.) - david

  •    Friday, April 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:56 EST

  • Daedalus v0.01b - A new Nintendo 64 emulator called Daedalus was released. Head on over to the page for more information and the download. :) - dhalamar

  • BoycottAdvance 0.17bR3 Released - Gollum has updated his GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows, the "what's new list" is way too big to paste here, so I won't :) Check out the BoycottAdvance site to see what's new and to download the binary. - atila

  • SFZ Nebula .DAT File - The .DAT file that allows the recent SFZ CPS2Shock release to be played in Nebula is at Emulatronia. Thanks to Elsemi for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Opera 5.0b7 (Linux) - More browser news...Opera for Linux is a fast, small, secure, configurable, and standards compliant Internet/intranet browser. Opera gives you the freedom to run multiple windows without opening up other instances and many more features that make it the best choice for the serious web enthusiast. Release notes for beta 7 can be read here. - chris

  • KMameRun 1.0.0 - KMameRun is a KDE frontend for MAME. It features a screenshot preview, search input boxes, and a nice look and feel. Changes: This is the final (stable) release of KMameRun, the KDE1 frontend to MAME, and includes better support for checking romsets on startup, support for xmame.SDL, automatic scrolling of the log window, and better support for specifying xmame runtime options. - chris

  • gnuboy 0.9.12 - gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld console in portable C, with interfaces for X11, Linux fbcon and svgalib, SDL, DOS, and Windows, with other ports planned in the future. Compatibility with ROMs tested is around 99 percent, and all major hardware features except SGB extensions are supported. With the optional optimized i386 assembly code, gnuboy can run at the full 60 FPS even on Pentium/75s and below. No special libraries are required to compile, and gnuboy is known to build on many *nix variants. Changes in 0.9.12 include: Hardware YUV-space screen scaling has been integrated (currently only in the SDL port). This allows scaling the screen image to any size with virtually no increase in CPU usage. Several bugs have been fixed as well, including one that prevented the impressive homebrew game Binary Chaos from working. - chris

  • Netscape 4.77 Released - Netscape Communicator is the all-in-one web browser and communications suite that makes it easy to send Internet email, read newsgroups, create web pages, and browse the World Wide Web. Changes in version 4.77 include: a Root Certificate Signers' Certificates update, and various minor bug fixes. Release notes can be found here. - chris

  • OpenGL MAME - Sven Goethel has moved the GLMAME home page to http://www.jausoft.com/glmame.html. The web site contains patches written by Sven and screenshots of xmame using OpenGL. Sven's OpenGL modifications are based off of Mike Oliphant's original work. - chris

  •    Thursday, April 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:32 EST

  • Captian Low Rez!! - There's a new episode of Captian Low Rez online! :D - dutch

  • MicroSoft with an emulation article - cools on IRC posted this link up in the #retrogamers channel a few minutes ago, and I thought I'd take a look. It's an article where the writer tried out 2 Windows CE emulators. A Spectrum emulator, and a Gameboy emulator. Check it out right here. It looks like they're thinking of retro remakes for Windows CE based on what these emulators can do, but don't count me as accurate on that. I'm usually wrong about these things. It's an interesting read though. :) - dhalamar

  • Do The Stretch Again - StretchMame32 v0.37 beta13a is here :) Thanks
    EmuManiac ! - Opi

  • The S.H.A.C.C. v0.83-33-321 - A new version of The S.H.A.C.C. is online. S.H.A.C.C. = (S)imulators, (H)andheld emus, (A)rcade emus, (C)omputer emus, and (C)onsole emus frontend for Win9x. The latest release can configurate 33 emulators and has support for 321 other emus ! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • eFront Disaster - TheKorn just sent me this eFront related link : www.fuckedcompany.com. According to this site; eFront gave 2 days notice to all their affiliated sites before they will pull the plug - no more free hosting ! It looks like Tim Eckel is now in serious hosting trouble. The full story (incl. a busy comment thread) is here. TheKorn I know you now :) - Opi

  • Unofficial M.A.M.E. CPS1/2 v0.05 - A new Unofficial M.A.M.E. CPS1/2 is online, now with Street Fighter Zero support. Thanks Rico2000 - Opi

  • Good5200 v0.999.3 & GoodMTX v0.999.1 - Cowering released two GoodTools today. First the updated Atari 5200 ROM renamer : Good5200 v0.999.3. Good5200 Stats: 165 entries.

