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  •    Tuesday, April 30th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:09 EST

  • Aaron Giles Update - One of MAME's most prolific contributors updated his site with some interesting news regarding a "new artwork handling system" and several bugfixes etc. - prophet

  • MacMAME 0.59 - MacMAME is now up to version 0.59 sources! - prophet

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.62 - Roman Scherzer updated ClrMAME Pro as follows:

    fixed: scanner unneeded/name check
    fixed: scanner crash
    fixed: load fastscan file failed
    misc: editable warningswindow entries
    misc: some gfx changes
    misc: profiler speed up
    misc: profiler shows the currently scanned files
    misc: profiler cancel button is checked more frequently
    misc: check for "missing (but fixable) rom" is made when you gray the check-missing button
    - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.515 - Dave has updated his multiple arcade emulator Final Burn. This release adds preliminary road emulation to Thunderblade, a fixed road palette on Out Run, and a slight simplification of After Burner hardware cpu emulation. - MetaFox

  • DOSemu 1.13 - DOSEmu is a Linux application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs including some DPMI apps. License: GPL. - chris

  • MaxForce - Hey guys (and gals), maxforce is now being offered by TonyD at Emulition, so download the latest BitTorrent plug-in from Emulition and get downloading! - chris

  •    Monday, April 29th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:22 EST

  • MAME WIP - Santeri updated the MAME Work-In-Progress page again! Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 screenshots and more. :) - prophet

  • More Emu Updates - Check 'em out:

    FreezeSMS v4.3 - Windows Sega SMS/GG (& more) emulator. Lotsa new stuff, especially speedups and dead bugs.

    Stella 1.21 - Atari 2600 emulator. New stuff: Fixed a bug with control keys being confused with the pause key, Fixed a bug with the pause key causing the application to lockup.

    fMSXSO v1.01 - MSX emulator.

    (Thanks TheInformer & bitstorm_omega) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.514 - Dave is TRULY back! :) A new Final Burn was released. Here's what's new:

    - Improved Galaxy Force hardware cpu emulation slightly.
    - Power Drift sprites glitches reduced.
    - Added a general cpu 'sleep' algorithm which increases the frame rate of Rail Chase a little bit.
    - Strike Fighter cockpit (line sprites) has disappeared (?!) no idea why.
    - Changed keyboard support so it doesn't require DirectX 5 to run, only normal function calls. This means Final Burn should now run on just about any version of DirectX and so should work on Windows NT too. NOTE: This means that keyboard input codes have changed so if you have used games in Final Burn before you will have them configured for old key codes. To fix this either delete the config files in the 'cfg' sub-directory. Or load your game, click Input, and click Defaults.

    (Thanks bitstorm_omega) - prophet

  • EmuHype Back Online - Modeler and ZiNc fans rejoice! (Thanks Mr.Do) - prophet

  • More Satourne Updates - More screenshots of Fabien's WIP Sega Saturn emulator were posted! Sonic Racing looks real nice, even if it's only a title screen. :)(Thanks Ben-J of Consollection) - prophet

  • ArcadePC On TV - Richard Ragon emailed me about the ArcadePC and Hotrod being featured on the popular TV game show "Wheel Of Fortune" and cable TV show "Electronic Playground." He has uploaded some optimized videos of these segments here. Apparently Vanna herself is spinning the letters A R C... :) Emulation ain't underground anymore, I wonder if we'll ever see "MAME" logos on McDonald's soft drink cups? - prophet

  • X-Arcade IC's and ACT-Labs Light Gun UPDATE - The X-Arcade folks emailed me to explain the new IC's have just been ordered into production, so it will be a little while for them to be ready to ship to everyone. But props to them for actually addressing this issue for their customers. Also, some MAMEdevs explained to me that M.A.S.H's source fix isn't really light gun specific - the driver has actually been broken for a while in general. Either way, I still want to shoot my monitor. :) For those who feel the same way, I was contacted by ACT-Labs about holding a contest here to win some of those new USB Light Guns, so stay tuned for further developments. :) - prophet

  •    Sunday, April 28th 2002 - Last updated @ 18:42 EST

  • DOSBox 0.38 - A new version of DOSbox, a PC/DOS emulator, has been released:

    -First Linux version.
    -Improved shell, better batch handling and some new commands.
    -Improved VGA Emulation, fixed palette and EGA modes.
    -Added Internal Hardware Manager, use it to enable/disable/change hardware.
    -Added very basic CMS/GameBlaster emulation.
    -Added some more 386 instructions and added keyboard repeat.
    -Preliminary Joystick support. Only supporting first joystick now.

    (Thanks itchyNADS) - prophet

  • ACT-Labs Light Gun MAME Fix - ACT-Labs should soon begin shipping those snazzy new USB PC Light Guns, which are said to be 100% MAME compatible (Windows only though, no DOS). In preparation for the trigger happy fun to come, M.A.S.H has posted a source fix to make the Nintendo VS and PC-10 games compatible with this device. Personally, I'm looking forward to shooting at my monitor. :) - prophet

  • X-Arcade: New IC's Ready - As I'd mentioned in my X-Arcade review, new replacement IC's (integrated circuits) have been developed to alleviate some of the responsiveness issues with certain games. I received one, and can report that it's very easy to replace - just unscrew the bottom of the panel, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the old IC, and carefully replace it with the new one. Not hard at all. So far it does appear to be more responsive, making 3 button combos in CPS2 etc. a bit easier. Since I haven't really done a careful comparison of the 2 IC's in action, I can't give any definitive opinions yet. I will say the Hotrod in my ArcadePC still appears to be more responsive though, but the new IC seems to be an improvement. Nevertheless, the replacement IC is FREE to X-Arcade owners, just visit the X-Arcade homepage and email them. As an aside, Dreamcast and PS2 adapters should be ready now! - prophet

  • ColecoVision Gets New Games - Old consoles never really die so long as hardcore fans and the internet exist! Jess Ragan emailed me the following news:

    "Someone named Eduardo Mello is working on a ColecoVision port of the first two Space Invaders games. Although John Dondzila had already written a game called Space Invasion for the ColecoVision a couple of years ago, this new release will apparently be much closer to the original arcade games, with the correct title, a monochrome mode, and more accurate artwork. You'll find both screenshots and a demo version of the game on this site" - prophet

  • Emulaxian 0.60 "Arcade Ambience" - Peter Vogels released a comprehensive new version of his graphically advanced emulation frontend, Emulaxian! Here's a screenshot, and video - as well as the support site. New stuff follows:

    -Skinnable animated background, floor and ceiling. Create your own arcade!
    -Any number of 3d models in the arcade at the same time.
    -Ambient arcade sounds with real sounds from 80 arcades by James Widmark.
    -Animated arcade background by James Widmark, will be available soon at 3darcade.mameworld.net.
    -On the fly marquee creation based on gamename and screenshot/random color when there is no marquee picture available.
    -Adjustable light effects in the arcade.
    -Fullscreen arcade.
    -Changed the gamelist format. You can now mix emulators, games etc. any way you want...
    -filters based on any gamelist entry.
    -filter a selection of 1,10,25,50 or 100 random games.
    -Gamelist creator based on directory contents. Crc checking for visual pinball games.

    (Thanks Peter) - prophet

  • Satourne Update - Fabien Autrel is still hard at work on his Saturn emulator, and many updates were recently posted! Of most interest, is the fact that Satourne now "reads the first binary file off CD and runs it in the memory!," and can also now read ISO files as well. (Thanks Ben-J of Consollection) - prophet

  • FreezeSMS 4.2 - A new version of FreezeSMS, a Windows Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator, was released a few days back... :-/ Lotsa fixes:

    - Added FullScreen menu support (this was a hassle :)
    - Forgot to fully add DEADZONE support to the emulator, its now in.
    - Added support for upto 20 buttons on each joypad/joystick device, up from 10
    - Hopefully Fixed NES input problem some people were having. You setup the NES controls from the same place as Master System, etc
    - Added commandline support. To use, rename core.dat to core.exe and type "core romname.sms"
    - Added more sampling rates, 8000hz, 11025hz, 22050hz, 44100hz(default) and 48000hz(High quality)
    - Added volume control within the emulator
    - Changed sound buffering to be data fed not data pushed resulting in better sound
    - Fixed small sound bug which may have caused crashes in frequency setting
    - Added a lot of menu settings and prettied up the menu interface
    - Fixed small bug when loading a save state which didnt exist, causing emulation to be stopped and not started again
    - Fixed a possible STALL when Stopping emulation more then once
    - Now RECACHE palettes when loading savestates and changing Bit Depths.
    - Fixed SG1000 and GAMEGEAR loading/saving states, now upto date like SMS and COLECO
    - Fixed SG1000 and GAMEGEAR movie saving/loading, now upto date also.
    - Removed "Colored bar on left side of screen" for Master System games.
    - Fixed some ALT-TABBING from Fullscreen issues.
    - Fixed a "Play BUILT-IN Bios" game bug.
    - Changed interupt status to happen slightly before interupt fixing Zool and Sega Chess
    - Fixed NTDLL error bug a lot of people were getting in Windows 2k/XP. Thanks Maxim baby
    - 21 GameGear FRZ files added thanks to ASTYAX

    (Thanks itchyNADZ) - prophet

  • BEUFE 2.0 - The crew at CPS2Burn have posted a new version of BEUFE (Beat Em Up Front End)! Here's what's new:

    Added FinalBurnAlpha to emu list as FinalBurn now lives on.
    Added 'All' to character Categories, Strangely enough this shows all Characters including any N.P.C.s
    Added 'Merged' or 'Split' options to the rom search. (NOTE: All this does is search for zip names)
    Upped the maximum number of animated gifs per character to 21 (0-20)
    Added some 'NPC's from Captain commando.
    Added some 'NPC's from DDTOD and DDsom (LordEvilElmo)
    Added support for the name gfx.
    Added Dynamite Deka to Scrollers
    Added some data (Megaman)
    Added Arabian Fight, SpiderMan, and Golde Axe 2 (all system32) to scrollers.
    Added Shinobi and Altered Beast to scrollers
    Added System16 to Emutypes
    Added Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja to scrollers
    Added Captain America and The Avengers to Scrollers
    Added System18 to emutypes
    Added Moonwalker and Shadow Dancer to scrollers
    Added Some NPC's from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
    Updated 'Read Me' slightly, although I'm sure no one reads it.

    (Thanks theshacc) - prophet

  • Haze WIP - Haze has posted another of his WIP updates, this time being a colorful Korean Pac-Man clone called Hyper Pac-Man. It will no doubt soon appear on the Official MAME WIP page as well. - prophet

  • Updates Coming... - Let's see what I can find. :) (One thing I can tell you, I found TONS of viruses and SPAM, as usual.) - prophet

  • Atari Running on Any Machine 0.1.7 - ARAnyM is a virtual machine that would allow you to run existing and develop new Atari ST/TT/Falcon applications on your computer. Changes: Addition of fvdicout.app, and compile support for AraEther. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, April 27th 2002 - Last updated @ 18:49 EST

  • AdvancePac 0.58.0 - AdvancePAC is an unofficial PacMAME version for DOS and Linux with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. License: GPL. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Unofficial Highscore dot DAT - Leezer has released version 7.93 of his unofficial HISCORE.DAT file. You can download it here. There are about a billion new additions, to see whats new click here. - chris

  • Revenge ... - Yesterday, a student seeking revenge for being expelled from school, shot and killed 13 teachers, 2 students, a police officer and then himself. This all happened NOT in the USA, but in Germany.