    Recent Additions:
    - Tetris (PD) detection fixed
    - add newly found proto dumps
    - updated a few companies/release dates

    Second : GoodMTX v0.999.1, a new Memotech MTX512 tape renamer. It currently knows 94 entries.

    Recent Additions:
    - First release.. This is to support the MESS MTX driver, which is coming along nicely
    - There are lots of ALT images here because of the tape format (instead of normal ROM)
    - If you have any more MTX images, especially the MegaStar games.. PLEASE get in touch - Opi

  • SF ZERO Xor Tables - CPS2Shock has released XOR tables for use with StreetFighter ZERO. Thanks to EmuManiac for the news. - atila

  • GBA User : Please Avoid These Hazards - Jokes fresh from the Gameboy Advance manual ! Do not ..... LOL, thanks Bleugh. - Opi

  • Show Must Go On - AmigaInABox R10 - A new version if AIAB has been released look here for the latest version changes. Jaybee's AIAB is an essential download for every serious UAE user. It's an improved, ready to go Workbech setup ! Thanks Chewy Flapjack :) - Opi

  • Sad Day For Me ! - F*ck ! Still can't believe he really did it ! Prophet, the man ! He was my first online hero and for a long time I thought he would be the one who owns and runs Retrogames. Heck, I was very proud when I got my first email response from him and saw the written "thanks - Prophet of Retrogames" ! And now it should be over ? Come on Paul - don't do it. Relax and stay away from the net. Ignore the bad things (lamers and idiots) and enjoy what's left ...

    If you really stick to your decision then please accept my "thanks for the past work, man" ! It was a honor to be part of a team with you aside. Thanks and my respect !

    And may the force be with you :p - Opi

  • Prophet Quits :~( - I just checked my mail and I saw a mail from Prophet saying he quit. He also made a post on the messageboard about it. I feel like I've lost a brother, I don't know what to do right now... - atila

  • Man... - I got on this morning, went here, and saw that Final Burn is discontinued post. Almost cried because of it (well, not really, but much like a lot of you I didn't really like it that much). I run a Cyrix MII 333 running at about 210mhz with 64 MB of RAM, and a really crappy 3D card, and Final Burn was the only emulator where the CPS2 games were fully playable. I'm still going to use it, just like I still use PSEmu Pro. Good luck with all you do Dave. :) - dhalamar

  • Bliss v1.52 / Xanadu v0.61 - New Bliss/Xanadu releases. More Intellivision emulation problems are solved now ! The two remaining troublesome games, Dreadnaught Factor and Melody Blaster, are now fully playable! That means you can now play every known Intellivision cartridge within either Bliss or Xanadu. Download your prefered version here, thanks Emulation 9 :) - Opi

  • Gens Moved - WIP Screenshots - The Genesis emulator Gens was moved to a new place - please update your bookmarks to http://gens.emunewz.com.

    Consolemul got some WIP screenshots of Stef's emulator running in the Kaillera online enviroment (look above the "Mardi 3 Avril 2001" headline to find the links). - Opi

  • ElectrEm beta 8 - New ElectrEm beta is available now - here's the changes.log ! Printer emulation and joystick support was added ! Thanks to PeterD for the news :) - Opi

  • BURN OUT - The Flame Is Finally "Extinguished" - Final Burn discontinued ... here is Dave's aka Dayvee's last update :

    Final Burn is discontinued.
    For CPS2 emulation I can recommend CPS2MAME
    For AB and GF hardware fans, I have donated all the findings I made in Final Burn to MAME

    Here's the log of the final days of FB (March and April 2001):
    log1, log2 !

    A guy on JoseQ's messageboard wrote the great and matching quote ""The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing." Nuff said ! Thanks to Tim for the email. - atila

  • The Rumor Mill! - Thurday again .... another week is over ... life runs too fast :( But hey, a new Rumor Mill! is up for your enjoyment ! Thanks JoseQ :)

    Last night I had the pleasure to visit an Asia / Kansas concert here in Germany. WOW they impressed me ! These old melodic rockers kicked some serious ass :) If you ever have the chance to meet Kansas live - use every opportunity. Dust in the Wind, Carry on Wayward son .... aaaah ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, April 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 11:04 EST