    The head of the German police union was quoted saying "so-called 'American conditions' have reached us. We cannot let these excesses of violence become a part of our daily life." - atila

  •    Friday, April 26th 2002 - Last updated @ 07:48 EST

  • Davey Interviewed - Lord Evil Elmo has posted a tiny interview he did with Davey, right after the release yesterday's Final Burn. - atila

  • Shinobi Remix - SXS has posted a trancey remix of the Revenge of Shinobi tune at his site. There are a few songs available, but it is "The Shinobi" which should be heard :) It sounds better at a pitch of 8%, so get NT PITCH, if you don't have a pitch plugin for Winamp. - atila

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.61a - Bogy has released ClrMAME Pro 2.61a, which fixes a few small bugs in 2.61 which was released yesterday, but I didn't report on. Bogy, feel free to slap with ye olde trout on IRC ;) He also released a new GBA .dat file, btw. - atila

  • Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes Dies In Car Wreck - CNN is reporting that Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, member of the group TLC, has died in a car wreck in Honduras. - atila

  •    Thursday, April 25th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:19 EST

  • Area 51 and Vicious Circle - TonyD of Emulition.com has put up both Area51 and Vicious Circle hard drive images for you to download with BitTorrent. This is still in a testing phase, so please report your successes or failures to TonyD. You can get instructions on how to download the images by clicking on the News link at the Emulition web site. Happy downloading! - chris

  • Video Game Channel - There is a new video game channel (story at Yahoo!) devoted entirely to video games, and for the first week, they are broadcasting pong 24 hours a day. (no joke). Please contact your local cable provider and request the new video game channel! - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • HD images - As you may or may not know, there are various HD images of games being added to MAME and they will not be an easy download, since most of these are 500+MB and even over 1GB in size. TonyD, over at Emulition is working on a solution and gathering from the reports I saw in #retrogamers yesterday, it seems to be working. You need to download a "BitTORRENT" plugin for your browser and let the leeching commence, basicly :) Make sure you have ample HD space, btw. - atila

  • FINAL BURN 0.510!!! - Davey has released a new version of his emulator (guess he got that itch again and couldn't resist, I won't hold it against you ;)), so let's check the MASSIVE what's new list right here, aaaaaii:

    + Added sound emulation to Out Run
    + Added road emulation to Out Run
    + Added Altered Beast (preliminary)
    + Added Golden Axe (preliminary)
    + Added Shinobi (preliminary)
    + Updated Zip loading code to ZLib 1.1.4
    + Added Strike Fighter (preliminary)
    + Added a preliminary trainer function
    + Added dynamic multiply port support (Final Fight, SF2 etc)
    + Added dynamic board ID support (Final Fight, SF2 etc)
    + Added high background tile support
    Fixes priority problems in Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Ghouls 'N' Ghosts, Magic Sword, Megaman, Street Fighter Zero (CPS Changer), Strider and U.N. Squadron.
    + Added Knights of the Round
    + Added U.N. Squadron
    + Added Strider Hiryu (Japanese version)
    + Added Capcom Sports Club
    + Added Forgotten Worlds
    + Added 1941
    + Added Mercs
    + Added Magic Sword
    + Added Marvel Vs. Capcom
    + Added Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
    + Added Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    + Added Armored Warriors
    + Added Battle Circuit
    + Added Street Fighter Alpha 3

    There, games galore for all you speed-deprived people :) You can download Final Burn 0.510 here and the sources are available here and here. - atila

  • Philly Classic - IceMan2k writes: Philly Classic is this weekend, April 26 & 27. This is one helluva retro gaming experience, kinda like E3 but with older games as well. This is for all the people on the East coast who wanted to go to E3 but could not for distance problems. Also they are debuting a NEW Atari Jaguar game there. Should be a TON of fun for everybody. Public admission is $15 I believe so it's not too bad. - chris

  • KStella 0.7.0 - KStella is a KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella. Changes: Updates to work with Stella 1.2 (which is now a requirement, and will no longer work with older versions), customizable data locations, resizing snapshots/labels based on window size, a fix for reloading of ROMs, a new file statistics option (how many roms you have, etc.), an icon for KStella, fixes for compilation and installation issues on some systems, a general code cleanup, and core speed increases. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:48 EST

  • Stella 1.2Stella, the multi-platform Atari VCS emulator, has been updated, bringing tons of changes. - MetaFox

  • Act Labs USB Gun - Act Labs is now taking pre-orders for their sexy new PC USB light gun which can be used with lots of PC games and MAME32! The press release states that "ACT LABS recognizes the dedicated user fan base of MAME32™ and other emulators and is pleased to support the preservation of classic vintage arcade games." And at $29,95 (pre-order) it doesn't look too expensive either :)

    I'm just wondering what your co-workers will think when they see you pointing a gun at the monitor and yelling: "DIE SCUM!!" =) Anyway, it does look sexy and hopefully it'll feel just as good! Oh, the innuendo ;) - atila

  • Hanaho Redesign - Hanaho has been completely redesigned (looks snazzy ;) and new products are on the horizon. A little birdie told me that they would be emulation related :) - atila

  • MAME WIP - Yet more MAME WIP for your viewing pleasure, all in the usual place. - RocLobsta

  • OC ReMix: Punch-Out!! - I wouldn't normally post a news item for a specific ReMix, but you really must check out the latest OverClocked ReMix, Punch-Out!! 'Little Mac's Confession' - it's an awesome rock/metal cover from the NES game, complete with original lyrics and some damn fine singing and guitar playing. Band responsible for this gem is called Game Over and you can grab the track at OverClocked ReMix. Rock on. - david

  •    Tuesday, April 23rd 2002 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • Gens 1.91 - Gens, the Sega Genesis/Sega CD emulator for Windows has received an update to 1.91. - MetaFox

  • Zyclone's - Get them while you can! - chris

  • MAME WIP - 'nother update :) - chris

  •    Monday, April 22nd 2002 - Last updated @ 23:39 EST

  • Visual MSX V.1.1 Release 2 - Visual MSX is a Windows frontend for the MSX emulator, NLMSX 0.40! It's by Ciro Alfredo Consentino, the man behind the superb EmuLoader, so it must be good. :) - prophet

  • WinUAE 0.8.21 Release 3 - A new beta of WinUAE, an excellent Amiga emulator, was released! Besides the new "experimental sound code" here's what's new:

    - experimental vsync support, refresh rate selection and triple buffering implemented. (me)
    - extended CDTV ROM supported. (me)
    - joystick emulation fixes. (me)
    - Picasso96 fixes. (Bernd Roesch)
    - DirectX 7 or newer required. (was DX 5 or newer)
    - custom chipset emulation compatiblity updates. (me, Bernd Schmidt)
    - Shapeshifter-checkbox fixed. (patch from WinUAE 0.8.17)
    - hardfile fix, Reorg works again. (patch from WinUAE 0.8.17)
    - serial port update. (Bernd Roesch)
    - JIT CPU emulator update (from BasiliskII-JIT)

    (Thanks Ulf) - prophet

  • Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020421 - Those seeking more transparency effects in Kawaks or Nebula might enjoy Haggar's latest pack. Forgotten Worlds & Strikers 1945 Plus are just 2 of the new additions. - prophet

  • TOSEC Update - Grendel informs me that TOSEC has released 29 new databases for you ravenous collectors! :) - prophet

  • EmuLib 042102 - Marat Fayzullin has just released a new version of the EMULib emulation libraries. These libraries are useful for emulation programmers and are free for non-commercial use. Libraries are available for Linux, DOS and Windows platforms. - chris

  • PCSX 1.2 - PCSX is a PlayStation emulator for Linux and Windows. Here what's new for the 1.2 release:

    * Sound is now ok, thanks to Iori
    * More fixes, they increase compatibility
    * Some speedups
    * The recompiler now will run on older machines
    * Added PADstartPoll and PADpoll support, thanks to gunshinn
    * CDRgetBufferSub support (still don't know if really works)
    * Correct Mouse, AnalogJoystick and AnalogPad emulation, contributed by gunshinn

    Thanks to itchyNADZ for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Golf - Cristie Kerr has won a golf tournament and she was given a trophy. The designer of it must have been a visionary, or he had a dirty mind, or maybe *I* just have a dirty mind or all of the above ;) Thanks to Floach for the link. - atila

  •    Sunday, April 21st 2002 - Last updated @ 09:09 EST

  • VirtuaNES 0.52 Released - VirtuaNES is a Famicon/NES emu for WIN32, here's what's new:

    -Correct that version notation of one to watch with a property was wrong.
    -Triangle wave corrects the problem that does not sound well by some games.
    -Correct that a game screen of MMC2/MMC4 became strange when corrected PPU.

    You can download VirtuaNES 0.52 here, thanks to itchy 'n scratchy (I couldn't resist, sorry ;) for the news. - atila

  • "Freeze, ya punk!" - A bugfix has been issued for version FreezeSMS 4.0, so let's check what's new in this here multi-console emulator:

    Build 4.1 :
    - Removed annoying message box("HI!")when reverting to software mixing on your soundcard. Thanks Alan.
    - Fixed small PAUSE WHEN INACTIVE bug (hopefully, please report back). Thanks Thumper.

    - Fixed small 3d glasses problem (All 3d games won't give you epilipsy fits now). Thanks Tim.
    - Fixed a small Woody Pop paddle issue. Thanks Tim.

    You can download the new FreezeSMS 4.1 here. Thanks to ichtyNADZ (go get some ointment) for the news. - atila

  • Vice 1.9 - This versatile Commodore emulator has been updated again :) Vice emulates almost all 8-bit Commodore computers and runs on multiple platforms. Thanks to FF and Ulf for notifying me. And FF, I'm removing you from my netbuddy list because you told me I could find pr0n at the above link and all I found was Vice (not that that's a bad thing, btw ;)! - atila

  • DreamSNES 0.9.7 Released - A new version of this SNES emulator for the Dreamcast has been released and is available at its homepage. New features in this release include saved settings and a few new keyboard functions. Thanks to Ulf for the news. - atila

  • Updating - I'm "cleaning out" my mailbox, so expect to see a few more news pieces :) - atila

  • New Site! - A huge new site has opened, focussing on the C16-Plus/4, called Commodore Plus/4 World. With already more than 1,500 pieces of software for download, this will take some time to go through ;) - atila

  • 85 LEGAL roms - Emu-France have posted 85 new LEGAL roms in their ROMS section, these are the new roms listed in the current release of GoodVECT. - atila

  • "That's Incredible!" - Twin Galaxies have posted a video of the 1983 edition of "That's Incredible Video Game Olympics" on their site. The Hi-Q version weighs in at a hefty 42MB, the Lo-Q version is 8 MB, both files are in Quicktime format. - atila

  • LibDsk 0.9.0 - LibDsk is a library that attempts to create uniform functions for accessing floppy drives, raw "dd" disk images, and disk image files in various emulator formats. Its intended use is for emulator authors; it also includes some sample tools to read sectors from discs in CP/M, DOS, and Acorn formats. Changes: On-the-fly compression support was added. Squeeze, gzip, and bzip2 compression methods are supported. Bugs in the support for extended .DSK files were fixed. It is now possible to read and write deleted data. License: LGPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, April 20th 2002 - Last updated @ 14:26 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • WLA DX 8.5 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, 65816, and SPC-700 CPUs. Changes: All unidentified free strings were treated as labels. Now labels can only start at the beginning of a new line. Support for yet another un-named label (__) has been added. ".endm" also works (only ".ENDM" used to work). The preprocessor has been fixed to work better. .DxSIN and .DxCOS finally work properly. The 'x' switch also generates WLA_VERSION. The preprocessor can handle a few special cases related to the use of '+'. WLA can also be given hints about the operand size with .b and .w in the operand (e.g. "and 10.w"). License: GPL. - chris