  • WOW!! - I want this gadget!! - atila

  • Dragon's Den Arcade Sideart - Here's an awesome new site that has over 60 pieces of custom sideart online! All are in wmf format (Windows meta file - easily resized etc. with no quality loss) so they should print well. Also great is the fact that the maintainers, Emucade and Arcaded, take requests as well! Visit them at the Dragon's Den! I also noticed arcade manuals and some other interesting stuff there as well. A great site for MAME cabinet enthusiasts. (Interested in building a MAME cab? Then check out Saint's BYOAC NOW!) - prophet

  • More Sega OSTs! - SegaXtreme has posted soundtracks to the following 2 games: Duke 3d (Saturn OST) and Sonic CD (jap). The Sonic OST is a 'recommended download' :) - atila

  • RockRush - Remember that kickass game called RockRush that was made with that Div Games Studio? The author, Ian Price, recently put out the code to get to the map editor. Head on over to Div Arena for more information. :) - dhalamar

  • Xanadu (Bliss) v0.6 - Xanadu (the Windows "C" port of Bliss, developed by Kyle Davis ) has gotten online gaming support via Kaillera ! Intellivision fans -go for it. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • Shameless plug - I've launched my own site, spent some of the morning finishing some stuff before I go to bed (as of this post it's currently almost 5 in the morning, and I've got to wake up in a few hours and go job hunting =P) But, regardless, the sites called Emulation 2000 (because Emulation 2001 sounded stupid). Take a look, there's not much there yet, but you've got to consider as of right now it's only been up for half an hour. =P - dhalamar

  • X-Arcade: Popeye Does Comdex! - Nope, it's not some pr0n cartoon, it's our friend Popeye reporting: "I saw several interesting products from the Comdex Show today in Chicago. In the XGaming booth displayed the X-Arcade joysticks (without the big "x". It looked exactly like the hotrod but in all black. Very sturdy construction with the same joysticks and buttons from Happs'. It was not connected so I couldn't try it out. It was opened from the bottom and all components look high quality. They showed it next to the Hotrod's with it's bottom also opened up. On a plus side, X-Arcade can be used for ALL gaming systems..consoles, PC games, USB, etc. for a low price of $130. Their other product, Cyberstik 2 , looks very unique such that the flight sticks can be used while it is lift off its base. Take the stick (no base) and move it a little to the left ,up, down or right controls the game activity. I tried it with a plane game and it feels odd but nice. There's no resistance of any spring action since there's no base, just the movement out in free space. Just like holding a small stick, position it vertically and moving it around a little. Costs $99." Like I've said before, XGaming's products (especially the X-Arcade) sound great! (In fact, I believe our friends at Computersworth.com have the Cyberstik 2 for just $59!:) Now if only they'd start shipping the X-Arcades! :) If the XGaming guys read this, please contact me and let me know what's going on! - prophet

  • System 16 Updated - No, not the good old emu (which completely rocked BTW) but the good old site, now run by Sixtoe! He added some cool flyers, magazine reviews and some new games to the list of Sega arcade games. Some nice content, worth a look by all Sega fans. But perhaps most interesting is this part: "Something nice and big in the pipeline, you may like it, you may hate it, but you wont be able to ignore it ;)" Hmm... =) - prophet

  • MIMIC WIP - TheBeaver updated MIMIC WIP! Mostly news about some squashed bugs, which is always a lovely site in emus. - prophet

  • Needed Sooners - Don't forget to check out Arcade Heaven for needed soon MAME goodies. ;) I noticed a few new treats from GuruChoc recently. - prophet

  • Memory Bank - Kuno updated the Memory Bank with more XMvsSF savestates for Final Burn! - prophet

  • XMvsSF Trainer - IBUKImasta created a trainer for this popular, and recently emulated, CPS2 game! Read this post for the details. - prophet

  • SPAM!!! - How many "Re:If you're serious..." SPAM emails have you gotten lately? I have them coming out my ears! Listen folks, I will never read, reply or use your SPAM emails, so give it up! And no, I really don't want to filter because in the past I found the filtering takes normal emails sometimes which is more annoying than selecting a page full of crap and hitting delete... Grr... - prophet

  • Several News Items...

    BeebEm updated - This is a BBC emulator, but the download page seems broken for me right now. :/

    GNUboy v0.9.12 released - It's a GNU (free & portable) Gameboy emu!

    Playboy Advance DEV 1.0 released - a developer build of this new GBA emulator. (I intend to buy a GBA when it arrives in the USA, looks like an awesome system!)