  • gzinc 0.03 - gzinc is a gtk/python frontend for zinc. Changes: The preferences have been updated to reflect the changes in zinc 0.9-beta, some code clean up. - chris

  •    Friday, April 19th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:02 EST

  • New Magic Engine Beta 9.9.3 - The excellent commercial Turbografx-16 / PC-Engine emulator, Magic Engine, has been updated! The new limited beta version is downloadable now, complete with a new windowed mode, better compatability and better XP support. And ME is now FIVE years old! :) (Thanks Reiginsei) - prophet

  • NeoGeoForLife News - Kazuya_UK from NeoGeo For Life has now posted the various homemade NeoGeo insert entries for his competition. He says "I now have previews of all the submitted inserts online, as well as the voting system. Check them out, I'm sure you'll be amazed at the quality of some of them, just like I was! :)" See them here - prophet

  • Ultima III GBC Source Code - Sven Carlberg released the source code to his GameBoy Color port of Ultima III:Exodus! Whether you just want to see how it works, or attempt to create a brand new adventure, now you can. - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Aeroboto finally gets emulated, and more - look here. - prophet

  • HotRod with Trakball - RingoWillyCat alerted us about new prototype photos at the Unofficial HotRod Support Page! I have no idea if/when HanaHo will start selling these or what the price might be. - prophet

  • ISOclassics - There's a new site called ISOclassics, which serves LEGAL copies of various ISOs and images for obsolete systems, like the ill-fated Amiga CD³², the Sega Saturn and even the C64 :) - atila

  •    Thursday, April 18th 2002 - Last updated @ 22:25 EST

  • Mozilla 1.0rc1 - The first release candidate for Mozilla 1.0 has been released. IMO Mozilla has the best potential to be the king of browsers. Please download and evaluate Mozilla 1.0rc1 and submit any bugs you find to the mozilla bug reporting page Bugzilla. With your support Mozilla can become the best web browser ever! - chris

  • WineX 2.0 - TransGaming Technologies, the leading provider of cross platform compatibility solutions, today unleashes its enhanced WineX technology -- the much-anticipated WineX 2.0. WineX 2.0 allows over 80 Windows games to run on the Linux operating system, seamlessly, transparently, and right out of the box. The implementation of DirectX 8 support on Linux is the most significant and highest demand milestone for WineX 2.0. The full press release can be read here. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Update. - chris

  • xmame-0.59.2 - xmame-0.59.2 is out! Thanks go out to those whose contributions have made this release possible. Changes Include:
    • Updated the included zlib library to 1.1.4, which fixes a "double free" security vulnerability.
    • Applied a fix for the fromance video driver. (Takahiro Nogi)
    • Updated romalizer to the latest release, 0.7pre3. (Christopher Stone)
    • Fixed a potential crash and a linear interpolation bug in the ES550x sound driver. (Aaron Giles)
    • Fixed a crash in the renegade driver caused by a sound effect reading past the end of the ADPCM memory region. (Phil Stroffolino)
    • Fixed the following MAME testers bugs: blmbycar059red, uopoko059red, gcpinbal059red, jitsupro059red, metroc059red, phelios059red, paclandc059red, ncv1058red, av2mj059red, fromancec058red. (Aaron Giles)
    You can download a patch against 0.59.1 from here. - chris

  • FreezeSMS 4.0 Released - Major new things in this multi-system emulator are the NES driver (no sound), NETPLAY, Lightgun and Paddle emulation for the SMS! You can download FreezeSMS 4.0 from the FreezeSMS site. Thanks to TheInformer for the news. - atila

  • XBOX Price Drop in Europe - Microsoft will drop the XBOX price to €299 (199 Pounds .uk) as of April 26. Now, if you already paid €479 for your XBOX, you may feel a bit peeved after reading this. Microsoft will give everyone who already bought one, 2 games and an extra controller -- FOR FREE! - atila

  • NO$GBA 1.0e Released - A new version of this GBA debugger has been released. Since it's a debugger and not a emulator that runs games, you cannot play games on it. So if you're into coding games for the GBA, then you should definitely get this :) - atila

  • Blip & Blop Demo Released - A week or 2 ago, we reported about a "Metal Slug"-esque game for the PC called Blip & Blop. A playable demo has now been released, so go ahead and leech :) - atila

  •    Wednesday, April 17th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:25 EST

  • Mupen64 goes Open Source - Mupen64, a portable Nintendo64 emulator is now open-source. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • PCSX2 v0.031 - Here is the next release of the worlds first PS2 emulator PCSX2 ! Actually, there are 5 files to release today: A new PCSX2 for windows and one for linux, new versions of the PAD plugin for both OSes, and a new graphic plugin version ! Changes can be seen at the web site. - chris

  • AdvanceMENU v1.18.0 - AdvanceMENU is a DOS and Linux front-end for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS, MAME, MESS, RAINE and any other emulator. Changes: A full list of changes can be found here. License: GPL. - chris

  • AdvanceMAME v0.59.1 - AdvanceMAME is an unofficial MAME version for DOS and Linux with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. Changes: A full list of changes can be read here. License: GPL. - chris

  • cinc 1.0.0 - cinc is an emulator for the Bell Lab's CARDIAC (Cardboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) computer. The CARDIAC kit was published in 1969 to teach the internal workings of a digital computer and machine code programming. cinc emulates the CARDIAC computer and allows the user to run CARDIAC programs. Changes: Code cleanups, new documentation, and a makefile for Mac OS X. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, April 16th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:19 EST

  • Beat'Em Up Frontend Competition - Win prizes just for spotting mistakes! It's true - just check this post from LordEvilElmo for more info. Also, you can view the latest BEUFE WIP here. - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Another MAME WIP update has been posted! - chris

  • Denmark's First Arcade Museum Opens Soon - Dan from Denmark has sent us the following info :

    "Denmark's first arcade museum opens Sat. 11. May 2002 in the village of Sporup. It consists of 50 working machines and 150 replaceable games and is Europe's biggest outside England and Germnay. The museum is based on donations and the entrance is free but the games are not. After the opening the museum will be open every Thursday between 14 - 18 hrs".

    That's another good reason to live in this lovely country I guess :) - Opi

  • Nebula 2.12 Released - I knew I forgot something last night, and it was the release of Nebula 2.12! "Leave it to Beaver", they said ;) - atila

  •    Monday, April 15th 2002 - Last updated @ 11:11 EST

  • Nebula & MAME WIP - Nebula was the first to exhibit IGS PGM emulation in progress, and ElSemi posted some new shots. Meanwhile Haze worked on a MAME driver for this Asia-only system and its games, which you see in early action at the MAME Status page. Lotsa other MAME progress there as well. - prophet

  • xrick 010808 - xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous. Written entirely in C, it relies on the Simple DirectMedia Layer library and has been ported to Linux (its primary target), Windows, BeOs, Amiga. Changes: This release has alpha sound support. Basic sounds are here, including the Waaaaaa of Death, but music is not implemented. The quality is far from being perfect. License: GPL.

    Update: ]JJ[ adds: A windows version can be found here. - chris

  • mol 0.9.62 - Mac-on-Linux (MOL) is an Open Source virtual machine which runs MacOS on top of Linux/ppc. There is no CPU emulation involved since MOL runs natively on the PowerPC processor. All MacOS versions (from 7.5.2 to 9.2.2) are compatible with MOL. Changes: This release addresses the MacOS 9.2.2 boot problem (there is no longer a startup delay). EsounD support was added. AltiVec detection was improved. Keymapping fixes were made. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, April 14th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • RockNESX 2.0 Final - Fx3 kindly informed me about the latest release of RockNESX by Alexandre, a NES emulator for Windows! Nice emu, and one that I use myself for its' good user interface and solid emulation. - prophet

  • FCE Ultra 0.76 - The portable NES/Famicom emulator FCE Ultra, has updated versions available for DOS, Linux, and Windows! (Thanks Alyas) - prophet

  • Commercial Retro Stuff - Here's a few commercial products I received emails about recently that pertain to this hobby:

    - New Space Invaders T-Shirts are now ready from the Space Invaders Shrine.

    - ArcadePC's can now be purchased at The Sharper Image.

    - SlikStik is now fully USB (and therefore Mac compatible) thanks to using Happs Trakballs. - prophet

  • PinMAME & Visual PinMAME 1.12.1 - Mainly a bugfix release from the last one. Get it from the PinMAME homepage. Steve Ellenoff also told me "the next version will be based upon the 0.59 MAME core, which is a pretty big
    change, so it may take a while...
    " - prophet

  • Virtual GameBoy Advance 1.4 - VGBA is a portable emulator of Nintendo's GameBoy Advance. It still has rough corners, but can now run just about anything that runs on the real GBA. VGBA can be very useful for game development, as a cheap and fast development hardware substitute. Changes: This version of VGBA contains support for 16384x64 serial EEPROMs that many new games are starting to use. There is also improved sound support and many other important fixes that improve compatibility with the real GBA. License: Free for unix, Registered copy available for Windows. - chris

  • WinUAE v0.8.21 Release 3 - Toni Wilen's WinUAE-team has released a new version of this excellent Amiga emulator for Windows.

    - experimental vsync support, refresh rate selection and triple buffering implemented. (me)
    - extended CDTV ROM supported. (me)
    - joystick emulation fixes. (me)
    - Picasso96 fixes. (Bernd Roesch)
    - DirectX 7 or newer required. (was DX 5 or newer)
    - custom chipset emulation compatiblity updates. (me, Bernd Schmidt)
    - Shapeshifter-checkbox fixed. (patch from WinUAE 0.8.17)
    - hardfile fix, Reorg works again. (patch from WinUAE 0.8.17)
    - serial port update. (Bernd Roesch)
    - JIT CPU emulator update (from BasiliskII-JIT)

    Thanks to Ulf Andersson as well as James from the fine Amiga In A Box site for the notification. - Opi

  • Updated Glide Renderer for Zinc - This Glide renderer is for people with 3Dfx VOODOO cards ONLY, here's what's new:

    OffScreen Drawing setting no longer read from config file. Should also fix the Strider 2 problems.

    You can download it from Impactemu :) - atila

  •    Saturday, April 13th 2002 - Last updated @ 12:40 EST

  • Zyclone's - ZyClones Updated. - chris

  • GBA Web Server - Some guy wrote a web server for his GameBoy Advance as a school project. If you want to run a web server on your GBA, you can download the source code from here. Thanks to PhoboZ for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Some really cool pics over at the MAME Status page. Looks like AG is making some progress with Atari protections. :) - chris

  • Wine 20020411 - Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. Changes: This release includes the beginnings of an SMB client implementation. There is a new naming scheme and location for builtin DLLs. The aRts sound driver is now included, there were some unit tests, there is a much more complete setupapi implementation, and some progress was made on DLL separation. The usual common controls rewrites are also included, along with much improved Microsoft Office support, and lots of bugfixes. License: LGPL. - chris

  • cinc 0.1.1 - cinc is an emulator for the Bell Lab's CARDIAC (Cardboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) computer. The CARDIAC kit was published in 1969 to teach the internal workings of a digital computer and machine code programming. cinc emulates the CARDIAC computer and allows the user to run CARDIAC programs. Changes: Improved error handling. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, April 12th 2002 - Last updated @ 11:29 EST

  • KOF2001 Dumped... - But who gives a damn, right ? - atila

  • News Archive - The sidebar has been cleaned up a small bit and a solid news archive has been added, thanks to Daemon for the idea. There's is much more left to do, I even uploaded the logos I received for the logo competition, I just haven't made the HTML yet :x - atila