    DreamGBC 2001 Final BETA 3 released - Well, if you love GBC then go try it. :) (Thanks also lone2) - prophet

  • Thanks Emumaniac! - Every now and then someone decides to email me with lotsa cool emu news, and I simply must say thanks. The next bunch of updates (above ^) are courtesy of our friend Emumaniac. =) I know our news has been a bit lagging the past few days; our apologies. - prophet

  • Starcraft 2 & AYBABTU - For you AYBABTU addicts, take a look at Blizzard's inhouse design team's Map of the Month. :) (Thanks Thunder) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, April 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 18:11 EST

  • New Mameinfo.dat - M.A.S.H. just released Mameinfo.dat v2.94 ! Thanks Till - Opi

  • 1st April Joke Ended - The Whirlpool is back at his old URL : http://donut.parodius.com :) - Opi

  • Game & Watch News - _MADrigal_ released Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo, Panorama Screen Series)" Simulator S3/1.00 (final). He also uploaded updated versions of Donkey Kong (S3/1.04a - minor bug-fix) and Donkey Kong II (S3/1.01a - minor bug-fix). - Opi

  • StretchMame32 beta 9 - Visit the StretchMame32 homepage and go to their messageboard if you wanna download StretchMame32 beta 9. Below are the latest changes :

    - o - Fixed initilizing problem.
    - o - Added three CPS2 games. - Opi

  • WebCam Is Up Again - I've pointed my webcam towards the window today, so all I can say is: "Welcome to Eindhoven, The Netherlands" :) - atila

  • ColecoVision Galore @ RetroBase! - Those crazy kids over at RetroBase have added the ColecoVision console to their site and all 156 games have been covered with screenshots and production info! They're almost as crazy as our own Opi, who will be launching his new screenshots site (he took 10,000+ pics!) in a few days :) Anyway, go check out RetroBase! - atila

  • ZSNES Sources Released! - For you budding emu hackers & porters out there, the authors of ZSNES have now made the source code for this excellent SNES emulator public! And I quote: "The ZSNES Sources have finally been released in the CVS repository of the sourceforge page. We also would like to welcome Teuf as a member of the ZSNES team as an assistant coder! He's helped us with quite a lot in the past while, including (but not limited to) setting up the Source Forge page, helping us to write the open source documentation, fixing up the ZSNES sources to not require a custom version of nasm, organizing the sources into directories, modifying the make file, etc. With the sources released, we also hope to release an updated binary soon. Click on the Sourceforge link... to access the sources. The sources will also be available in a ZIP file for those who don't want to use CVS." (Thanks Hellspit) - prophet

  •    Monday, April 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 17:03 EST

  • CDi Emulator - Wanna see the up and coming CDi emulator in action? Head on over to RetroISO's. :) - dhalamar

  • R.I.P. SNK - It's true, SNK filed for bankruptcy today, their debt was 38 billion Yen. You can read the full article here (in Japanese) or read the translation by Fujix here. Thanks to Fujix for the sad news. - atila

  • B-EM v0.3 - B-EM, a new BBC Micro emulator for DOS has been released yesterday. The author is Tom Walker, below are the features of this first public release :

    - o - Emulates the BBC Model B
    - o - All documented video modes supported
    - o - All documented and undocumented 6502 instructions
    - o - 8271 Floppy Disc Controller emulated (single drive, double sided, 80 track)
    - o - Supports five formats for BBC storage on PC :
    ...... .ssd, .dsd, .inf, .uef (preliminary) and __catalog__
    - o - Sound emulation (preliminary)
    - o - Snapshots
    - o - Optional 6502 debugging to file.

    Thanks to Dave for the news :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated MAME WIP with lots of news and pics of a wonderful vertical shmup called Thunder Dragoon!! - atila

  • Mappy Virtual Machine v0.5 - In the April Fool's day link at Joat's AGB Developement page is a new GBA emulator that can run a few demos. Am I the only person who hates April Fool's day? Bleh. Anyway, thanks to EmuHolic for the news. - dhalamar

  • CatRate MAME Ratings - Some people wanted it, now they've got it! Triggerfin (with data provided by Bombjack of MAME.dk) has compiled a file that replaces the version info for several frontends (Emu Loader, MAME Wizard etc.) with game ratings. This *may* help you decide what to download or not. Go to CatList for details and downloads. - prophet

  • MUGEN - There's a new version of MUGEN out. For the uninitiated, MUGEN is a fighting game engine that's very easy to use, and pretty kick ass. :) The new version supports cutscenes now, and other stuff. Click here to see all of what's new. Thanks to mugen420 for the news. - dhalamar