  • Ehhh... - Apparently Britney Spears is to blame for the raised masturbation levels. Freaky ;) - atila

  • TSSHP 0.2.9a - The System Shock Hack Project is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). Changes: This release fixes the Underworld palette bug, includes animated wall textures for System Shock, fixes the bug giving doors bogus lightmaps from the back side, adds clean VC 6.0 Project files, includes HUD in the OpenGL build, moves the HUD render process to /accel, cleans up the code in mfd.h, and includes several optimizations in the HUD/MFD code. License: BSD. - chris

  • FakeNES 0.1.3 - FakeNES is a portable Open Source NES emulator which is written mostly in C, using the excellent Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities. Changes: Important changes in this release include an overhaul of the MMC interface, various audio fixes and enhancements, and small source clean-ups. License: The Clarified Artistic License. - chris

  •    Thursday, April 11th 2002 - Last updated @ 16:38 EST

  • GooSNES 0.3 - GooSNES is a simple GTK frontend for SNES9x. Changes: Added the ability to specify your snes9x executable, which is handy if you prefer gsnes9x. License: GPL. - chris

  • New Virtual Boy Emu - frostgiant writes: I have taken the Reality Boy 0.7 source code and added a couple features such as GUI, save states, and reconfigurable keymaps. Sound is right around the corner too. The emu is open-source and I have released binaries for Windows, DOS, and x86 Linux. Check it out at http://www.frostgiant.org/rdragon.
    - chris

  •    Wednesday, April 10th 2002 - Last updated @ 10:40 EST

  • Arcade Flyers - Xray1 has added 20 flyers to the online database at The Arcade Flyers Database. - atila

  •    Tuesday, April 9th 2002 - Last updated @ 21:00 EST

  • gzinc 0.02 - You can get it here. Changes: gzinc can now show screenshots for each game some code clean up. - chris

  • vmware 3.1 - VMware Workstation 3.1 is virtual machine software that allows you to run multiple operating systems at the same time. Enhancements to 3.1 include a new feature called Repeatable Resume that lets you resume your virtual machine from the same point, over and over again. We've improved NAT for greater performance and functionality. VMware is free, if you continually install their trial version every 30 days. - chris

  • MAME WIP. - chris

  • CAPS Updated - CAPS The Classic Amiga Preservation Society site has seen multiple updates in the last week:

    - They have turned one year old!
    - HUGE WIP report for the last two months detailing the many achievements that have happened since the last update.
    - Plenty of games dumped, but now they have about 600 more waiting! - RocLobsta

  • HEAVY METAL! - Today saw the release of Zinc 0.8 and the bugfix Zinc 0.9. Zinc 0.8 came with a whole bunch of new things, including new renderer plug-ins and a Tekken 2 geometry fix. It also had logging enabled (by accident), which resulted in logs eating up all the free space on your HD :) Zinc 0.9 fixes this :) - atila

  •    Monday, April 8th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:09 EST

  • ClrMamePro v2.60a - ClrMamePro, Roman Scherzer's famous ROM maintaining tool has been updated to version 2.60a yesterday.
    Click here to find out what's new in the world of ClrMamePro !

    Zufrieden Roman :) ? - Opi

  • OC ReMix 3.0 Debuts - OverClocked ReMix, a site dedicated to recreating / rearranging game music using new tools and technology, has just undergone the largest change since its inception in the beginning of January 2000. OC ReMix 3, the latest version, is entirely database-driven, allowing for sorting of ReMixes by game system, composer, ReMixer, date, and game, and offers additional resources for each of these as well. A series of enhancements in the future will add a feedback system and increase the amount of information offered for the original composers of game soundtracks featured on the site. For more information, please see http://remix.overclocked.org/, and specifically the recent post on this upgrade at here.
    - david

  •    Sunday, April 7th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:56 EST

  • Departure - Obviously I've been missing in action for quite a while now. I've got a house of my own, a wife, and a beautiful 6 month old girl at home. And without a good computer and a phone line at home, it makes it kinda hard to update this site the way I'd like to, so I'm announcing my departure. I'm not quitting emulation by any means (even though everyone seems to think I have. heh). You'll see me around, because emulation has been a big part of my even bothering with a computer for about 5 or 6 years now, so im not going anywhere in the scene. :) Keep an eye out, you'll see me. It's weird how many people I see in Electronic's Boutique and stuff who actually know who I am. =P Have fun people, and keep your eyes open. :) - dhalamar

  • Gens v1.90 Released - Gens, Stéphane Dallongeville's excellent Sega Genesis / Sega CD emulator for Windows was updated to version 1.90.
    These are the changes:

    [SEGA CD]
    * GFX conversion fixed (all conversions possibilities are emulated now).
    * Severals bugs added in Gens 1.80 have been fixed.

    * New YM2612 core :
    - More accurate.
    - We can activate a "High Quality" emulation mode.
    - A bit faster.
    * New PSG core :
    - We can activate "PSG improvement" mode (see the shortcut section).
    - Faster.
    * Save state support fixed a bit (some stuff were broken in Gens 1.80)
    * Minors changes and fixes.

    * Removed the 8 bits sound option (useless).
    * Fixed the infamous "closing during initialisation" bug.
    * Fixed a minor bug with the software x2 blit MMX.

    Download Gens 1.90 HERE.
    Thanks to JAW for posting the release info :-) - Opi

  • Amiga News - Back to the Roots, the worlds finest legal Amiga download source was updated once more. Here's what Bobic and Hippie2000 had to say about their latest update :

    "Easter is over but the rabbits are still busy. The lovely rabbits from "Back to the Roots" brought you some nice surprises with their latest update.

    If you have a look at their Easter nest you'll find games like Rings of Medusa, Super Cars 1+2, Genetic Species Heimdall 2, Larry 1 Remake, Sherman M4, Pinball Magic and many others. Besides that many scene demos from the fantastic Mekka + Symposium 2002 demo party have been added, more music from the demoscene came online and the picture galleries are now containing some extremely colorful little eggs.