  • Happy (belated) Birthday, RetroGames.COM! - We're 3 years old now! We're gonna have a party, we're gonna have a party, we're gonna have a party! Well, right after we go IPO, we will anyway *cough*. - atila

  •    Sunday, April 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 19:12 EST

  • Game Lad v1.5 - Game Lad, a Game Boy emulator for Win9x/ME/2000 and installed DirectX 8 was updated to v1.5 ! "Sound is improved, search cheats implemented and some bugs fixed. Czech translation added, Spanish and Swedish updated". News submitted by Skates from EmuSphere. - Opi

  • DarcNES dn9b0401 - A new DarcNES has been released. Lots of 68k related fixes, SMS/GG sprite renderers ... Visit the homepage of nyef's multi console emulator for additional info ! Thanks Skates. - Opi

  • MAME Flyer Pack #20 - Xray1 uploaded MAME Flyer Pack #20 to The Arcade Flyer Archive. "36 new ones and 19 replaced. Total of 1416 flyers now !" - Opi

  • modeler WIP - The modeler homepage was updated today. ivilded posted new screenshots of Sonic Arcade (nice), Outrunners (and more) in action. Check the 'gallery section' for them ! Thanks R. Belmont ! - Opi

  • Make Your Hobby Easy With easyEmu :) - mrv2k's "emu-help" site easyEmu has been updated with a tutorial for the new CPS emulator Nebula, a new part in the CLRMame tutorial which deals with profiles and a set of screenshots for CPS2Mame32 for you to download. - Opi

  • FinalBurn 0.113 - Dave has released another update to FinalBurn, here's what's new:

    + Added X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
    + Added region switch for Cyberbots and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Thanks again to Malice for finding these!)

    You can download FinalBurn 0.113 from the FB site. - atila

  • PocketVCS v0.5 - A new version of PocketVCS has been released. PocketVCS is an Atari 2600 emulator for Casio Cassiopeia E-125 PDA (PocketPC). Thanks to n2locarz for the news ! - Opi

  • Translator Interviewed - Sheex from RPGd conducted an interview with Tom/DDS/Shivalva which translated Tokimeki Memorial to name a well known game ! Click here if you wanna read it. - Opi

  • Arkanoid And JAE Teamed Up - Austrian Java Wizard Norbert Kehrer sent in the following JAE related news :

    "Arkanoid ! Derived from Breakout, cool new features, attractive graphics, and brilliant gameplay made Arkanoid define an own genre of games.
    The emulator supports sound. This time not by pre-recorded samples, but by real emulation of the AY8910 sound chip, which was used in the Arkanoid machines. The bat can be controlled with the cursor keys or with the mouse

    Now go to Norbert's emulator page and read more about Arkanoid and to play some exciting online matches (that damn game is DIFFICULT I tell ya !). - Opi

  • The Whirlpool Moved - The "Emulation World family" welcomes The Whirlpool as a new "member". Due to some undescribed problems this awesome translation devoted site was forced to leave parodius.com ... Don't forget to update your bookmarks to http://donut.emulationworld.com ! - Opi

  • Linux - Linus Torvalds has released version 2.4.3 of the linux kernel a few days ago. This is the lastest stable release of the most recent 2.4 series of linux kernels. - chris

  • Nvclock - The Evil Smokin' Dude's [House O' 3D] has released version 0.2.0 (stable) of Nvclock. Nvclock allows you to overclock your Nvidia card under Linux. Changes in version 0.2.0 include: Functionality on all Nvidia cards from the Riva TNT to the GeForce2 Ultra, better commandline handling, use of getopt_long, and a fix for a GeForce DDR/GeForce2 GTS, Pro, Ultra bug. - chris

  • Cannon Smash - Not emulation related, but Cannon Smash is a cool free open-source 3D table-tennis game for both Linux and Windows operating systems. This game represents various strategies of tabletennis on the computer. Changes to version 0.6.0: A new lobby server for Cannon Smash. This version contains client for the server; Cannon Smash players can find opponents on the lobby server and play with them. - chris

  • Microsoft Linux - In a bold move this weekend, Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing Microsoft Linux this November! Microsoft Linux is a Linux distribution much like RedHat or SuSE. Microsoft also expects to port Direct X and other Mircosoft products to the new operating system. - chris

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