    Happy (late) egg shaking!

    Respects from yours - Back to the Roots Team."
    - Opi

  • LibDsk 0.8.2 - LibDsk is a library that attempts to create uniform functions for accessing floppy drives, raw "dd" disk images, and disk image files in various emulator formats. Its intended use is for emulator authors; it also includes some sample tools to read sectors from discs in CP/M, DOS, and Acorn formats. There is special-case code for direct access to the floppy controller under Linux, and to access the floppy driver under Windows. Java (JNI) bindings are included. Changes: Support for the .DQK file format (Huffman-compressed CPCEMU .DSK). License: LGPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, April 6th 2002 - Last updated @ 15:49 EST

  • Laser WIP - The homepage of Laser has been updated again with some feature additions from ss_teven and some game additions and rom name fixes from myself. - MetaFox

  • Wizard Of Wor Record Broken - The record has been broken after many many years, check out Twin Galaxies for the full story! - atila

  • CPC Zone Updated - More new scans have been posted, this time scans include the classic Amstrad magazine "Amstrad Action", so check out the CPC Zone, if that's your cup of tea :P - atila

  • RetroGaming Radio April 2002 - The new RGR is out and available for download. - atila

  • FakeNES 0.1.2 - FakeNES is a portable Open Source NES emulator which is written mostly in C, using the excellent Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities. Changes: This release features major changes, including a PPU source clean-up, a completely overhauled audio system, MMC source clean-up, various GUI improvements, and several new audio effects and filters. License: The Clarified Artistic License. - chris

  •    Friday, April 5th 2002 - Last updated @ 07:31 EST

  • gzinc 0.01 - gzinc is an open source front end for the linux version of the zinc emulator. gzinc is written in Python using the gnome tool kit. Changes: Initial Release. - chris

  •    Thursday, April 4th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • Retrobase Downtime - RetroBase, the videogames database site, is experiencing some downtime due to problems with their ISP. The site is not dead, and will relaunch as soon as the problems are rectified. - MetaFox

  • Laser WIP - ss_teven has updated the homepage for the multi-arcade emulator, Laser, with some WIP news. If you are interested, be sure to keep an eye on the WIP section of the Laser messageboard, because it will be updated quite a bit from now on. - MetaFox

  • MAME WIP - More MAME WIP. - chris

  •    Wednesday, April 3rd 2002 - Last updated @ 13:54 EST

  • Arcade Flyers - The lads over at The Arcade Flyer Archive have added 100 (!!) flyers to ye olde archive! - atila

  • RARsoft Author Dies - Ron Dwight, the author of the RAR compression format, passed away a few days ago. Thanks to Ira for the (sad) news. - atila

  • LOADED! - Bill G. pointed me to Loaded Studio, who are working on a freeware PC game called Blip'n Blop 3, kinda like Metal Slug (but not quite ;) The screenshots show Care Bears and Smurfs, so I'm assuming you can blow them up/kill them :P A playable demo should be available in about 2 weeks. - atila

  • Fx3's Gifts :) - Fx3 has posted new versions of RockNES, RockNESX, BNSF, visine (Mega Man 1&2 editor)and a Mega Man VI editor called sixtans. You can download them all from the RockNES site.
    - atila

  • FLASH! - Here's a little "feel-good" bit of Flash, thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] (yes, he's still around :) for the link. - atila

  • CPC Zone Updated - Malc Jennings also updated the CPC ZONE, with an exclusive remix of the theme music from Robocop by Ocean Software (full WinAMP required), 8 new game reviews and 10 new covers. - atila

  • TZX Vault Updated - Gilby has posted an update over at the TZX VAULT, here's what he wrote in his mail:

    "I've updated the site again with another 300+ .tzx images. Lots more MIA / STP tapes dumped plus about 20 or so compilations have also been preserved."

    Get yer modem all fired up for these HUGE downloads ;) - atila

  • Old News, New News :) - I'll be posting a bucketload of news from the last few days now, I've had no time to updater any sooner (okay, that's a lie ;) - atila

  • HuC 3.2 - HuC is a PC Engine C compiler. It can create ROMs (hucard) or CD images and is bundled with an assembler and all kinds of libraries. You can ouput text, scrolls, make sound, control CD, handle sprites and tiles, and more.

    Changes: A new tile lib (8x8), speed enhancements in graphical functions, an ensured 2 seconds on CD tracks, support for adding a custom error screen if scd is missing, functions for CD control and tile handling, improved randomness, speed enhancements in satb_update, a tool for the manipulation pcx files, preparation for the arrival of mod2mml and psg players for hucards, and new functions in timing were added. Font bank fixes were added to scd. The generated code optimisation was improved to make it smaller and faster for comparison, array access, etc. - chris

  • Satourne debugger 02042002 - Satourne, the Sega Saturn and ST-V arcade emulator for Windows has been updated. If Satourne is slow on your system, it may help to turn off the RGB0 Function, as this takes alot of processing power. - MetaFox

  •    Tuesday, April 2nd 2002 - Last updated @ 05:51 EST

  • MAME WIP - A real MAME WIP update has been posted for April FOolz and for today. - chris

  •    Monday, April 1st 2002 - Last updated @ 17:04 EST

  • ViBE v1.0b1 - ViBE is a Virtual Boy emulator for the Macintosh. The first release includes sound emulation! Get it here. - richard

  • PCSX2 Interview - The newly opened Connect Emulation has done an interview with the authors of the first Playstation2 emulator, Linuzappz and Shadow. - MetaFox

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY RG!!! - Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday, RG! Happy Birthday to us! - atila

  • MAME WIP - The MAME WIP page has been updated again! Some cool pics, but nothing to get excited about. ;-) - chris

  • Bochs 1.4 - Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run DOS, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, and other OS's, all on your workstation. License: LGPL. - chris

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